Amore Natural Mattress Review

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What We Love About The Amore Mattress

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Sleeping on a comfortable mattress can make a day and night difference in your quality of sleep. Over the years, a lot of people have compromised the way they sleep, compensating on caffeinated drinks during the daytime to function in the workplace. This isn’t ideal if you want to prioritize your health.

The Amore Natural hybrid mattress is becoming a popular option among individuals looking to improve their sleep. Known for its 100% natural latex material combined with durable pocket spring construction, the Amore Beds natural hybrid option is one of the company’s flagship models and one we couldn’t help but check out. What can you expect from this product? Check our latest Amore mattress review to find out.

The Amore Mattress

"A combination of 100% natural latex and 1,500 pocket coils."

Amore Natural Layers & Construction

There are two versions for the Amore Natural hybrid mattress. First, you have the 11” Original Plush version, and secondly the 13” Pillow Top version. We’ll discuss more of what makes the two versions differ from each other later on.

The 11” standard option is composed of five different layers.

  • The topmost layer is made of New Zealand organic wool blend that is known for its breathable feel. It is also soft to touch, which adds comfort for its users.
  • Aside from the first layer, you also get the second layer which is made of FusionFlex, a type of proprietary comfort foam. This layer is responsible for relieving pressure points for different types of sleepers.
  • As for the third layer, it is made of an open-cell transition foam with a primary function of aligning the spine.
  • The fourth layer is the core of the mattress, which adds to the overall durability, plus it prevents the user from sinking into the mattress.
  • The last layer is the durable foam base of the mattress.

As for the luxury 13” pillow top version, the only difference is that Amore Beds added a 2-inch natural Dunlop latex pillow top. The reason behind this design is to add pressure point support and cushion to its user.

Certifications and Health

Amore beds natural certifications
Amore beds natural certifications

This is a proudly organic mattress that is composed of natural materials. The Amore Natural is made from latex sourced from a sustainable latex farm located in Sri Lanka. Plus, before it even hits the market, the Amore Natural mattress has been tested at Eco-INSTITUT in Germany. The reason for the testing process is to ensure that the mattress is free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other substances that can potentially be considered as carcinogenic.

In addition to this, Amore Beds uses a Certified GOTS organic cotton cover, which means that you have close contact with organic materials while you sleep. Lastly, the wool inner used here is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

Comfort and Support

The Amore Natural mattress offers two firmness options, but not in one. They do sell a flippable mattress that allows you to enjoy a soft and a firm part in one, but not with the Natural hybrid.

In terms of comfort, if you rate on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, the 11″ Original Plush would rate 7. You will feel that your entire back is well supported. Also, this is perfect for people who are a bit heavy or for those who want to have more pressure point relief and support for their backs.

Original Plush
Firmness scale: 7 / 10
11" Amore Natural (Original Plush)
11" Amore Natural (Original Plush)

As for the 13″ Pillow Top, on the same scale of 1-10, we’d rate the firmness as a slightly softer 6.

Pillow Top
Firmness scale: 6 / 10
13" Amore Natural (Pillow Top)
13" Pillow Top option

Overall support for this mattress is exceptional. Hybrid mattresses benefit from combining materials to find the best comfort, and the Amore Natural does just that. They use thousands of fabric wrapped springs (known as pocket coils) made of 15-gauge steel and to create a zoned base. There are 1057 (found in a Queen size), which all act independently to create an inch-perfect contour of the sleeper’s body. And with the Dunlop latex as an upper layer, you get the best of both worlds. Comfort and support in one.

Motion Isolation and Transfer

By design, the Amore mattress does a good job when it comes to isolating motion. With the individually acting 8-inch support coils found inside the mattress, it helps keep the movement of a person or pet isolated to one place. However, with the bouncy property of Dunlop latex, there is a chance that you might feel some disturbance on the other side of the bed especially if you are dealing with someone who keeps tossing and turning at night.

The best isolating combination would’ve been memory foam and pocket spring; however, latex has far better properties over memory foam as a whole.

Cooling Properties

Although this isn’t marketed as a cooling mattress, the Amore Natural infuses different technology to keep the heat away from its user. One, it made use of organic wool that is known for its moisture-wicking property. The second and fourth layers of this latex foam are known for their open-cell structure, which could keep the mattress cool as you sleep.

Latex isn’t the coolest material; however, the pocket coil chamber does well not to trap heat.

Edge support

The pocket coil structure is also responsible for giving the mattress the necessary edge support for its user. It can keep the person trying to sleep at the edge of the bed.  Furthermore, for the perimeter of the mattress, you have firm 16-gauge steel reinforced coils that can prevent the user from falling out of bed.

Compared to memory foam, the organic Dunlop latex foam is thicker, which provides better consistency for its user. It means that the mattress is well supported from edge-to-edge and does a good job of providing the necessary edge support for those who seek it.

Amore Beds Shipping Information

Amore beds delivery
Mattress delivered in a box

The company offers free shipping via UPS as long as it is within the continental US. However, if you are located in Hawaii or Guam, you will have to pay extra. White glove delivery is available in the US but starts at $150.

The mattress should typically arrive between 4-9 business days of placing your order. That’s because each mattress is made to order.

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance of the Amore mattress, you have no other choice but to perform spot cleaning. It is also highly suggested that you use a cover since it is quite difficult to clean and maintain the mattress.

And when it comes to your detergent of choice, always stick to the mild detergents. This way, it won’t damage the surface of your mattress.

Warranty, Returns, and Sleep Trial

It is common to see consumers having difficulty picking the right mattress. The Amore Natural mattress has a 100-day sleep trial for its users. This way, you can be sure that you like the mattress enough to keep it long-term. And if you are not satisfied, Amore Beds is more than willing to take the mattress back. However, it is suggested by the company that you use the mattress for at least a month.

The company also has a 25-year limited warranty for the mattress. For the first ten years, you have full coverage, non-prorated warranty. And for the next years up to the 25th year, you get limited coverage for this mattress. This shows confidence on the part of the company. It only means that they trust their workmanship.

Who Should Buy The Amore Natural Hybrid Mattress?

amore mattress review

Those who are undecided on firmness options in their mattress

Many mattresses these days are only sold with one firmness level in the range. The Amore Natural is available in two firmness options. Although it’s not two-sided/flippable (like the Layla mattress) it is available in the luxury 13″ pillow-top option (softer) and the 11″ standard option (slightly more firm).

Someone with spine and hip issues

If you are dealing with spinal and hip issues, it is suggested that you stick to the firm 11″ standard. It does a good job of keeping your spine’s alignment optimal, ensuring you wake up without aches and pains in your shoulders and lower back.

Those who prefer a durable mattress

The Amore Natural hybrid mattress is guaranteed to last. Based on its construction, you’ll notice how high-quality Dunlop latex is durable. Also, the structurally advanced steel pocket coils are made by Leggett & Platt, a well-established company in the mattress industry.

All types of sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, it is a good idea if you choose the firmer 11″ standard mattress. On the other hand, back and side sleepers will love the feeling of the softer pillow top.

If you tend to sleep hot

If you are someone who wakes up in the middle of the night sweating because you tend to sleep hot, then the Amore Natural latex mattress is a good option for you. Upon close inspection of the first layer of the mattress, organic cotton wool, this already has a moisture-wicking capability. And not only that, the open-cell transition foam does a good job of keeping the heat away too. Lastly, the breathable fabric in which the steel coils are wrapped tends not to trap heat like memory foam, thus creating an open chamber for hot air to dissipate through.

Those who prefer organic materials

The Amore Natural latex is the perfect choice for consumers who prefer organic materials over those that include chemicals. Made from eco-friendly fabrics and materials, you can rest assured that your family isn’t going to be exposed to any chemicals that can potentially cause health issues in the long run.

Users who are more than 200 pounds

Since the mattress is composed of multiple layers of thick, durable materials, it can sufficiently support the weight of heavy individuals, even those who are more than 200 pounds. You won’t feel as if you are sinking in the mattress. And also, you can always choose the firmer mattress if you want additional support for your weight.

Users who like to sleep at the edge of the bed

Do you like sleeping at the edge of the bed? Since the mattress is reinforced by tougher coils around the perimeter, you won’t feel as if you’re about to fall off the bed. It gives consistent support even if you prefer sleeping in the center or right at the edge of your mattress.

Issues with the Amore Natural Mattress

Amore Latex Hybrid mattress

Doesn’t have the contouring ability of memory foam

One thing about the Amore Beds mattress is that it lacks the contouring ability given by memory foam mattresses. It means that compared to memory foam, the mattress may not hug and enclose your body as much. Some people prefer this feeling, while those who are used to traditional spring mattresses would welcome the feeling of the Amore Natural.

Hard to clean

You will have no other choice but to perform spot cleaning if there’s a stain or spillage on your mattress. A removable and washable cover would have been perfect, but not having one isn’t unique to this mattress alone.

Amore Beds FAQ's

How much is the cheapest Amore Natural Latex?

The cheapest is the Amore Natural Twin size and is sold at $925 before discount. However, the good news is that the company gives out regular discounts to its customers. You can have it for around less than $800.

Is it recommend for someone who needs support on their back?

Pocket coils are great for contouring to the shape of the body. With up to 1283 independently acting springs, the coil’s core can support every inch of a sleepers back or side. Additionally, the springy nature of latex means that the latex pushes back into your body, thus eliminating any pressure points.

Is it good for sex?

It is one of the best when it comes to sex. Traditionally, a bouncy mattress, which is usually made of spring, is the preferred mattress for good sex. This mattress combines the springy and bouncy nature of latex with the coil base, making it an all-round winner when it comes to keeping busy in bed.

Are there harmful chemicals used in the Amore Natural Mattress?

The mattress is made of organic materials. Plus, they have the necessary certifications to guarantee that the mattress is free from volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, and other carcinogenic materials that you could inhale while using the mattress.

Do Amore Beds offer financing?

Yes, financing options are available with Bread.

Is it a good option for couples?

It is a good option for couples. If you are looking for a mattress that does a good job in isolating motion, then the Amore mattress is a strong candidate. The open-cell structure gives users the ability to experience minimal vibration even if the other person moves around.

Is there a white glove delivery service?

Yes, however, Amore Beds will charge an additional $100-$150. Mattress removal is also available at an extra $40.

Our Amore Natural Ratings

The Verdict

Based on our Amore Mattress reviews you’ll see that the Natural Hybrid is a good option for a lot of consumers. It gives you the comfort that you need regardless if you want the firm standard or the softer pillow top. With its quality latex composition, you also don’t have to worry much about your body weight, as it also does a good job of keeping the spine aligned even if you are a bit heavy.

You can also sleep well even if you are a hot sleeper.  The mattress eliminates hot spots due to the effective design, which easily dissipates heat, without using materials such as copper (used in the Layla) or graphite (used in the Bear). Plus, the materials used in this mattress are all organic, so you can have peace of mind if you are concerned about your health.

Overall, this is a great mattress, with a lengthy warranty and a good sleep trial too. It is slightly on the higher-priced scale, and really could be a little cheaper based on other comparable mattresses out there. However, for those not worried about price, and if a latex/spring hybrid is your thing, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

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