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The New Bear Pro Mattress Topper Unveiled

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Many people would choose a topper instead of a mattress for a number of reasons. Some may not want the hassle of swapping out a whole mattress, while others don’t have the money to buy a new mattress. Opting for a topper doesn’t necessarily stop you from having a good night’s sleep. If you feel that your mattress is already showing signs of wear and tear, but can still hold its own, then you might as well check a mattress topper.

One of the latest mattress toppers to hit the market in 2020 is the Bear Pro. This topper has gained popularity for offering superior support and comfort to its users. But what’s the real deal with this mattress topper? Is it a good match for you? In this review, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about the Pro mattress topper by Bear.

Who Is This Mattress Topper Best For?

Who Won't Love This Mattress Topper?

The Bear Pro Topper

"Celliant technology compliments the cooling copper memory foam."


The Bear Pro mattress topper is a somewhat average 2 inches thick. At the moment, there aren’t any other thickness options available.

It comes wrapped in a Celliant cover. Celliant is sourced from natural minerals and is known to reduce inflammation while also keeping body temperature at its natural levels.

As for the core of the Bear Pro topper, it is made of memory foam. But unlike the original Bear mattress, which is infused with cooling graphite gel memory foam, the Pro topper has been infused with copper. Copper has numerous benefits when used in sleep products, which we’ll discuss below.

Safety Certifications & Considerations

If you are worried that you are getting a product that contains chemicals that can pose harm to yourself and the environment, you need not. The Bear Pro mattress topper is composed of CertiPUR US certified memory foam. It means the foam doesn’t have harmful levels of lead, mercury, and chemicals that harm the ozone layer.

Additionally, the FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products.


A lady pressing down on the foam surface
Plush, soft sinking sensation

The Bear Pro mattress topper offers a decent degree of plushness. If you feel that your mattress is a bit too firm, adding the Bear mattress topper can give you a soft feel that contours around your back, side, shoulders, and other parts of the body. Though your shoulders and hips sink a little, it doesn’t act like a sinking trap as some other foam toppers do. It doesn’t feel as if it’s hard to move around either. This is perfect for side sleepers and those who sleep on their back, as you get the right amount of support on your hips and shoulders without compromising comfort. Stomach sleepers may find it a little soft, but if you have a very firm mattress underneath, it should be fine.

Cooling Abilities

Memory foam is quite problematic when it comes to absorbing heat and causing the sleeper sometimes to become hot. But this mattress topper is different from standard memory foam toppers because it is copper-infused, which helps draw the heat away from your body. Apart from the fact that it helps keep the sleeper cool, copper can also prevent unwanted smells and bacteria build-up because of its antimicrobial property.

The included Celliant cover also plays a significant role in offering a cooling experience due to its thermoregulation properties.

But does it give you a cool experience when you sleep? Yes, it does. In fact, the perfect sleep environment is neutral body temperature, which we found the Pro topper can recreate effectively.

Motion Transfer

If you are sharing a bed, the good thing about the Pro topper by Bear is that it helps isolate the movement from one side to the other. It means that even if you have someone who moves around a lot, you get minimal disturbance on the other side. It’s also a perfect option for those with large pets who share the bed occasionally at night. Even if your pet tries to find a good spot, you’re unlikely to have interrupted sleep because of the effective motion isolation properties.

Edge Support

The mattress topper is only two inches thick. You can’t expect much when it comes to its edge support. You may feel a dip when nearing the bed perimeter, especially when sleeping on your side or sitting on the bed edge. However, if you tend to sleep flat on your back, the 2-inch topper does a decent job of supporting your weight.


The Bear Pro mattress topper is shipped for free in the US. It is made in the USA, and ships from Chicago. If you’re in AK, Hawaii, or Canada, you’ll need to pay $25 for delivery. The topper should arrive in around 2-7 business days.

Warranty, Returns, and Sleep Trial

The topper comes with a 3-year warranty. This is somewhat low, in our opinion, as similarly priced and comparable products (e.g., the Layla mattress topper) come with 5 years and above.

There is a lengthy sleep trial included with this purchase (100 nights). It’s not unknown for mattress toppers to come without a sleep trial. Some companies offer 30-nights, while we have seen others with 120-nights.

As for returns, you’ll need to keep/use the topper for 30-days at least before initiating a return. No return or refund will be granted after 100 days.

Value For Money

No doubt, the Bear Pro is a premium memory foam mattress topper. The prices for the various sizes on offer are pretty much what you’d pay for a cheap all-foam mattress. However, the materials used here are top-grade. An offering of a 100-night sleep trial from Bear adds good value to the package. However, at 3-years, the warranty could be longer.

The cheapest is the twin-sized at $245 (before discount), making it a somewhat affordable option for those who are looking for a new sleeping experience but don’t have the money to spend on a brand new premium mattress. This can help transform your current mattress into a hotel bed. For its price, it isn’t exactly a bad deal. Overall, we still think it offers good value.

Who Should Buy The Bear Pro Mattress Topper?

People who do a lot of physical activity

One of the unique selling points of this topper is the Celliant cover. It may only be a cover, but Celliant is a non-invasive patented technology that is clinically proven to benefit the human body. It’s known to enhance tissue oxygen levels and also improves athletic performance by harnessing your body’s natural energy to expedite recovery times.

Those who want additional support on their back

If you feel the need for additional support on your back, the Bear Pro topper follows the contour of your hips and shoulder, offering pressure relief to crucial areas of the body.

Those who don’t want to spend on a new mattress

If you don’t have the budget set aside for a new mattress, the Pro topper by Bear is a good option. There are certainly cheaper mattress toppers on the market, but this one uses high-end design and materials that you won’t find in budget toppers.

Sleepers who want a plush sleeping experience

Some people want to make their mattresses more firm, while others want to add a soft sleeping experience. The Bear Pro is undoubtedly good at creating a softer surface. Just keep in mind, if you have a firm mattress, expect a medium finish with the Bear. If your mattress is quite soft or medium already, the Bear Pro will offer a soft, plush feel.

Eco-conscious consumers

Since the memory foam is CertiPur US certified, it means that you can expect no harmful chemicals present in this mattress topper. It is also a good option for those who are health conscious due to the Celliant cover.

People who want a cooling sleep experience

As previously mentioned, the Bear Pro mattress topper is infused with copper. It helps in alleviating the nature of memory foam to absorb body heat and does what it’s designed to do in terms of dissipating heat, or at least not allowing the build-up of trapped warmth in the first place. You’re unlikely to feel hot while you sleep.

Our Bear Pro Mattress Topper Ratings

The Verdict

The Bear Pro mattress topper is a good option for many reasons. It follows the contours of your body and provides excellent support and a plush feel. It offers pressure point relief making it an ideal option for those who have back and hip issues. On top of that, the price is in line with other products of the same caliber, ultimately in the mid-range price category.

Memory foam may not suit everyone and doesn’t last as long as latex toppers. Still, you have to remember that this is a premium product that uses superior technology and materials, i.e, copper foam, and Celliant cover. Overall, it is a highly recommended topper that can help rejuvenate any mattress and improve the quality of your sleep.

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