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Classic Brands Advantage: Must Read Before You Buy

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The Classic Brands 8-inch mattress is one of the most popular and innovative budget-priced products that offer decent sleep in today’s global market. It is also known as one of the top best sellers on the market when it comes to the low-cost category. As it appeals to a very wide market and at such an attractive price, the demand for this product is extremely high. Aside from being sufficient for adults’ comfort needs, it is well designed for kids and perfectly fits their bedrooms.

The design of the mattress follows a traditional hybrid formulation, probably hence the name Classic. It features wrapped coils and a support layer made of poly foam. The intended purpose of the mattress design is to give room for undisturbed sleep and good contouring support.

The Classic Brands Advantage

"Premium comfort and support from this innerspring mattress on a budget."

Mattress Construction

The Classic Brands mattress is a firm mattress that has the advantage of being 8-inches with 13-gauged wrapped coils totaling not less than 768 counts. It’s classed as an innerspring mattress. However, it has a thin layer of polyfoam as the topmost comfort layer making it a borderline hybrid mattress.

The Individual coils independently move, and they are enclosed in distinctive pockets to precisely contour the human body, no matter how thin or thick the person is. The mattress’s base support includes wrapped coils in fabric engineered to reduce friction and promote support. The 13-gauge coils of steel consistently distribute support in the mattress and also reduces the transfer of motion between sleep partners.

The Classic Brands 8-inch mattress is engineered with steel-tempered coils, which enhance the mattress’s durability and long-lasting period. It is 100% sure of guaranteeing years of supportive and undisturbed sleep. This feature is advantaged by the 8-inch profile. The thickness contributes to the establishment of encased coils in the right place. The 8-inch individually wrapped springs are enclosed in separate pockets to precisely contour your body’s curves. Each of the wrapped coils moves independently of each other and minimize the bed’s disturbance from movement sensation while also giving contouring comfort and supporting a night of undisturbed sleep. The coils are also covered with a detailed quilted knit of beauty for increased breathability.

CertiPUR-US Certified & Best Quality Assurance

The Classic Brands Advantage has gone through various tests by approved authorities, inclusive of CertiPUR-US. This assures that the materials used in the construction of this mattress have met the required standards for sleeping. Also, the sleeping environment is user-friendly as there are low carbon emissions that can harm the user. The air quality is still maintained. The mattress comes with a 3-year warranty. Spend 3 years without worrying about the mattress’s limits.

Moderating Temperature

The quality of the user’s sleep is only obtained when the environment is of the appropriate temperatures. The comfort foam layer helps in ensuring the right temperatures are achieved. This layer has been engineered by one of the quality technology according to the mattress manufacturer. The temperatures are regulated in the sense that if the body temperature rises too high, then the mattress tends to lower them and vice versa. This gives ways for undisturbed sleep.

Edge Support

classic brands mattress

The mattress performs extremely well in the edge support criteria. When you sit or sleep near the edge, you’ll not experience any roll-off or sag.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation properties are on par with mattresses that are much more expensive. Although not as good as some memory foam mattresses (for a similar price), the Classic Brands mattress can effectively reduce the disturbance felt by a person or pet moving around on the other side of the bed.

Smart Packaging & Shipping

The smart packaging of the Classic Brands mattress is responsible for minimizing carbon footprints in the process of shipping. It also helps keep the cost of the mattress down. The technology is advanced to allow compression and rolling of the mattresses when packing. No wonder the mattress looks like a third of normal size during shipping. It will arrive in a large cardboard box. This gives a bigger space for delivering many mattresses at the same time and reducing carbon emissions. Nevertheless, the mattress still retains its quality as they very quickly regain shape when unpacked.

Classic Brands Advantage Pros and Cons


The Classic Brands mattress contains the best features to offer undisturbed sleep. The following are several advantages of purchasing the mattress:


Every product has a downside. Likewise, this also implies to the Classic Brands 8-inches mattress. The following are the various disadvantages of the mattress:

Classic Brands Alternatives


Type: Latex & Memory Foam
Thickness: 11"
Warranty: 20 Years
Sleep Trial: 100 Night
Price Range: $545 - $1490

Perfect Cloud Hybrid

Type: Memory Foam & Spring
Thickness: 11"
Warranty: 10 Years
Sleep Trial: 30 Days
Price Range: $349 - $799

Our Classic Brands Advantage Ratings

The Verdict

After conducting our Classic Brands mattress review, it can safely be listed in the top innerspring mattress within the low-price category. The mattress has excellent results that give the user a good sleep. This is thanks to the firm feel, contouring back support system made up of 8″ separated innersprings, and comfort layers of quilt fiber. This makes it overall, great value for money.

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