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Emma Original Hybrid: Still The UK’s Number 1 Mattress?

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Emma is a famous European mattress brand known for its comfortable and high-quality mattresses. While its first mattress was a multi-award-winning all-foam bed known as the Emma Original, it soon after released a hybrid variant known as the Emma Hybrid. Following the success of both of these mattresses, Emma decided to combine the best of both into its latest mattress, known as the Emma Original Hybrid. Being one of its most innovative products, the Original Hybrid has already won the Which? Best Buy award for mattresses in January 2021 and quickly carved its niche as one of the most comfortable mattresses to hit the UK market.

In fact, the manufacturers describe it as a mattress offering a perfect blend of support and comfort, thanks to the ideal combination of high-quality foams and innovative pocket springs. Contrary to other firm hybrid mattresses, the Emma Original Hybrid gives you the much-needed bounce while also cushioning joints. This is a wonderful combination resulting from the multiple layers of quality foam, but more on this later.

That said, we’ve been using the Emma Original Hybrid for about 4 weeks now, and it’s time to outline the details of this German-engineered mattress based on our first-hand experience with this product.

Who Might Love This Mattress?

Who Might Not Love This Mattress?

The Emma Original Hybrid

"An ultra-breathable and pressure-relieving hybrid innerspring and foam mattress."

The Emma Mattress Technology

Being a hybrid mattress means it combines springs and foam. A blend of innerspring and foam confers a slightly more subtle and luxurious feeling than just foam and offers a comfortable sleep experience. A deeper look into the five-layer construction of this mattress reveals that each section utilizes the latest technology to provide all-around comfort and durability.

The patented Airgocell breathable top foam is a fantastic technology that Emma Original Hybrid features. The Airgocell allows more airflow across the mattress while absorbing moisture, which creates a dry and fresh sleeping environment.

High-quality gel-infused foam forms a significant portion of the bottom layer of the mattress. Apart from offering ergonomic pressure relief, this foam is exceptionally adaptable and has moisture regulating properties. That means it ensures that you get pleasant body temperatures and a dry sleeping climate beyond pressure relief. The open cell structure, on the other hand, makes the mattress highly breathable.

Emma Original Hybrid Construction and Material

Zoned 5-layer design including foam and fabric encased coils

The Emma Original Hybrid features a five-layer construction profile. This is one more layer than the Emma Hybrid. However, the two mattresses don’t have much else in common.

At 25 cm/10 inches high, this mattress is a perfect mix of Airgocell foam, memory foam, tough pocketed spring coils, and dense polyfoam. Such a material profile ensures that sleepers get deep pressure relief, body contouring, and a delicate touch of bounce and support while being a durable and long-lasting product. First, let’s take a deeper look at its internals:

Mattress Cover

The Emma Original Hybrid mattress features a unique blended cover to contribute to a general comfortable sleeping experience. The trendy-looking top and sides feature a 99% polyester and 1% elastane cover, which is naturally stretchy. The stretchy profile makes it easy to put on or remove the cover from the mattress. Otherwise, the top cover is soft and highly breathable, courtesy of its woven structure.

By contrast, the bottom cover is designed from a blend of 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene. This combination is more robust to withstand the constant friction from the platform or ground. So, expect that this cover with last a considerably longer time.

There are four handles on the cover – two on each side. This is a handy feature in case you want to move the mattress, for example, when rotating it every so often, or when transporting it for whatever reason. Keep in mind that the cover is removable, and you can wash it using a washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius.

Emma mattress cover
Zippered removable cover with handles

Comfort Layer

This is the topmost layer, just beneath the cover, and it is made of a proprietary thin layer of Airgocell® foam which is approx 1.5 inches thick This foam responds quickly to pressure, and it offers you a quick initial tension relief. Besides, it encourages breathability and high airflow thanks to the open cell structure.

The Airgocell foam is a type of less dense traditional polyurethane foam. That’s why the layer is softer, giving the mattress a general cloud-like feeling; so, you should expect that the bed should constantly adjust to your body movements.

Middle Memory Foam Layers

This is a section of two relatively thin layers of visco-elastic foam (memory foam) and heat stabilising cold foam. It’s true; memory foam retains heat, but the cold foams strategic placement between the pocketed spring coil layer and the open cell foam mitigates the effect of heat retention.

Memory foam has a lower response rate than the lower area of cold polyfoam and spring coils. Therefore, it provides more pressure relief and acts as a transition to allow you to benefit from experience comfort no matter your size and weight. The pressure-relieving benefits and the softness of this layer make it a darling for side sleepers.

Note the unique contrasting balance: slow responding memory foam beneath a quicker responding polyfoam. This results in cradling the sleeper without too much movement restriction.

Emma mattress layers

Encapsulated Pocket Springs

This layer entirely features conical individually pocketed coils. The number of coils depends on the size of the mattress; however, a bed can have up to 2,000 pocketed coils. The coils are optimized to balance out the pressure disparities within the mattress. Moreover, since they are individually pocketed, the springs move independently of each other, ensuring good motion isolation. Note that body contouring extends throughout the entire mattress and doesn’t stop at the top layer only.

Besides the better support, the coil layer allows proper air circulation, ensuring that you remain cool even when the ambient temperatures are warmer.

Pocketed springs surrounded by dense foam edges

Supportive Base Layer

This is a thick layer designed from high-density cold foam. It is an integral part of this mattress, offering support and shape to the entire mattress structure. Besides, the layer immensely contributes to the comfort that the sleeper gets as it features zoned support channels that provide varying degrees of lift and cushion.

So, sleepers get optimal spine alignment regardless of the sleeping position. What’s more, the sleeping channels encourage airflow through the mattress, combating bacteria build up.

Emma Original Hybrid Firmness and Feel

One of the most important questions is “How does it feel when you sleep on the Emma Original Hybrid?” Okay, that depends on many factors, including your weight, shape, and body size. Additionally, it much depends on the position that you sleep.

But generally, sleeping on this mattress gives you a cradling and contouring sensation. This feeling is accompanied by enough cushioning and sinking into the memory foam layer, but an immediate lift and support are felt. The good thing; you will not feel stuck in the mattress because the Airgocell foam has a quick response to pressure. Again, the spring layer gives the much-needed lift, preventing you from feeling stuck. You don’t quite feel like you’re sleeping on a spring mattress, nor an all-foam variant. It truly feels how a hybrid mattress should feel.

In terms of firmness, we found the mattress to be rather firm. Not the hardest we’ve slept on, but much firmer than the Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest, we’d rate the Original Hybrid a firm 8. That being said, for the first week or so, it felt more like a 8.5/10, but softened up a little by week two.

Mattress firmness scale: 8 / 10

Different sleepers will have a different feel on this mattress. However, the bed somewhat falls in the firm range for most sleepers. The combination of the Airgocell foam, spring coil layer, and the thick high-density polyfoam give an overall firmer touch to the mattress. On the other hand, the spring layer does a good job of offering contour, bounce, and pressure relief.

If you buy this mattress, we recommend using it for between three and four weeks first before making any hasty decisions. The trial period is 200-nights, so no need to conclude within a fortnight; give your body time to adjust to the mattress as we did, and you may begin to love (or hate) the mattress.

Pressure Relief For Different Sleeping Positions

How the mattress responds to pressure points determines your sleeping position (among other factors such as weight and body shape). For example, when it comes to side sleepers, the elbows, hips, and shoulders are the pressure points. On the other hand, the lower back is a paining pressure point for back sleepers. So a suitable mattress must offer relief at this point. Let’s take a look at how the Emma Original Hybrid behaves for different sleepers:

Back Sleepers

The initial feeling is some cushion from the top comfort layer and slight contouring, though you get to experience the firm feel the most when laying on your back. The top layer subtly fills the lower back space, thus, helping to cushion the spine. The pocketed spring and Airgocell layers provide some bounce and support to keep you on top of the mattress.

Side Sleepers

The shoulders and the hips are the immediate beneficiaries of sleeping on the side. But you do not sink too deep into this mattress due to firmness and the combination of foam and coils. So, the amount of hugging or cradle feeling you receive is very minute. However, the zoned support channels in the foundation layer lifted the hips, giving extra relief to the spine and shoulders. So, with good pressure relief, you will feel very comfortable sleeping on your side.

Stomach Sleepers

Lying on your stomach, you feel enough lift at the hips. While the pressure of the hips defeats the Airgocell layer, it gets massive support from the coil layer just beneath it. Thus, resulting in an admirable lift and bounce. Stomach sleepers will no doubt enjoy this bed.

Combo Sleepers

As will all of the above, combo sleepers will benefit from the mattress as a whole. In additon, the firmness and springiness provide a good bounce level, which aids in switching between positions.

Emma Original Hybrid Performance

emma hybrid mattress

Knowing how the Emma mattress performs is crucial as it determines whether you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits in full. The features to put in mind include edge support, pressure relief, durability, motion transfer, and sinkage.

Edge Support

Good edge support is more important than you might think. A lack of adequate support when sleeping close to the edge can be a question of concern, especially if you are an active sleeper. In addition, constantly moving throughout the bed can quickly become a worry to couples who need to use the entire mattress surface.

Also, what is the probability that you might often sit on the side of the bed? Whether it’s to relax or get changed in the morning, this isn’t something that people often consider asking themselves. However, if you’ve sat on the bed edge of a foam (and some hybrid mattresses), you’ll find yourself sinking deep into the mattress. This isn’t the case with the Emma Original Hybrid. In fact, this mattress has one of the best levels of edge support we’ve come across in a long while.

The Emma Original Hybrid is much better than the Emma Hybrid due to the firmer springs and denser foams. The coils are lined virtually edge to edge, except for the foam border. So, whether you lie at the centre or the edge, you get enough support, meeting the layer of coils that gives it an immediate boost upwards. This kind of support makes this mattress have better edge support, making it the best choice for couples and active sleepers.

Motion Isolation

If you plan to share the bed with someone, motion transfer is a critical factor. A movement caused by a partner can disrupt your sleep; that’s why couples or people with sleeping partners need a mattress that can dampen any disturbances or motions.

We found the Emma Hybrid Original to have excellent motion isolation properties and certainly one of the best we have come across in the UK market for a while. Being a combo sleeper myself, motion transfer is a serious issue that we as a bed-sharing couple face on a nightly basis. However, while using the Emma mattress, motion isolation is virtually non-existent. This is most likely due to the thousands of individually acting innerspring coils, combined with the upper layers of memory foam.

However, suppose we had to compare the Hybrid Original to its predecessor (Emma Hybrid). In that case, we’d say the former has slightly better motion isolation properties, most likely due to the thicker layers of foam near the surface that dampen movement extremely well. Nonetheless, the Emma Original Hybrid performs better than other hybrid mattresses that we have come across in recent months.

Sinkage and Sagging

How far deep can you sink into the Emma Original Hybrid? That depends on your weight and body shape. Nonetheless, the construction and material of this mattress don’t allow for much deep sinkage beyond the first couple of inches of foam. Underneath, the coils do a great job of lifting the sleeper, ensuring that you remain ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ the mattress.


The manufacturer offers a 10-year guarantee on the Emma Original Hybrid. So the expectation is that the mattress should last at least that long. But that depends on how you use it. With proper care, the mattress will definitely last longer than this.


The Emma mattress is very effective when it comes to cooling. Although there is a fair amount of foam in the base, a little around the edges and some thin layers near the top, there is actually a very small amount of heat retention. This is mainly due to the large spring core which allows for heat to dissipate easily, and also due to the gel cooling foam.

Compatibility For Couples

A combination of factors ultimately decides whether or not a mattress is good for couples. For example, it must have good noise cancellation and motion isolation properties. Also, it should have some springiness, which would make it good for sex.

Our verdict is that it’s actually one of the best mattresses for couples we have come across in the UK market. Excellent noise cancellation, very minimal motion transfer, and decent bounce make the Original Hybrid a perfect choice for bed-sharing couples.

Emma Mattress Customer Service & Experience

Mattress in a box
Mattress received rolled and boxed

Right from the beginning of ordering the mattress to the delivery date, Emma were excellent with keeping me up to date. Emails were sent at various stages during order placement, mattress construction, and the dispatch date. Mattress delivery took approx 7 days in total from order placement date to receiving the mattress, which also included a weekend in between.

The live chat on the website is great too. I’ve spoken to someone at 1am on one occasion who was very friendly and extremely helpful. I’d love to say that aftersales is as good as pre-sale, but I haven’t needed to contact them for anything regarding the mattress or after-sale topic.

The current Trustpilot rating for Emma Mattress UK stands at 4.6/5, based on over 20,000 reviews, which is classed as an “Excellent” rating.

Emma Mattress Dimensions and Weight

Below is a list of all the Emma Original Hybrid sizes, their dimensions and approximate weight:

SizeDimensions (W L H)Weight
Double135 x 190 x 25 cm28.5 kg
King150 x 200 x 25 cm33 kg
Super King180 x 200 x 25 cm40 kg

Emma Mattress Alternatives


Type: Latex & Pocket Coil
Thickness: 10"
Warranty: 20 Years
Sleep Trial: 120 Night
Price Range: $899 - $1699

Eco Terra

Type: Latex & Spring
Thickness: 11"
Warranty: 15 Years
Sleep Trial: 90 Night
Price Range: $749 - $1249

Emma Original Hybrid FAQ's

How does it compare to the other Emma mattresses?

The Original is an all-foam mattress and is classed as a medium feel mattress. The Hybrid contains foam and springs and is the softest in their line-up. The Original Hybrid has taller and stiffer springs (combined with foam too), and is the hardest, or firmest, in their three-model line-up.

Can I get a discount on the mattress?

Emma quite regularly offers promotions with huge savings off selected lines.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can use DivideBuy to pay in either 3, 6, 9, or 12 monthly installments. You can also checkout with PayPal and Amazon Pay which may offer some flexible buying options too.

Can I flip the mattress over and use both sides?

No, although there is a large spring core, this is not a flippable mattress. You can only use it with the white side of the cover facing up.

How long is the sleep trial and warranty?

You’ll get 200 nights to test out the mattress in the comfort of your home, also known as a sleep trial.

The warranty is currently set to 10 years.

Are delivery and returns free?

Yes, both are free. Delivery might be by DPD, UPS, or Rhenus, depending on a number of variables. Returns are also free and must be arranged by the buyer on the Emma Mattress portal.

Our Emma Mattress Ratings

The Verdict

The Emma Original Hybrid is no doubt a very comfortable mattress. You can tell the build quality is good right out of the box, and it oozes a premier aura, especially when compared to the Emma Original and Hybrid.

The warranty may only be 10 years on this model, but it feels like it could easily do this stretch with normal usage, obviously depending on body weight and proper care and maintenance. The lengthy 200-night trial is something that people most people will find appealing, especially during these Covid times where visiting your local mattress retailer is virtually impossible.

It is the firmest of the three, and this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want a mid-priced, award-winning firm mattress, this is definitely one for your shortlist.

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