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How Much Does Good A Mattress Cost?

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When it comes to choosing a new mattress, there are a number of different variables one must consider. Many people place a priority on various things from one another. For example, for some, the material of the mattress is the deciding factor, while for others, the most important consideration is the price.

One question we often get asked by our readers as mattress experts is, “how much should I spend on a mattress?” There is no simple answer to this or a magic number that all mattress firms have to stick to. Everyone has different needs and budgets, and every mattress is made slightly different from the other. However, what we can say is, that there are general mattress price bands that can be adhered to when it comes to searching and buying. In this article, we will try to cover the basics and prepare guidance on how much a mattress costs, and how much to spend on a mattress.

Mattress Prices Based On Type

One of the first things a consumer will want to know is the types of mattresses available for purchase. Many sleepers have no idea whether they want memory foam, latex, or spring. But one thing to note is that the type (or material) is one of the most significant cost setters, and also the easiest way of telling the consumer which price band it’s likely to fall under. Let’s take a closer look at the average set of mattress prices for each type (based on a Queen size for comparison). Please note, that the average price in the table below isn’t an average of the two figures; it’s the common or most expected figure of what it’s likely to cost you for a good mattress in the online marketplace in 2022.

Type Budget Premium Average More Info
Foam $300 $3000 $1000 Read Reviews
Latex $1000 $4000 $1500 Read Reviews
Spring $300 $3000 $1000
Hybrid $350 $4000 $1000 Read Reviews
Air $35 $150 $60 Read Reviews

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are relatively hard to put a price banding on. You can pick up a cheap option for as little as $300, but can also pay $3000 for the same sized all-foam mattress. The cheap options will be made in China or elsewhere outside of the US, and will most often not be CertiPUR US Certified.

Latex Mattresses

Cream of the crop, these are usually the most expensive. Mattress prices for an all-latex option will often start at $1000, at least. No matter whether an online retailer or not, these will stay in the higher price band due to the nature of latex, being a naturally sourced material, which often comes from places like Sri Lanka. They will usually have numerous certifications and focus on being organic and eco-friendly, which also comes at a cost.

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are probably around the same price range as memory foam mattresses. They are traditionally classed as entry-level products but surprisingly have made a comeback in recent years with innovative designs. You can sometimes find mid-range and luxury spring mattresses with a high price tag. This is usually the case with pocket coil setups, as opposed to the old Bonnel spring type.

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress is the best of at least two of the above-mentioned materials. Their composition is usually much more complicated than a couple of layers of latex or foam. Most of the luxury mattresses on the market are hybrid. Often a lot more emphasis goes into the design and structure of the inner core, thus making them usually more comfortable and scoring better in mattress review test results. Some of the areas they perform better are motion isolation and spinal alignment. As for price, hybrids fall somewhere in between latex and memory foam.

Air Mattresses

These aren’t like the above mentioned, but they are still classed as mattresses and are very popular, hence the inclusion in this guide. Air mattresses are usually low-cost to manufacture due to their simplistic design and basic materials. Prices can fluctuate and depend mainly on whether it comes with a pump to inflate, and the type included if any. For example, an air mattress that has a built-in pump will fetch more than one that has an external pump, or without at all. Additionally, the raised (higher) models which are mainly used as guest beds in the home fetch more than the flatter type that is lower to the ground and used primarily for camping.

What Determines How Much You Should Spend?

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Like all products in the marketplace, the pricing of a mattress is usually determined by manufacturing and distribution costs. However, to break this down a little more, we’ll discuss exactly where the savings and higher prices are in today’s mattress industry, and how this reflects on the consumer.


Having a mattress that has undergone stringent testing and passed all certifications regarding health and safety has added costs involved, which drives the price higher. For example, CertiPUR US, Greeguard Gold, Oeko-Tex, and others are all positive certifications to have on your checklist when searching for a mattress, but of course, it will come with a price.

Sleep Trial, Warranty, Shipping

We call these perks because they can vary significantly from brand to brand. Some firms offer no sleep trial, especially when they are at the lower end of the price scale, while others offer 365 nights of free usage in the home. The average for most of the mid-range and premium mattress brands is 120 nights. As for warranty, it usually varies between 10 years to 25 years depending on the material, with the average being 15 years limited warranty. Spring and foam mattresses tend to have a shorter warranty, while latex has the longest. Shipping is usually free in this industry, but don’t be surprised if cheaper mattresses come with a shipping cost.


As you can imagine, the mattress size plays a big part in how much a mattress costs. The smaller Twin and Full will naturally be cheaper than a Queen or Cali King. This is down to the amount of materials used and shipping costs.

Online vs. brick and mortar stores

Having a brick and mortar showroom where people can come and test the mattress has a considerable amount of costs involved. Employing staff and all the other associated costs with running a premises comes into play. Online mattress companies who cut out this unnecessary cost can drive their prices lower and pass bigger discounts to their customers.

Owning a factory

Some of the newer startup companies out there are able to buy mattresses in bulk from wholesalers and resell them, but they are often not able to pass on the more significant savings to consumers. Whereas, companies that own their factories and manufacture in-house can offer excellent products at knock-down prices.

So, How Much Should You Spend On A Mattress?

As you can see, mattress prices vary tremendously depending on a multitude of factors. But, the answer is, have a figure in mind and stick to your budget. Find a good balance between what you’d like from your new mattress in terms of features discussed above, and make sure they fall within the price you’d like to pay.