how to return a mattress

How To Return A Mattress

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There are instances when customers aren’t happy with their mattresses. It can be because of a factory defect or perhaps it didn’t meet your expectations. Nowadays, returning the mattress doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

When you buy a mattress for around $1,000, brands know that you have high expectations from their product. Unfortunately, there are instances when customers don’t find the mattress a match for their needs.

Brands nowadays offer superior return policy options due to the tough competition in the market. A lot of these companies even offer a long trial period duration for you to consider your decision whether or not you like their mattress.

What Makes Customers Return A Mattress?

Not offering the support needed

One of the main reasons why customers decide to return the mattress they just bought is due to comfort issues. Perhaps the mattress only feels comfortable for the first few nights. After a few nights of using the mattress, the foam feels a bit too soft.

Customers usually don’t just decide to return the mattress just because the firmness level decreased substantially. It’s more common for customers to decide to return the mattress once they wake up with pain. It means that there’s not enough support for the user.

Factory defect

Another reason why customers decide to return the mattress is due to a factory defect. No matter how strict the company gets with their quality control, there will always be that mattress that has a small problem.

Heat retention

Another issue is heat retention. Some people tend to sleep in one place throughout the night. These are people who also tend to sleep hot. However, some foams don’t do a good job of keeping the user cool throughout the night. For instance, if you switched from innerspring to a memory foam mattress, you will notice that memory foams retain heat. Now, customers who just tried memory foam for the first time and who live in hotter climates will be more likely to return the mattress because they end up sweating too much at night.


A lot of mattresses have an odor once you’ve opened it. Off-gassing is quite common because the chemicals break down once it comes in contact with oxygen. Don’t worry though because it tends to dissipate after a day or two. In some instances, it can be hazardous to your health especially if it triggered an allergic reaction.

Value for money

Some people may spend a huge amount of money on a mattress. Some mattresses can cost up to $3000, while others can be bought for $300. When going for the more expensive option, once the user gets it home, they may realize after spending a few nights on it that it wasn’t worth the price tag given all the variables involved. They may then opt for a much cheaper option.

Practicality for sex

If you are going to use the bed for sex, there are instances when the mattress can pose a few problems. For instance, if you have a mattress that has springs inside, these mattresses tend to get noisy when you move around. On the other hand, memory foams tend to offer the most discreet option.

What To Consider Before Returning The Mattress?

A couple buying a mattress

Companies are expecting around 12% of their customers to return the mattress that they bought. Given this reality, consumers must be aware of their rights and what they can expect in case they are not pleased with the item that they just bought.

What to expect from the return policy

Mattresses sold in the market today have their own return policy. It is usually seen in the FAQ or a separate page of the website. If you are planning to return the item, you first need to know if it is within your rights to return the mattress.

You want to know if you are going to have a replacement, a partial or even a full refund from the company. Also, how many days do you have before you can no longer have the mattress returned? Some brands even allow a 100-night sleep trial period. On average, you will have 30-120 days to try their product.

Where to drop the mattress?

Where do you return the mattress? Big brands tend to have offices where you can drop the mattress. However, some online brands don’t have stores where their mattress can be returned and picked up by their crew. On some occasions, you have to donate the mattress to a charity and show evidence that you left the mattress as a donation to the organization before you can get your refund.

Return Process

To return the mattress, you will have to telephone or send them an email regarding your concern. Let them know what makes you decide to have it returned or exchanged for a new mattress. If the company agreed that you could send the item back to them, keep in mind that you will most likely cover the shipping fee.

Different brands have different ways of how they collect and how they process returns. For instance, some companies will pick up the mattress from your home and they will handle the rest. This is the easiest option offered by top companies.

On the other hand, other companies ask their customers to box the mattress themselves and ship the item back to their office. This can take some time since reboxing the mattress typically calls for two people. Next, you also have some brands that have a physical store within the area.

Do All Companies Allow Returns?

Most companies allow returns. However, it still depends on the company. There are a small number of companies that don’t allow returns. This is why you want to read the fine print and everything about the return policy before you decide to buy the product.


Returning the mattress shouldn’t be too complicated. Nowadays, brands are doing their best to make sure that their customers can have the easiest option possible. Their reason for this is the tight competition within the industry. The good news is that around 89% of mattress retailers accept returns from their customers. It means that the majority of customers don’t need to settle for a mattress that doesn’t match their expectations.