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Idle Mattress: Our Take On This New Brand

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There are many ways to determine if the Idle Plush mattress is right for you. For instance, what is your sleeping style? Manufacturers understand this concept very well, and they do their best to create a mattress that fits the majority of sleepers.

Does a soft sleeping surface fascinate you? As the name suggests, this mattress from Idle Sleep has a soft and fluffy feel. By now, you should know that you can’t go wrong with the Idle mattress if you like a soft sleeping surface. It has a height of 14 inches, which, without a doubt, is a very thick profile. Additionally, it has 100% natural 500GSM IceCool cotton covers. Thus, your mattress remains refreshed all night long.

The Idle Plush is flippable and has 7-layers of contouring foam. These layers offer less resistance with a faster response. The construction material is of high quality, giving this product a longer life. Then again, the ability to flip reduces wear and tear and prevents deformation; thus, extending the mattress’s life.

Who Would Love The Idle Mattress?

Idle Plush May Not Be Suitable For You If:

The Idle Plush

"Keeping you refreshed at night while offering a little extra softness."

Important Points To Note

  • Utilizes gel cooling foam – so less chance of night sweats
  • Unique plushness – memory foam of not less than 12 inches
  • Natural cotton fiber covering for comfortable sleeping
  • 18-month trial period
  • Lifetime warranty, and it covers body impressions too
  • Free shipping and free returns

Firmness Level and General Feel

The concept behind creating the Idle Plush mattress is to offer unmatched support, comfort, and cool, even on hot nights. Typically, the mattress is long-lasting and doesn’t leave uncomfortable body impressions.

On a firmness scale, the Idle mattress rates between 4.5 and 5.5. This midway the range, which implies that it is a medium density mattress. Keep in mind that most sleepers prefer beds with a firmness rating of between 5 and 7, in which the Idle Plush lies.

The foam used in creating Idle mattresses is quite unique, i.e., it differs from other traditional foams. Apart from just being bigger, it allows you to sink into it a little faster. Yet, as you move around the bed, it responds quicker. That makes it an ideal option for lightweight people.

At such firmness, the mattress reacts appropriately to the body hence giving you a comfortable feel and the necessary support. Typically, the foam layers can handle the weight of sleepers as well as variations in body shape. In the end, sleepers have a consistent level of firmness.

Various Sleeping Positions

idle plush review

The Idle mattress is excellent for all types of people. However, there is some weight limitation to this. The bed is a perfect fit for lightweight to medium weight individuals.

Heavy people may tend to sink a little more, creating discomfort, especially if they are side or back sleepers.

Nonetheless, the mattress offers enough support around the hips and the back, so back and stomach sleepers will have an excellent experience on this mattress.

Though, it is worth noting that you’ll have a feeling of settling a little. But the support remains enough for your hips and lower back, thanks to the firm and stable base.

Side and combo sleepers find this model ideal for their sleeping position. Remember, it’s a medium firmness mattress and has gel-infused buoyancy foam, a type that reacts faster to your body shape and has better support than ordinary foam. This virtue is vital in relieving pressure.

People who have shoulder pain and are slide sleepers will benefit from the mattress’s plush nature, as they’ll sink slightly.

If you are lightweight, probably around 100 pounds, this mattress is a fine option for you. It has a delicate balance between pressure relief and support. The bed is very soft, a factor that makes light sleepers find the bed comfortable.

What About Heavy People?

Heavy sleepers can use this mattress too, and they’ll still feel great comfort and support. The bed has a bounce to it, and it contours to the body somewhat faster. It is over 14-inches high with thick layers of gel-infused foam.

These layers are thick enough to provide the much-needed support to the heavy individuals. Additionally, the topmost layer is soft. This means heavyweight sleepers will have a feeling of a hug while asleep.

While weight is always a concern for foam mattresses, the Idle Plush bed is flippable. This means you can flip it more often to prevent sagging and wear on one side.

Motion Transfer

Idle Plush

Idle Sleep uses quality foam. As such, there is little motion transfer. i.e., the ability to isolate motion by the mattress is high. In fact, if you sleep with your partner, and he/she tosses around a lot, you won’t feel the motion much, if at all.

Support Along The Edges

The edge support on the Idle Plush mattress is decent. However, you’ll note when you sit on the edge of the bed; the mattress compresses a little. Also, this occurs when getting into or off the bed.

You still notice some compressions when you sleep at the center of the bed and roll towards the edge. The good part is that it doesn’t give you a feeling of rolling off. This is a pretty nice thing for this mattress.

So if you have a small bed and share it with your partner, do not worry about rolling off.

Sleeping Temperature

The Idle mattress is built of gel-infused foam, an innovative foam in the market today. This kind of material has the benefit of regular foam, but it doesn’t heat up quickly with an added advantage. Essentially, it can quickly adapt to the temperature around it; thus, it warms up slower when you compare it to the regular foam.

However, your mattress won’t remain cool the whole night. But it won’t heat up either.

According to the user reviews of these mattresses, they rate it a mature neutral, which is a good thing. The beds are cool to touch, and definitely, they’ll keep you cool while asleep.

But things might be different for overweight people. These kinds of sleepers sink into the bed much more. So the bed absorbs the heat that their bodies generate. Hence, the bed may feel a bit warmer faster as compared to lighter sleepers.

Note: Numerous factors affect your sleeping temperature in a mattress apart from material and construction. They spill over to things like bedsheet types, your weight, room temperatures, and your nightwear, among others.

Idle Plush Dimensions

Below is a list of all the Idle Plush sizes and their dimensions:

SizeDimensions (W L H)
Twin38” x 75” x 14”
Twin XL38” x 80” x 14”
Full54” x 75” x 14”
Queen60” x 80” x 14”
King76” x 80” x 14”
Cali King72” x 84” x 14”


Idle mattress produces a faint smell upon unboxing. This is a common thing among all new beds purchased online. However, it is worth noting that Idle Plush is made from Certipur-Us Certified Foam, so it doesn’t produce much gas. The little gas it has will eventually dissipate within 24 hours. Still, it is harmless.

Delivery and Setup

Upon ordering, Idle Sleep will ship it within business 10 days. However, this depends on your location. So it might come earlier. It is vital to note that all mattresses by Idle Sleep are made to order, a factor that contributes to late delivery. But the customer support of the company is exemplary. They’ll communicate about the progress of your order.

Shipping and returns are free (that is, if you are not satisfied with the mattress). It is noteworthy the company will not allow you to return the bed until that days are over. But the trial period for the mattress is 18 months, which is the longest trial period we have ever seen.

The mattress arrives in a box and is easy to set up. Just find the right base, and you are done.

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Our Idle Ratings

The Verdict

If you like a soft surface to sleep on, you might consider choosing the Idle Plush. Slumber on this mattress gives you a cradling feeling but with a balance of support and comfort.

Overall, with the never-ending warranty and lengthy trial, this is one to try at least, and we’re confident it will be a keeper.

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