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Why The Layla Mattress Topper Is My Personal Favorite

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If you’re familiar with the name Layla Sleep, you’ll know that they have been very successful with their copper-infused mattress since it was released in 2016. If Layla Sleep is a name you’ve only just come across, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve landed on a product review from one of the better startup brands in the industry. Layla is not only a manufacturer of mattresses and toppers, but also has an impressive lineup of pillows, sheets, blankets, and beds.

All of that aside, if you’re interested in buying a new topper to replenish an old and sagging mattress, we’ll now take a deep dive and discuss everything you need to know in our latest Layla mattress topper review.

The Layla Topper

"Cooling copper gel memory foam suited for all types of sleeper."


The Layla mattress topper is made of memory foam. However, unlike traditional viscoelastic, the specialty foam here is infused with lots of small copper beads, which serve numerous different purposes (we’ll discuss more below). It comes in a 2″ thick profile, which is pretty standard for memory foam toppers. The stretchy fabric cover is the same as the type used to cover their mattress, which is a premium feel knit with copper woven in for added cooling. Essentially, if you’ve ever slept on the full-sized Layla, this topper is an almost duplicate of the soft-side.

An added bonus (which isn’t always present even in the best mattress toppers) is the fact that with the Layla topper you’ll find straps underneath in each corner. Now, these straps may just be simple straps to the unknowing, but they are a godsend for others. Some sleepers toss and turn frequently, while others have a rampant active sex-life. Both parties will welcome these straps because without them mattress toppers move out of place all too often, which can be a pain, especially when having to reposition every other night.

Comfort & Support

When placed upon an old and worn-out mattress, the Layla still performed very well. There were no hesitations from the topper in terms of providing adequate support. As for comfort, the feel can only be described as a plush layer that you sink in to. The foam feels to condense under deep compression points around your body like the hips and shoulder areas. It seems to do well when it comes to offering support where needed to keep your body aligned.

The Layla topper isn’t just for replenishing old mattresses, (especially if it’s too old and ready for disposal). You could refine a new mattress with this topper if you feel that you’d like to soften or harden your current setup. For example, if you own the 2-sided Layla, you could add this topper to the soft side to make it an even softer sleeping experience. If you’re using the firm side of the Layla, add this topper to bring out down to a medium-firm level of comfort.

Additionally, if your current mattress sleeps too hot, consider adding the Layla for cooling, as opposed to buying a whole new mattress for a significantly higher price.

Cooling Ability

This is where the Layla topper shines the most. For anyone who sleeps hot at night, this is the perfect product you’ve been waiting for. Reason? Traditional memory foam is notorious for trapping heat and making the sleeper feel hot during the night. Over the years, many technologies have been introduced to counter this heat problem. For example, gel memory foam has been very effective over the years. However, Layla goes one step further by using natural copper metal instead of things like gel. The copper absorbs heat and draws any excess heat away from the body when you lay on the surface, and does so very effectively.

Additionally, the included fabric cover used to wrap the topper uses Thermo-gel cooling technology, which means reactive cooling activates with body temperature.

Value For Money

This topper isn’t the cheapest on the market. Memory foam toppers can be purchased for much less than what you’ll pay here, and a latex topper can easily be double the price. However, the Layla memory foam topper is one of a kind. The overall package is great value, in our opinion. We’re talking free returns, 120-night trial, free shipping, cooling copper, excellent build quality, and a great customer service team behind it all. Is it a cheap purchase? No. Is it an expensive buy? No. Is it a good value purchase? Yes.

Warranty, Returns, and Sleep Trial

Layla offers a 5-year warranty on their topper which covers splitting or cracking of the foam, and defects in the cover.

Returns are excepted with a guaranteed 100% of your money back. If you decide the Layla mattress topper isn’t for you, simply contact the company, and they’ll ask you to donate it to a charity and provide them with proof. Once this process is complete, you’ll receive a refund.

As for sleep trial, Layla Sleep offers a 120-night in-home trial, which is great, because some companies don’t offer any trial at all on their toppers (e.g. the PlushBeds natural latex).

Our Layla Mattress Topper Ratings

The Verdict

Overall, the Layla memory foam topper offers an abundance of quality and at a reasonable price too. It’s not the cheapest of its type, but they often have sales so you can grab yourself a bargain from time to time.

Combined with the lengthy warranty and trial period, if you’re looking for a new mattress topper, the Layla memory foam topper is an excellent place to start.

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