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GhostBed vs Purple Mattress Comparison

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It can be somewhat difficult to try and make a buying decision between the GhostBed vs Purple. Both mattresses have built a name for themselves, and they continue to exceed users’ expectations.

GhostBed came before Purple, which gives it a certain edge over Purple. However, the Purple mattress features proprietary technology that offers it a near-cult following from people in love with its unique feel.

Ghostbed is designed from aerated latex and memory foam. The combination of such materials ensures that you get comfort and a cool sleeping surface at the same time. By contrast, Purple boasts of a unique Comfort Grid, which utilizes gel substances that changes the mattress’s firmness depending on the amount of pressure you place on it.

It’s true; both mattresses have something appealing to the users. But when you compare the two brands, they too might have something that you may not like.

If you are stuck on deciding which mattress between the GhostBed and Purple is right for you, we’ve got lots of details about these two to help you along. We’ll take an in-depth look at their structure, material, and construction, similarities, differences, and performance.

GhostBed vs Purple Overview


Customer Rating


Customer Rating

Key Similarities

Apart from being a popular bed, these top brands share the following similarities too:

  • Both are considered to be medium-firm.
  • Their price point falls in a similar range.
  • The bottom layer in these mattresses is designed from supportive polyfoam responsible for the entire mattress’s stability.
  • Both mattresses have some noticeable bounce; therefore, they are responsive.
  • They can both be used with a wide variation of bed frame.
  • Both are bed-in-a-box solutions.

Key Differences

GhostBed and Purple have some differences, which include:

  • The comfort layers of these mattresses have different types of materials, which results in a slightly different feel.
  • The Purple mattress is considered all-foam, whereas the Ghostbed is a latex hybrid.
  • The warranty length is significantly different.

Who Would Love The GhostBed?

  • Sleepers who have a preference for a slightly softer mattress.
  • The person who likes a mattress with a “push-back” and responsive feel.
  • Stomach sleepers who need support under their hips.
  • Anyone who needs good edge support.
  • People who like a long warranty.

Who Would Love The Purple?

  • Side sleepers demanding pressure relief at the hips and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers who need good pressure-point relief.
  • Hot sleepers who sweat at night, as this mattress has cooling technology which ensures that sleepers get a cool sleeping surface.
  • Combo sleepers needing a perfect balance of support and comfort, as well as a better ability to switch positions.

GhostBed vs Purple: Material and Construction

GhostBed Mattress

The Ghostbed is 11-inch thick and is made of both memory foam and latex.

Cover: The cover is designed from different materials. The top white fabric is made from pure polyester; the grey side panels are designed from a blend of polypropylene (49%) and polyester (51%). The white top fabric is stretch, smooth, and incredibly soft. Polyester helps to improve breathability.

Top: Essentially, it is a 1.5-inch-thick cooling and comfort layer designed from aerated latex. The layer should offer unmatched pressure relief, a nice touch of bounce, and is naturally cooling.

Middle: This is a 2-inch support layer designed from gel memory foam. It is not much responsive; therefore, offering sleepers pressure relief and some decent support. What’s more, it provides deep compression for sleepers.

Base: This is a 7.5-inch-thick layer that makes the foundation of the mattress. It offers support and stability to the upper parts.

Purple Mattress

This mattress is 9.5-inches thick, has three layers, and is built from a combination of memory foam and latex.

Cover: The mattress features an elastic and highly breathable profile thanks to its material, i.e., a blend of polyester (69%), polyester-lycra (4%), and viscose (27%). These covers allow a consistent flow of air into the mattress.

Top: This part is 2-inch thick and is manufactured from hyper-elastic polymer. Commonly, Purple calls it the Purple Grid. This layer’s principal role is to offer bounce, a decent amount of cooling, and pressure relief. The Purple Grid is composed of numerous tiny squares, which compress when you apply weight on them. However, upon removal of weight, they spring back.

Middle: This is the support layer designed from 1.8 PCF polyurethane foam, and it is 3.5-inch thick. The importance of this part being directly beneath the polymer layer is to offer deeper compress support.

Base: This makes the foundation of the mattress. It’s designed from 4-inch polyfoam. The base provides deep compression support alongside foundational support to the bed.

Firmness, Feel, and Support

Purple mattress has a firmness rating of 7/10 which puts it in the medium-firm range. Its firmness profile is intended to fit most types of sleepers. Lightweight sleepers, however, will float on this mattress, while heavier sleepers experience some sinkage. Sleepers more than 250 pounds sink more. But generally, the bed offers a balanced feel for most sleepers.

Mattress firmness scale: 7 / 10

On the other hand, GhostBed has a firmness of 6.5. Therefore, it is on the softer side. But there is something different about this mattress – when you initially lie on the bed, you get a slightly firmer feel. However, with time the bed will soften about half a point (from 7.0 to 6.5). Nonetheless, the combination of foam and latex does an excellent job of offering responsiveness, support, and comfort. It offers contour, pressure relief, and decent cooling.

Mattress firmness scale: 6.5 / 10

Side By Side Performance & Comparison


If you are a hot sleeper, Purple does a great job maintaining the cool, thanks to the grid that allows free airflow. It performs slightly better than GhostBed in this criteria. GhostBed has a 2″ gel layer, and the latex top layer is naturally breathable, but Purple comes out on top due to its ability to prevent heat from building up in the first place.

Motion Transfer

Both of these mattresses are quite bouncy; so, they don’t offer sound motion isolation. However, the GFhostBed outperforms the Purple mattress here. Purple will transfer some movement moves across the mattress, whereas you’ll feel less with the GhostBed.

Edge Support

Both mattresses lend proper support when you sleep or sit on the bed edge. Typically, you won’t have that feeling of rolling off, and you’ll be able to use the entire surface of the mattress.

Back Pain Relief

In our opinion, the GhosBed outperforms Purple here. The latex comfort layer and 2″ gel memory foam underneath make an excellent team when it comes to contouring and providing a resilient push-back support system. Pressure-points are eliminated with ease. Purple offers a decent level of contouring, but the Hyper-Elastic polymer gel grid isn’t a match for latex, even if it’s a somewhat thin offering.


The GhostBed comes with a 100-night trial period plus a 20-year warranty. Similarly, Purple has also has a 100-night sleep trial period but a much shorter 10-year warranty.


Now, both mattresses dissipate some gasses, which disappear within 48 hours, but much less than you’d expect from mattresses that contain almost 50% foam. Out of the two, Purple has the least off-gassing by far.


Another good thing for couples to note; there is no noise produced from any of the two beds, and their bounciness makes them great for sex.


At this stage, it’s hard to say which will outlast the other. However, Our bet is with the GhostBed. Latex is extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and known to be very long-lasting. Plus, considering they provide a 20-year warranty is a strong display of confidence in the longevity of their product.

Bed Compatibility

Almost any type of bed surface will be fine bor these mattresses. Whether it’s a box spring or slatted bed frame, provided the surface is dry and supportive, there should be no issue. Also, considering they both have a decent level of flex, the Purple and GhostBed will work just fine with an adjustable bed.

The Final Word

Both mattresses perform pretty well for a wide range of sleepers. However, Purple mattress is ideal for medium weight sleepers needing pressure relief, while GhostBed might work well for lighter individuals or those needing a softer sleeping surface like stomach sleepers.

Your choice between the two mattresses should boil down to desired firmness, price, weight, sleeping posture, your size, and if you have a sleeping partner. We like both of them, but with the key differences in place, it’s down to the individual consumer choice.

Still Undecided?

Do neither of these mattresses seem like the right choice for you? We’ve conducted many more reviews and comparisons of all different types of mattresses for you to choose from.