Best Mattress For Heavy People

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Best Mattress For Heavy People (2022 Update)

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If you weigh over 230 pounds, you’ll need to find a mattress right for your weight. You can’t be that weight and assume the bed that a person weighing 150 pounds finds comfortable will be just as good for you. Typically, you won’t get the required level of support and comfort, which eventually might compromise your health.

Therefore, before buying a mattress, consider your weight. Don’t buy a mattress that you’ll bottom out within a few months – it will be a waste of your money and detrimental to your spine. So, if you are overweight or on the heavier side of the scale, you’ll want to consider some of the below mattresses. In our latest roundup, we’ve chosen the top 5 best mattress for obese people that money can buy in 2022.

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winkbed plus

The WinkBed Plus

A luxury mattress for heavy people made without compromise
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Finding The Best Mattress For Overweight People

Online Deals Checked
Sources Researched
Hours Of Research
Mattresses Evaluated

To find the best mattress for heavy people, we first evaluated 21 mattresses suitable for the purpose of carrying heavy weight and then narrowed it down to just 10. We then checked 19 different sources for data regarding obese people and sleep, which totalled 32 hours of research. Below you’ll find some of the criteria we evaluated when finalizing our top picks:

  • How much weight the mattress can take on each side of the bed
  • How effectively it supports the weight while remaining comfortable and supportive
  • The type of mattress i.e., latex, memory foam or hybrid
  • Whether or not it accommodates those who sweat and get hot at night
  • Other properties such as motion isolation and edge support

Here’s our top 5 picks at a glance

Plus-Sized People Mattress Reviews


The WinkBed Plus

If you are looking for a hybrid mattress with luxurious comfort, then the WinkBed Plus might be the right option for you. This hybrid bed uniquely merges foam and innerspring bring out a luxury firm sleeping surface that is perfect for heavy people. The mattress has two foam layers (top and the foundation) and a layer of spring coils. The cover is designed from Tencel, which has top-notch cooling properties. Tencel is a type of fabric designed from eucalyptus. So apart from offering decent coolness, it’s a safe material.

Beneath the cover is a dual layer of euro-pillow top. This quilted top layer works well in relieving pressure and offering decent support and comfort for overweight individuals. Notably, it provides superior zoned support and cushioning to the hips, back and shoulders. Additionally, it eases muscle tension while remaining cool, thanks to the 100% natural latex inclusion. For overweight side sleepers, the comfort of this layer might be as delightful as one can expect. We’d also say it performs very well with those who sleep on their front, and is probably rated the best mattress for an obese stomach sleeper in our reviews.

Under the pillow top layer, there are a set of individually encased springs offering multiple support zones. Such zones provide targeted back support. The springs push back in areas generating high pressures but plies in regions with little force. The spring system also allows the free flow of air for temperature regulation. Therefore, there is a reduced risk of sweating and heat build-up, which is often the case for heavy people when sleeping.

Next is a layer of foam, which cushions the springs on the lower sides. Besides, this foam layer offers extra reinforcement for the lumbar; thus, a good foundation for back sleepers.

An admirable feature of this mattress from WinkBeds is its stronger edges, meaning even the heaviest people can go near the edges without the risk of the mattress “giving” and increasing the chances of rolling off the bed.

Titan Review

Titan Firm Hybrid

The Titan Firm Hybrid is from the well-established US mattress-maker Brooklyn Bedding. This one is the best mattress for heavy people when it comes to overall value and price (it’s the cheapest in this list of reviews). Also, with the 10-year warranty alongside a 120-night sleep trial, this mattress can offer real value for money. However, in terms of firmness, it might be a little bit firmer for side sleepers who may be looking for a slightly softer and plush mattress. Titan Firm Hybrid offers firm-level support balancing pressure relief and a solid sleeping surface for plus-size sleepers. It has four layers:

First is a one-inch layer of quilted gel memory foam. The layer is high density; thus, resisting body impressions makes it ideal for supporting the weight of heavy individuals. Additionally, the infusion of gel ensures added cooling comfort to sleepers.

Beneath the quilted memory foam layer is a two-inch layer of patented TitanFlex™ foam. The foam provides responsive contouring alongside targeted pressure relief.

Next is a 6-inch-thick layer of 961 individually pocketed coils. The patented TitanCaliber™ coils offer industrial-level support alongside superior motion isolation. So, even if you’re overweight, if you share the bed with a partner, it’s unlikely that they’ll feel you tossing and turning.

The bottom layer is 2-inch-high density foam, which confers unmatched reinforcement to the coils as they compress. This way, your bed remains stable for longer.

Overall, we love the Titan mattress and feel it’s a perfect choice of bed for heavy people seeking a good quality yet relatively low-cost mattress.

Saatva HD

Saatva HD

The Saatva HD Mattress offers luxurious comfort to big-bodied people, thanks to a well-curated structure. The HD stands for “heavy duty”, and is marketed on Saatva’s website as “The first luxury heavy duty mattress for bigger bodies.”

There are four layers, and each layer is designed from different materials – latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and coil system. This unique combination is a show of how unique Saatva wants its products to be. Without a doubt, the combination of these materials ensures that the mattress packs punch support and pressure relief.

The Saatva HD cover has a soft and cozy feel because it has quilting of organic cotton. Underneath, you’ll find resilient and buoyant Talalay latex, which confers a quick response to pressure and is very long-lasting, even with prolonged pressure from increased weight. The generated bounce ensures that you do not sink into this layer. Its gentle buoyancy provides enough lift softly to ensure you remain on top of the structure and confers easy movement while changing positions. Again, it stays cool since latex has cooling properties.

Below this is the contour layer. This is a layer of memory foam with a much slower pressure response; thus, it contours the body softly to sink into the mattress. Its location beneath the latex ensures the sinking isn’t too overwhelming. The transition layer is made of polyfoam. It’s firm, thus curbing sinkage from the memory foam layer above. Also, it eases sleepers into the spring layer. Finally, you’ll find the support base. This is a layer of steel springs that offers tremendous support and some bounce. Since the coils are sturdy, they support sleepers of all weights and body sizes. Around the spring layer is a wrapping of high-density polyfoam for edge support, meaning a maximum surface area can be used, and also sitting on the bed edge will create a smaller indentation.

Overall, this is an excellent mattress for heavy people, but the high price tag may not be for everyone.

Loom and Leaf

Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf mattress from Saatva might work well for clinically obese people needing deep pressure relief, thanks to its thick memory foam composition. The mattress has four layers, all designed from one or the other kind of foam – polyfoam, gel-infused memory foam, high-density polyfoam, and memory foam. Combining these materials results in a firm but gentle structure that balances support and pressure relief.

In terms of quality, it starts with the plush cover, designed from organic cotton; thus, a soft and cozy feel. Underneath, you’ll find the comfort layer, which is made of thick gel-infused memory foam. It has a slow response to pressure, allowing overweight people to sink deep into the surface for the ultimate pressure relief and body-cradling effect. The gel infusion helps to confer coolness to sleepers who may get hot at night. For even more support for heavier individuals, beneath this gel layer, you’ll find another segment of memory foam offering deeper full-body sinkage. It gives curvy bodies cushiony support at the hips and shoulders.

There’s also a transition segment, which is a polyfoam layer, offering a quicker response to pressure than the two upper layers. Thus, it reduces the overall level of sinkage that a heavy person may experience and eases the sleeper into the firmer base.

If you prefer the soft cradling sensation of memory foam as opposed to the slightly bouncier hybrid mattresses, the Loom and Leaf is quite possibly the number one choice as the best mattress for heavy people. However, like the Saatva HD, it doesn’t come cheap.

Nectar twin mattress


This is another all-foam mattress ideal for obese sleepers. It is 11-inch thick and offers luxurious comfort given the high-quality materials used. The cover is quilted with a little memory foam giving it a plush feel. This offers plus-sized people some immediate comfort when initially coming into contact with the mattress. Underneath the cover, you’ll find a layer of gel-infused memory foam which has a rather slow response to pressure. Therefore, individuals will somewhat sink into this layer for a contouring pressure relief for even the curviest body.

For even more weight distribution and joint pain relief, the transition memory foam transition layer offers a slightly quicker response to pressure than the upper layer. The purpose is to ease you into the firmer, more durable base. The base is a high-density polyfoam layer offering shape and stability to the mattress.

For a memory foam mattress, Nectar is extremely durable and handles the extra weight extremely well. The total weight capacity is 650 lbs, making it the best mattress for an overweight couple. Also, it’s one of the cheapest on our list of reviews. Along with the lengthy warranty and sleep trial, the Nectar mattress is an excellent choice for heavier folks.

How To Identify The Best Mattress For Heavy People?

Fat overweight couple sleeping on a mattress

Beyond the type of material and layers, there are other important factors to consider when it comes to choosing a bed for a heavy person. For example, be extra diligent by looking at the mattress material and the arrangement of layers. Let’s look at some more of these factors in more detail in the buying guide below:

Type Of Mattress

You can buy a pocket spring, memory foam, or a hybrid mattress. These mattresses come in different sizes and thicknesses. But, are they all good beds for heavy people, and how do these differences affect suitability?

  • Memory foam: These mattresses come in different densities and generally provide a deep hugging and cradling sensation. They may not respond too well to movement, making it somewhat difficult for big people to change positions or get out of bed. They come in different firmness levels and offer excellent contouring and pressure-point relief, so is perfect for curvy bodies and those who suffer from joint pains.
  • Hybrid: These mattresses might be the best option for heavy people, as most of them have a combination of memory foam and springs, usually 2000 or more. This offers very good support for increased weights, effective motion isolation, and edge-to-edge support.
  • Latex: Latex is incredibly durable, meaning it can withstand high amounts of pressure over many years while also offering good levels of support. The only downside is that latex mattresses are very expensive. You may find some mattresses include a layer of latex (like the Saatva HD) which brings the cost down somewhat while reaping the benefits and experiencing some latex. Latex is also naturally cooling and resistant to mold and other bacteria, something which can become a problem very quickly for people who sweat a lot at night.

Mattress Firmness Level

Firmness is a personal choice. However, if you are overweight or even slightly chubby, you should stay away from very soft mattresses because you’ll sink deeper into these. There is a likelihood that the alignment of your spine will affect your back, which can lead to severe back pain.

A medium-firm or firm mattress is an ideal choice for big-bodied people. As opposed to soft mattresses, the weighty individuals won’t create much sinkage and will have enough support throughout the body.

Typically, heavy people cause a sinkage of 1-2-inch more. But with a firmer mattress, you can compensate for that. So, in our opinion, on a firmness scale of 1-10, choose a bed between 6.5-8.5 if you weigh 230 pounds and above.

Sleeping Position

Different sleeping positions affect the type of mattress to buy because weight distribution varies with sleeping style. That means the comfort and support considerations differ broadly.

Side sleepers: Sleeping on your side means your body’s full weight presses the mattress along a narrow surface. Therefore, pressure relief is critical. Here, the best mattress for an obese side sleeper is a slightly softer bed since the softness lets the weight sink and conform to the body curves minimizing pressure. But then again, heavy sleepers shouldn’t go for very soft material as it will bottom out. So, a medium-firm mattress still is an excellent option.

Back sleeper: These kinds of sleepers have mixed demands. For some, a firm mattress offers them the right support, but such a bed doesn’t provide enough comfort for others, more so for those with joint pains. The right mattress depends on where you carry the most weight. Typically, looking for a bed that offers a perfect balance of support to your shape’s lumber and spine.

Stomach sleepers: A less firm mattress usually leaves bigger bodies with uncomfortably sunken hips. This dipping throws the spine out of its neutral alignment. If the bulk of your weight lies in your hip and abdomen region, a harder mattress might be the right option for big stomach sleepers.

Combination sleepers: If you always flip all night long, choosing a medium-firm hybrid mattress might be the right option for you. Even so, consider the position that you spend most of your time.

Mattress Thickness

Heavy people above 200 pounds should consider buying mattresses 10+ inches thick, at it offers multiple layers and proper compression support. However, if you are below 200 pounds, a 10-inch mattress (and less) might work just fine.

Remember, there are many different brands out there; some offer extra thick layers, meaning they provide better support. So, although a mattress at 10 inches thick can be ideal for heavy sleepers, generally, the thicker, the better.

Temperature Regulation and Cooling

Anyone with a bigger figure will agree that there’s a higher chance that you get hot while sleeping. Even more so, it will occur if your mattress doesn’t have enough room for air circulation. As a result, all the heat from your body is trapped within the bed. This is a common memory foam mattress trait; however, the latest advanced foam mattresses do not have that issue due to gel infusion.

By the way, high body temperature is a widespread issue for all categories of sleepers, not just those who extra-curvy. That’s why manufacturers are creating unique cooling beds – to improve heat distribution and airflow properties.

Quality Materials

This should be among the top points to consider. You don’t want to spend money on a mattress that will sag within a short time or, worse, bring you back and joint pains.

Currently, most top-end mattresses last around 10-years for the average sleeper, while some lower quality products won’t go beyond 5-6 years. Degradation increases, and mattress lifespan is significantly reduced when dealing with heavier people. So, be prudent while buying a mattress. Apart from the warranty, check the material types and certifications, and don’t compromise when it comes to choosing a budget versus a mid/high-end mattress.

Edge Support

Edge to edge support is an admirable thing if you want to use the entire surface of your mattress. This also comes in handy when sitting on the edge of the bed. Better edge support means you won’t sink when you sit or lay on the bed’s edge.

More robust edge support isn’t mandatory, but it indicates durability and long-lasting potential in a mattress. Simply put, it shows that a mattress is of premium quality. Hybrid and coil beds are best for edge support.


Having a big figure means finding a mattress that suits your weight and sleeping styles is more important than you may think. That means considering the build, material, and all of the other things mentioned in our buying guide.

The danger that most heavy people face is bottoming out a mattress. That has effects like severe back pain and, of course, not getting value for money in the long-run.

The mattresses above are specifically tailored for you if you are a heavyweight individual. Every aspect is put together for a better sleep experience. If you like hugging, cushiony support, the Loom and Leaf or Nectar might be the right choice for you. However, if you want some bounce, choose the hybrid mattresses such as the WinkBed or Saatva HD. The Titan mattress is also a great choice, especially for those who are obese and need extra support from the firm mattress.

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