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Best Mattress For Snoring: Our Top Recommendations

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Snoring is a common issue among both men and women and even some children. Studies have shown that almost 90 million Americans have this problem. That is one in practically 3 Americans! But don’t worry, this is not a problem that cannot be solved.

Though there are many different products available in the market that promise to solve snoring problems and disorders such as sleep apnea, most are unreliable. Some take a lot of time and patience before you start to see results.

Surprisingly, a reliable solution for reducing snoring and sleep apnea is simple and is in your bedroom. Did you know, by changing your mattress you can prevent snoring by a huge amount? It may not eradicate the issue but has undoubtedly been proven to help with some of the worst snorers.

So, today, we are looking to recommend the best mattress for snoring. Based on hours of research and data collation, we have rounded up 6 candidates; let’s take a look at them below in more detail.

Our Favorite Pick

Puffy mattress review

The Puffy Mattress

The perfect balance of comfort, cooling and support for people who snore.
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Best Mattress For Snoring (Top 6 Roundup)

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To find the best mattress for people who snore, we rounded up 18 mattresses and then narrowed it down to just 6. We also checked 14 different sources for mattresses, sleep, and snoring related data which totalled 40 hours of research. Below you’ll find some of the criteria we evaluated when finalizing our top picks:

  • How well the mattress provides support for snorers
  • Whether or not it suits side sleepers to allow for comfortable sleep while reducing snoring
  • If the mattress provides support for the mid area where lungs and stomach need support
  • If the company provides any additional incentives such as long sleep trials and warranty
  • Other comfort and value related points were considered too

Here’s our top picks at a glance

Mattress Reviews For Snorers

Here is a roundup of the 6 mattresses that can reduce snoring and the affects of sleep apnea.

Puffy mattress review


Foam mattresses are prone to get infested with dust mites and dust, which in turn cause breathing issues and can cause snoring to become worse. The Puffy mattress is designed to ensure that these problems never plague you because the product is hypoallergenic. The result is a good mattress for snoring as there’s no irritation when you are sleeping, which ensures good slumber and reduced symptoms of sleep apnea.

The Puffy mattress is a very versatile product. It can be placed on any surface, and it assumes the shape of that surface. You can place it on box springs, adjustable frames, and slats with equal ease. Some individuals reported that adopting a slightly elevated position when using an adjustable bed frame with the Puffy mattress reduces snoring.

As for comfort and support, you get an excellent spinal alignment and contouring ability, relieving pressure points through the body, resulting in better breathing capacity for back and side sleepers. The medium firmness is also very good for snoring stomach sleepers.

One of the basic parameters for sound sleep is good heat management. Most people generate a lot of body heat when sleeping. In a mattress, poor temperature management technology means the surface gets hot very easily, resulting in inferior quality sleep. It is one of the main causes of snoring, especially in hotter climates. Puffy mattresses come with intelligent heat dissipation technology. The mattress is made of cooling gel-infused foam and is breathable, and therefore can dissipate the heat easily. This results in the mattress remaining cool throughout the extend of your sleep.

Puffy mattresses come with a 101-night trial period, which is plenty of time to decide whether or not it is effective enough to help stop snoring or sleep apnea. If you don’t like the quality of the mattress, simply contact the customer support team, who will begin the comprehensive returns process.

The WinkBed


One of the major USPs of the Winkbed Luxury Hybrid mattress is its ability to give you unrivaled cushioning and comfort. The Euro Pillowtop with gel-infused foam and Tencel cover of the WinkBed is great for controlling snoring. Thanks to the luxury firm feel from the gel memory foam and the excellent support offered by the innerspring core, the WinkBed keeps sleep deprivation and snoring at bay.

The other notable selling point is the increased breathability of the mattress. Many sleepers complain that their bed gets extremely hot after a few hours of sleep. It is due to the inability of the underlying material of the mattress to dissipate heat. The result is the mattress getting too hot. The WinkBed is designed using breathable materials in an amazing array. The result is it can dissipate that excess body heat, making you feel comfortable throughout the night.

Another notable feature of the WinkBed is the motion transfer reduction technology. A partner moving in the bed invariably means the motion affects the sleep of the other partner. Many couples complain that their mattress is unable to handle this problem. The WinkBed can isolate motion effectively; it’s unlikely that you’ll wake up due to your snoring partner tossing and turning.

Although it may be one of the most expensive listed here, the WinkBed is an effective snoring remedy that offers tremendous quality; you’ll no doubt have a sound sleep for years to come.

Layla mattress


We love a copper foam bed. Why? The reason is, copper gel, when used in a foam mattress, gives you the finest and quickest response when your body applies pressure to it. That means when you sleep on it, and therefore, apply pressure; it offers you comfortable support releasing the tension off your body. The spine stays straight, and the breathing passageways remain clear, thus reduce snoring and sleep apnea issues.

Copper gel-infused memory foam has other benefits as well. One of those positives is that copper-infused gel is a lot cooler with better heat dissipation when compared to normal memory foam. And that results in better sleep quality throughout the entire night. The underlying technology is also a great help for reducing snoring.

Another benefit making the Layla one of the best bed for snorers is that it is 2-sided, meaning you pretty much get two mattresses in one. The Firm side is best suited for back and side sleepers. It is also suited for users who prefer a firm feel when sleeping. On the other hand, if you like a softer and more wrap-around feel, you can flip the mattress over and use the other Soft side.

Just to make the deal sweeter, the Layla copper gel-infused memory foam mattress comes with two free pillows. You also get a no-frills return guarantee. If you don’t like the mattress, simply give them a call, and they will have it picked up from your place.

Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 is the most popular out of the current AS1-5 lineup. It is designed to be your one-stop solution for any body type and any sleeping position, making it a perfect all-rounder. It is designed to provide the right amount of support regardless of your sleep style and body type, thus offering a comfortable surface for undisturbed slumber. So, if you and your partner prefer two different mattress types, the Amerisleep AS3 is an adaptive and universally-fitting design that you can look into.

Thanks to the beautiful memory foam contouring support system, excellent heat management, and breathable design, the As3 is one of the best mattresses for snoring, which comes in at a very reasonable price in comparison to other reviews here.

That said, the Amerisleep has a medium feel to it which is the perfect balance if you’d like to reduce snoring. A medium firmness means the mattress is neither too soft and hugging, and neither too firm and harsh on pressure-points. So, if your requirements are either of the two extremes, you might feel that the AS3 is not for you.

Speaking of body temperature regulation and breathable design, the mattress is designed to dissipate heat scientifically. This ensures that the top layer stays cool for as long as you sleep. The company uses a proprietary Bio-Pur® technology that is completely designed and made in the USA. Also, it is designed using eco-friendly materials. So, while the mattress can improve sleep quality by reducing sleep apnea symptoms, it is also safe for the environment.

Tuft and Needle Mint

Tuft and Needle Mint

The Tuft and Needle brand make various mattress models (such as the T&N Mint on review here, and also the T&N Original). We recommend the Mint version as one of the best mattresses for snoring. It is a 12-inch thick memory foam mattress that is designed to support a large number of sleep styles and body types. The proprietary adaptive graphite-infused foam offers progressive support when pressure is applied, thus offering a wonderful feeling of bliss no matter how much you weigh.

Additionally, the mattress is designed to conform with the Greenguard Gold standard and is Certi PUR certified, so it’s completely devoid of any chemicals that are harmful to humans. The super luxurious cover includes HeiQ NPJ03, which is antimicrobial and protects against harmful microbes that would normally cause bacterial issues and affect the lifespan of the mattress.

Underlying the many innovations that are used in the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress, one stands out, and that is the T&N Adaptive® foam. This foam has been designed keeping in mind the need for a range of body types and sleeping styles. It should be able to give you adequate support no matter your sleep position and body shape.

And to ensure that the night passes by without any major heat-related issues, cooling graphite and gel beads have been used. These have excellent heat dissipation capabilities that keep the surface temperature down, ensuring sound sleep all night long.

zenhaven mattress reviews


The Zenhaven is an organic mattress made by one of the industry-leaders known as Saatva. It is 2-sided (flippable) and made of 100% natural latex. The pressure support that the mattress offers should suit a wide number of sleepers who suffer from snoring issues based on different body types and preferred sleeping positions.

The top layer and the mattress covers are made out of organic cotton and wool from New Zealand. These are 100% organic and offer excellent body temperature control. The luxurious cover is hypoallergenic, which means sleepers are not affected by dust and dust mites which can cause serious health issues and aggravate sleep apnea.

Underneath the top layer, there is a 5-zone Talalay latex area that offers targetted support for the limbs. This is the secret that offers such beautiful lower back support for back and side sleepers. Apart from your lower back, which needs the most support, the other pressure points such as the hips and pelvis get much-needed pressure relief.

We highly recommend trying out this flippable mattress. One side is classed as a Luxury Plush, while the flip side is a Gentle Firm. We feel that your sleeping style can change over time, and so even though you might want to sleep on a firm mattress, over time, you may find that you prefer a softer mattress. This makes flippable mattresses like the organic and eco-friendly Zenhaven one of the best in the business.

Buying A Mattress For Snorers: Some Tips and Advice

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There are a few considerations to make before you choose the best mattress for snoring. Here are some of the most common factors:

Type Of Mattress

The first thing that you should check is the type of material used or the underlying technology. Do some research to find out more about the technology that the company uses. Many use hybrid designs which encompass pocket springs and gel-infused memory foam. Others use a technology that uses copper-infused foams or latex within their construction. While most of the mattress reviews here encompass these technologies, they each come at greatly varying prices.

Bed Compatibility

In recent years the average price of an adjustable bed has halved from approx $2000 to $1000. This has seen a huge jump in people owning adjustable beds, but not all mattresses are compatible with them. Thankfully, the mattresses listed in this article are, but bear in mind, if deviating from any of the 6 here and you own such a bed, just check the compatibility.

Support For The Reduction Of Snoring

The right kind of sleeping posture is determined by the right level of support that the mattress gives. The perfect sleeping position to prevent snoring and sleep apnea is sleeping on your side. Sleeping in the wrong position, such as your stomach, can block airways and aggravate your snoring problems. Find a mattress that offers the best support for back and side sleepers, for example, like the mattresses in our recommendations within this review.

Firmness Level

When we say the firmness level, we mean how hard or soft the mattress is, which ultimately determines the support that the mattress gives you when you sleep on it. We understand that no two persons can have the same requirement when it comes to sleeping. Some people prefer a firmer feel, while others prefer a softer, more wrapping feel. Therefore, the support system that individuals need is catered for by mattress companies in different ways.

Some offer the same mattress in different choices, which can be selected from a drop-down menu at checkout. Other mattress brands offer an adaptive one-for-all feel, while some offer 2-sided (flippable) mattresses. Flippable mattresses (like the Layla mattress) are great because they come with two different support systems on either side. A firm side that is perfect for lower back problems. In contrast, the other side has softer support for people who love a more wrap-around cushiony feeling. This type of mattress is particularly good for those who don’t want the hassle of returning a mattress and can attempt to find comfort in either side through trial and error.

Look For Hypoallergenic Properties

A lot of mattress manufacturers promise that they use hypoallergenic products in their mattresses. This is a highly desirable trait when choosing a good mattress for sleep apnea and snoring. You should look for certifications that say that the mattress is hypoallergenic or uses such materials, such as wool, latex, and most types of foam. That means it prevents the build-up of dust and dust mites and anything foreign objects that can cause an allergic reaction in you. Not only is allergy an issue, but dust can also affect breathing and thus become an aggravating cause of snoring.

Weight Capacity

Look for mattresses that can hold a large amount of weight. Most snorers are either clinically obese or somewhat overweight, at least. A good mattress for snorers should be able to carry the weight of individuals for a number of years without it sagging or losing its supportive structure.

Trial Period

In-home trial periods are such a good perk, especially during times of covid-19 when many showrooms are closed and trying to demo a mattress is near impossible. Trials offer you the advantage to use and check the quality of the product before you decide to settle. Having a lengthy trial period is a must-have because despite doing all the homework and choosing the best mattress for snoring, things still go wrong. It could be the support system that does not live up to its promise, or the cooling system that does not cool enough.

Whatever be the reason for your problems, you must be able to take it up with the company, and if the solution is not up to the mark, you should be able to return the product for a full refund. A trial period is probably the best answer. Within the trial period, if you don’t like the product, you can return it – no questions asked.


For those who snore, whether a little or a lot, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have discussed six different mattresses, each of which is made of proprietary technology. Some promise the quality assurance of being 100% made-in-USA. Some offer technology that goes way beyond traditional memory foam. Almost all of them offer the characteristics found in our buying guide, such as sleep trials, heavy weight handling capacity, excellent cooling features, and support systems.

We understand that no two individuals will have the same requirements as their sleeping mattresses. And this is why we stop short of recommending one that takes care of all problems, including that of snoring.

Yes, these are the top 6 best mattress for snoring selections available in 2022, but the one you choose will most likely depend on your budget, specific body type, and sleeping style. So, go ahead and pick the mattress you think is going to suit you the best.

Most mattresses that we have listed here come with a decent sleep trial and the advantage of free returns. So, you have nothing to lose. Try out the one you wish to test first, and if it doesn’t reduce or solve your snoring problem, you can return it and opt for the next model.

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