Layla mattress review

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Layla Mattress Review

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Sleep is a physiologic requirement taken for granted by adults. Many compromise their sleep and simply sip coffee to meet their daily responsibilities. One common problem that hasn’t been addressed by a lot of individuals is the lack of a comfortable mattress that can offer both comfort and support on their back.

A comfortable mattress can make a difference not only in the number of hours of sleep that an individual gets; it also affects the quality of sleep. But, you wonder, is it a big deal to be sleep deprived? Health implications aside, according to a recent study, sleep deprivation has an economic impact of $411 billion in the US alone.

One of the increasingly popular mattresses that can help give you a good night’s sleep is the Layla mattress. This memory foam mattress is known for several features that can help users be comfortable when they sleep. Let’s take an in-depth look at these features and findings on our latest Layla mattress review.

The Layla Mattress

"A copper-infused dual firmness memory foam mattress."

Layla Mattress Layers and Construction

The Layla memory foam mattress is a superb option for sleeping mainly because of what is found on the inside. Unlike other mattresses that only have one firmness, the Layla mattress is flippable, which means it offers two options for sleepers. More on comfort and firmness rating below.

The Layla mattress has an overall thickness of 10 inches. It made use of copper infused gel memory foam. We’ll be discussing more of the importance of the copper-infused feature of the Layla mattress later on, but let’s first take a closer look at the four main layers of the Layla and its construction:

  • To begin with, (soft-side up) there is a luxurious fabric cooling cover made of 66% polyester, 30% viscose, 4% poly/lycra. It is zippered for easy removal and helps keep you cool as it utilizes thermo-gel cooling technology.
  • Next, we have a 3″ layer of antimicrobial Copper Gel Memory Foam, which is rated is soft or plush in firmness. With any mattress, all the layers play a crucial part, but, with the Layla, this copper layer is what makes it stand out. Rapid cooling and variable support are thanks to this innovative copper infusion within this layer.
  • Beneath this, there is a 2″ layer of Max Airflow Support Foam, which, as it sounds, provides the maximum cooling ability by channeling and dissipating hot air. Note, this layer is also zoned for custom support and pressure point relief throughout the sleeper’s entire body.
  • Next, there is a 4″ base, known as the Support Core Foam. This Layer exists to aid in support, maximize motion isolation, and prolong the life of the mattress.
  • Similar to the above, another Copper Gel Memory Foam layer here, this time 1″ thickness. This layer exists to enable the Layla to become a flippable mattress. Have this layer at the top, and you’ll be sleeping on a firm surface, as opposed to the soft.
  • Lastly, we have the same cover that we began with, but this time colored dark grey to easily identify the firm side of the mattress (there are labels for this too, as you can see in the image below).

Comfort and Support

Layla mattress
The flippable Layla

Since the Layla mattress offers two firmness levels in one, it pleases a great number of consumers. With the growing number of people with back pains, it means that if you begin having problems with your back all of a sudden, you can easily flip the mattress and choose the firmer side.

When it comes to Layla mattress firmness, it all boils down to personal preference. For the soft side, we’ll have to rate it at 4 on a firmness scale of 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. As for the firm side, you get something around the 7 mark.

Soft Side
Mattress Firmness Scale: 4 / 10
Layla light colored cover
Soft foam, more give

If you are a bit heavy or someone who weighs more than 200 pounds, you might find it uncomfortable to sleep on the soft side of the Layla mattress. You might find yourself sinking beyond what is comfortable. However, how anyone else, the soft side provides ample support and very good spinal alignment for all types of sleepers.

As for the firmer side, the mattress offers even better overall support. You’ll be able to feel the support of the dense base underneath as you continue to press on the surface of its 1″ thick copper memory foam.

Firm Side
Mattress Firmness Scale: 7 / 10
Layla grey cover
Firm foam, less give

Durability and Longevity

If you are looking for a mattress that can last for years to come, the Layla mattress is probably one of the best candidates in its class. The durable nature of copper is a good option when choosing to combine into memory foam, thus giving it an edge over its contenders. Additionally, there are not one, but two copper-infused layers, which means double the protection against wear and tear. When copper compresses within each layer upon an individual’s movement, it will keep its composure much longer and better than traditional memory foam, or those infused with organic materials such as plant or tea.

Another thing to note is that most mattresses nowadays are one-sided, meaning only one surface of the mattress can ever be used throughout its life. The Layla mattress is two-sided (flippable), which means when one side starts to sag, flip it over and use the other (still new) side. Yes, this may not be the preferred firmness, being either soft or firm, but it will still be new and without sag. If the level of firmness is not ideal, simply buy a mattress topper and place it on top of the still-new surface to obtain the comfort you require.

Certifications and Health

One of the best things Layla Sleep did was choose to use copper in their mattress. Copper is an essential trace mineral found in all body tissues necessary for human survival. Therefore, having the comfort of memory foam, combined with the cooling and healthy infusion of copper can only mean positivity when it comes to getting good slumber.

When it comes to spinal health, the good thing about the Layla mattress is that it can support your back very well, especially if you choose the firm side of the mattress, as most experts would recommend.

As with most memory foam mattresses on the US market, the Layla is CertiPUR-US® certified and regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Another important detail that you should never miss about the Layla mattress is that it is made in the USA. It means that it follows strict quality control before it gets sold on the market.

Cooling Properties

One problem encountered by many sleepers today using memory foam mattresses is that it develops hot spots and heat traps. Sleeping hot at night can be disruptive, especially in warmer climates.

Some companies use gel beads to infuse their memory foam, while others use graphite, and so on. Layla Sleep, however, made use of copper-infused memory foam. Copper facilitates rapid heat transfer keeping you cooler by taking away body heat from the surface of the mattress, thus eliminating heat traps.

Compared to other cooling mattresses on the market, it performs very well, and we’d say is among the best in this cooling category.

Motion Isolation and Transfer

If you are someone who sleeps with a partner in your bed, this is a good option for you. The Layla mattress, thanks to its memory foam, does a good job when it comes to isolating motion across the surface of the mattress. It means that if you are living with a pet or with someone who moves around in bed too much, you will only feel a minimal disturbance.

The mattress isolates motion for both sides. Regardless if you want the softer or the firmer side, it does an excellent job of keeping you undisturbed from someone who moves a lot in bed.

Edge Support

Layla mattress edge support quality depends on which side you are using. If you are going to use the firm, then you have very good edge support from this mattress. Firmer mattresses tend to have above-average edge support.

On the other hand, this isn’t quite the case with the soft side. Here, you might feel a little lack of support if you’re very near to the edges, which isn’t uncommon with memory foam mattresses as a whole.

Layla and Sleeping Position

Man sleeping on his stomach

The soft side of the Layla copper mattress is a good option for both side sleepers and back sleepers. Because of the memory foam, it contours the body offering pressure relief on the shoulders and the hips. It molds to your body instead of working against it.

As for the firm side, yes, it will appeal to combo sleepers who prefer a harder mattress, but it would also benefit stomach sleepers who require added support.

Shipping Information

Layla Sleep will ship to the entire USA and Canada. Shipping is free if you are located within the continental US. However, if you are in Alaska or Canada, you will not qualify for free delivery.

As each Layla memory foam mattress is crafted to order, it will take 2-3 business days to make, and then a further 2-5 business days for delivery.

The mattress will arrive compressed, vacuum-sealed, and rolled into a box. It’s worth noting that each box can weigh between 50 lbs (for Twin size) and 90 lbs (for Cali King size).

Warranty, Returns, and Sleep Trial

Most mattress warranties range between 10-25 years. But, occasionally, you find a company like Layla Sleep (or Puffy) who go that little bit more and offer a Lifetime Warranty.

A 120-night sleep trial is also included with this mattress. If you’re not happy with it within this period, contact Layla Sleep and arrange for a free return. They’ll ask you to donate it to a charity and show them proof of donation. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a full refund.

Required Bed Type

The advantage of memory foam over spring mattresses is that you can have several options when it comes to bed frames. If you have a slatted bed, it is a good idea to make sure that the slats are no more than 3” apart from each other. This helps distribute the weight of the mattress plus the user’s weight.

The best options are still the box spring or platform bed to make sure that the weight of the mattress is evenly distributed. But if you own an adjustable bed, no issues, because the Layla mattress will work just fine with your adjustable base.

Some minimalists like to use the floor as a base, which is also fine for short term use. In the long term, the mattress could deteriorate much quicker due to the lack of airflow and moisture accumulation.

Layla Sizes and Dimensions

Below is a list of all the Layla mattress sizes, their dimensions and approximate weight:

Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 38″W x 75″L x 10″H 50 lbs
Twin XL 38″W x 80″L x 10″H 55 lbs
Full 54″W x 75″L x 10″H 70 lbs
Queen 60″W x 80″L x 10″H 80 lbs
King 76″W x 80″L x 10″H 90 lbs
Cali King 72″W x 84″L x 10″H 90 lbs

Layla Mattress Prices

Based on the current prices in 2022 and before any coupon code or manufacturer discount, the cheapest Layla mattress price is $599 for the Twin size option.

On the other hand, the most expensive is the Layla King size and the Cal King mattresses, which are both sold at $1099. The good news is that Layla Sleep offers sales and discount prices from time to time. It means that you can still get a decent discount from any of these options, even if it’s not a Labor Day or Black Friday sale, etc.

If the price is not within your budget and you still fancy a bit of Layla, consider buying a Layla mattress topper. Depending on your bed size, one can be purchased for as little as $199.

Current Layla mattress prices before discounts / promo code / sale.
Please note, these prices are correct at time of writing but can change at any time.
  • Twin - $599
  • Twin XL - $699
  • Full - $899
  • Queen - $999
  • King - $1099
  • Cali King - $1099

Care and Maintenance

Although the cover is removable, Layla Sleep recommends dry cleaning it as opposed to placing it in the wash. This may sound like a bit of a pain, but to maintain the quality finishing and comfort, it actually makes sense. However, you may get away with spot cleaning for the occasional small stain. Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that Layla Sleep sells their mattress cover separately if there was ever a time you needed a new one.

If you are concerned about keeping the mattress in pristine condition for years to come, you could invest in a bed cover or mattress protector.

Who Should Buy The Layla Mattress?

People who want to sleep on a cool mattress

If you are one of those people who wakes up in the middle of the night because of the hot spot in your mattress, the Layla mattress is a perfect option for you. With a copper gel construction on the two memory foam layers of the mattress, it helps to get rid of the body heat of its user, giving you a more comfortable sleep.

People who sleep with partners or pets

If you are sleeping with someone who moves around too much in bed, you might find the Layla mattress a perfect solution for your concern. It does a great job in isolating movement for both its soft and firm side.

Consumers unsure of the firmness levels they want

Regardless if you are a first-time buyer or someone unsure about the firmness that you want for your mattress, a flippable mattress is a good option for you. Given its performance plus the dual firmness options that you get with the Layla mattress, it is a great option for you.

Someone with back or hip issues

If you are suffering from back pain or hip issues, the Layla mattress’s firm side can do a good job when it comes to offering the support it needs. It can hold your spine and hips in neutral alleviating discomfort, especially when you wake up in the morning.

Budget conscious consumers

If you are someone who is budget-conscious, then this is the right option for you. Compared to other top rated mattresses in the market, the Layla mattress offers great price point. Come to think of it; some other flippable mattresses are sold for more than $1000 for its twin-sized option alone.

Consumers looking for a mattress that would last for years

The Layla copper mattress is a good choice for those looking for a durable mattress. You also get a lifetime warranty from the company. This only means that they are confident with the quality of products that they are selling to the public. Plus, this mattress is also made in the USA. Given US consumer standards when it comes to its products, you can have the peace of mind that you have a product that can last for years under normal circumstances.

People weighing over 200 pounds

If you are someone who weighs over 200 pounds, the Layla mattress offers a side that is perfect for your weight. You can enjoy the firmer side of the mattress and not sink as you sleep.

Some Layla Mattress FAQ's

Is it free from harmful chemicals?

All foams used in the Layla Mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified. In addition, the fire resistant measures include a Ventex sleeve with fire blocking elements within the fabric itself. There are no chemicals added.

Will Puffy take away my old mattress?

No, they do not offer this service. If you want mattress removal try a company like LoadUp.

How much weight can the Puffy Lux support?

The Puffy Lux can support up to 350 lbs per side of the mattress.

Is it a good option for heavy individuals?

Unfortunately, if you are more than 200 pounds, you will most likely prefer to sleep on the firmer side of the mattress. If you are going to sleep on the softer side of the Layla Mattress, you might find yourself sinking.

Do Puffy offer financing?

Yes, financing is available with Klarna, subject to approval.

Can couples sleep well on this mattress?

For those who are sleeping in bed with their partner or even those who are sleeping with their pets, the Layla mattress does a good job when it comes to isolating movement within the mattress. Also, when it comes to sex, the Layla is a perfect choice due to its removable cover, which can be rid of any stains that may seep through the bedding.

Our Layla Mattress Ratings

The Verdict

The Layla mattress is a great option for customers who are looking for a high-quality mattress at an affordable price. If you want a comparison, the average two-sided mattress on the market today can easily cost around $1000 for Twin size. For the Layla mattress Twin, it costs under $600.

One of the reasons why it is popular is because it is a flippable mattress. You get two different firmness options in one. If you are undecided about the firmness of your new mattress, then this is an excellent buy. Plus, with copper-infused memory foam, it helps in distributing heat, preventing hot spots in your mattress as you sleep.

Is the Layla mattress worth investing in? Weighing both the good and the bad, in our opinion, it’s high among our list of recommended mattress reviews for more than just a handful of reasons.

  • Comfort – 10/10
  • Support – 9/10
  • Materials – 9/10
  • Cooling Ability – 10/10
  • Edge Support – 9/10
  • Motion Isolation – 9/10
  • Sleep Trial – 9/10
  • Warranty – 10/10
  • Value For Money – 10/10