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Linenspa Mattress Review

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With the market continually being filled with new mattress manufacturers, it would be challenging to know which is best for you. Not everyone knows the difference between all the different mattress types and brands. So, often people ask, “What are some of the good qualities I should look for in a mattress?”

One of the safer options that has been proving itself on the market in recent years is the best-selling Linenspa memory foam and innerspring hybrid mattress. Due to its blend of materials combined with unique features, this mattress has been made with the sole aim of ensuring maximum comfortability for all types of sleepers. Its design features top technologies that make it worth a review at least. So, could this be what you are looking for? Let us find out in our latest and detailed Linenspa mattress review.

The Linenspa Mattress

"A hybrid innerspring and memory foam mattress offering three different levels of comfort."

Mattress Thickness Options

There are three versions of the Linenspa hybrid mattress. The first is 8 inches tall, the second is 10 inches, and the third is 12 inches thick. Each has a different firmness level, which we’ll discuss below. The 12″ Linenspa mattress is also slightly different, due to its gel infused foam layer and individually encased coils.

3 different options
Three different profiles

What's Inside The Linenspa Mattress?

The construction of this mattress is better known as a hybrid design, which means it consists of at least two different types of material in different layers. In this case, the Linenspa has been made of innerspring coils and memory foam. These Bonnell spring coils are made of steel and are difficult to break. They ensure that maximum comfort and body contouring is achieved when you sleep on it.

The 12-inch version of the mattress also features gel memory foam infusions as opposed to standard viscoelastic foam. This adds to the comfort and cooling properties, as it ensures the steady flow of air and body temperature regulation around the mattress. Gel foam has a unique feature that enables mattresses to keep the temperature in check, and for this, you’ll pay slightly more. However, you can sleep comfortably and cool despite high-temperature levels.

All of the above layers are wrapped in a white mattress cover. We couldn’t work out the exact material and it’s not listed anywhere, but, what we do know is that it cannot be removed for washing. You’ll need to spot clean any stains and spillages to keep the cover tip top. Use a mattress protector for best results in hygiene.

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The Three Firmness Levels

The design of the Linenspa mattresses features the use of steel coils that are aimed at maximizing the balance between comfort and support. Due to the quality and structuring of the foam layers, sleepers will get either a soft or (medium) firm feeling when lying down. The surface of the 12″ Gel version uses a plush memory foam that adds a cloud-like comfort while the individually encased coils underneath do all the support and motion isolation. As for the 8 inch and 10-inch versions, the memory foam is medium-firm, and medium respectively.

With this mattress, comfortable support is guaranteed regardless of the size of the person sleeping on it. Whether you are light in weight or heavy, you are bound to experience the specified firmness without the feel of sinking in too deep into the bed. It does not matter whether you are sleeping on your back, front, or side; the mattress’ firmness will ensure your maximum comfort.

Below is a visual indication of firmness level, 1 being the softest while 10 is the firmest.

8-Inch Option
Firmness Scale: 7.5 / 10
10-Inch Option
Firmness Scale: 5 / 10
12-Inch Option
Firmness Scale: 3 / 10

Comfort and Support

The many features included in the design of this product all work to increase its general comfortability. The comfort is universal as it does not matter the size and weight of its sleeper. It also does not matter what sleeping style its occupant chooses. Great comfort can be achieved when sleeping on your back, front, or side.

Whether you have an 8-inch or 10-inch memory foam mattress, the dense memory foam layer will have the effect of reducing pressure points. Reduced pressure points will only mean more comfort even when two people are sharing the mattress. The mattress can also come as a medium feel or an 8-inch mattress. This is well suited for kids or college students who are not so much into durability.

Motion Transfer

The Linenspa hybrid mattress has been specially made to achieve comfort for sharing partners thanks to its coil and foam composition. This ensures that there are fewer motion transfers when a person occupies each side of the bed. This guarantees maximum comfort even if pets or more than two persons share the bed. One person’s sleep will not be interrupted due to the movements made by the other person sharing the same bed.

Although motion transfer properties here are more than adequate, if you’re after something with almost no motion transfer at all, perhaps try something from the Naturepedic mattress range, which offers a more advanced type of pocket coil hybrid system which is better for motion isolation.

Edge Support

Whether you tend to occupy the whole mattress space or are sharing the bed with someone else, you will, at some point, sleep near the edges of the bed. But, what’s important is that if you come too close to the edge, whether or not the mattress gives in and lets you fall, or keeps its composure and retains its shape.

The Linenspa memory foam mattress is made in such a way as to ensure safety and comfort even if you sleep near to the mattress edges. The continuous coil structure of the coil layer can easily hold its shape, and the perimeter of the mattress becomes virtually unphased when tested. This will make you feel safe when sleeping or sitting on the edge of the mattress; you should have no fear of falling down.

Delivery and Setup

Linenspa mattress review
Linenspa mattress on a slatted platform bed

Like with many mattresses nowadays, the Linenspa ships rolled and boxed for convenience. You should have no issues taking it up the stairs with a little help from someone else (it is heavy, so don’t attempt to carry or lift into place alone). The mattress is also straightforward to set up. Simply unbox, roll out onto the bed, unpack and remove the plastic cover, and watch the mattress grow into shape. You should give it at least 6 hours from when you first open the packaging to when you sleep on the mattress, which gives it enough time to fully expand into shape. You may see small brown carbon flecks on the packaging; this is normal and cannot cause any harm to sleepers.

Lifespan and Longevity

Most mattresses, except for latex, should be changed within a ten year period. The average lifespan of a mattress is approximately 7-9 years. When it comes to the Linenspa hybrid mattress, seven years seems like a breeze in terms of holding structure and not sagging along the way. Although foam sags quicker than spring, the two combined should offer up to 10 years of service without losing comfort. Also, the innerspring layer of the 12 inch Linenspa mattress is individually encased into pocket coils, so should last much longer than the other two variants. Given the small price difference, it would make sense to buy the latter if you can.

Linenspa Mattress Pros and Cons


The Linenspa hybrid mattress is an excellent product with many benefits to those who own it. The following benefits are associated with it.


Despite being a great product with many benefits, there are some downsides associated with this product. Below are some of the disadvantages associated with the product.

Our Linenspa Mattress Ratings

The Verdict

Based on our Linenspa mattress reviews, there is no doubt that the 8-inch memory foam and innerspring hybrid is one of the best value mattresses on the market. The 10 inch and 12 inch versions cost slightly more, but also offer tremendous value.

The product comes with many traits all of which work to increase its general usability and comfort to its sleeper. It features a design that is not only aimed at improving comfort but safety as well. Based on its price, it is easily affordable and suitable for those who don’t have much to spend on a new mattress. Despite a few downsides associated with the product, it can serve many people well.

  • Comfort – 8.5/10
  • Support – 8.5/10
  • Materials – 8/10
  • Cooling Ability – 8/10
  • Edge Support – 9.5/10
  • Motion Isolation – 9/10
  • Warranty – 8/10
  • Value For Money – 10/10