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Naturepedic Mattress Reviews

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Sleep can be precious, especially for someone who is always tired or busy. Imagine having a long day at the office and still not to have a good night’s sleep. If you are wondering why you are not getting good quality sleep every night, maybe it is time to assess the mattress that you have at home.

Mattresses play an important role in the quality of sleep that you get. These days, different brands implement technologies that can help people get maximum support and comfort when they sleep. A Naturepedic mattress is one of those options that you might want to consider.

Naturepedic has five different types of mattresses buyers can choose from. Each has its unique characteristics catering to a particular market. Here in our latest Naturepedic mattress review, we discuss some things that you might want to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash.

The Naturepedic Mattress

"A range of organic mattresses for every type of sleeper and budget."

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Mattress Layers and Construction

Naturepedic came up with five different mattresses with different constructions. The company is known for selling both latex and hybrid mattresses that are listed on their website. To have a full understanding of your options, here are important things that you need to know about each mattress range.


The Naturepedic Chorus is essentially a spring mattress. It is made of organic wool batting on its topmost layer. It is then followed by plant-based PLA material plus another layer of micro coils. The part that includes the wrapped micro coils measures 1.5 inches. Micro coils are known for their improved breathability plus ability to relieve pressure points. As for the support layer for the Chorus, you have the pocketed coils kept together by polyester material. These larger coils measure 8 inches in height and promote postural alignment while providing the right bounce for its users.


The Naturepedic Serenade is a hybrid mattress that has organic materials in its composition. It is composed of five different layers. First, you have an organic cotton cover. Next, you have the natural wool batting followed by the PLA comfort layer. Below the PLA comfort layer is another 2 inches of organic latex. And lastly, you have the 8” support layer that has encased coils that help promote full-body contouring and motion isolation at the same time.

EOS Series

The Naturepedic EOS Series has an additional three mattresses within its range, but here we’ll discuss the Classic. It is a hybrid latex and pocket coil mattress, which is 12 inches in thickness and is composed of a multi-layer design that promotes both comfort and support. The topmost layer is an organic cotton cover that comes along with cotton filling that adds an extra plush feel for its users. Next, you have the 3-inch organic latex layer that is followed by an 8-inch base layer that has a pocket coil system inside.


The Naturepedic Halcyon is yet another collection of three different mattresses. You have the Azure Organic Luxury, the Azure Organic Luxury Pillow Top, or the Elysium Organic Luxury Pillow Top. This mattress range is straight forward and is made of organic latex and coils. It is also enclosed in cotton pockets plus the addition of a luxury blend top quilt. The quilt can be composed of alpaca, cashmere, or wool.


True to its name, the Naturepedic Vegan EOS Trilux mattress is wool-free and contains no animal-derived ingredients or materials. It is an organic all-latex composition which is constructed of three 3 inch layers of latex measuring 10 inches thickness in total.

Naturepedic EOS layers
Naturepedic EOS

Certifications and Health

Naturepedic provides both environmentally-friendly and chemical-free materials on its mattresses. The company believes that consumers get a better sleep when the materials used don’t have any chemicals that they can inhale while they are asleep.

The textile materials used on all the mattresses have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). In addition to this, the latex used has been certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). It means that provided you don’t have a latex allergy, you won’t have to worry about possible irritations when you sleep on the mattress. Additionally, Naturepedic claims their products are tested for chemical emissions and have been certified according to stringent GREENGUARD® Gold certification standards.

naturepedic certifications
Naturepedic certifications

Comfort Levels and Support

It is essential to know the difference between each mattress to have the right one that meets your budget and comfort needs. Naturepedic mattresses provide five different firmness levels throughout their range. These are known as Extra-Firm, Firm, Cushion-Firm, Plush, and Ultra-Plush.

Below we provide a brief key of the comfort of each model and rate it on a level of 1-10, 1 being the softest (Ultra-Plush), and 10 being the hardest (Extra-Firm).

3 / 10
4.5 / 10
6 / 10
7.5 / 10
9 / 10

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the firmness options available for each mattress within their extensive range:


The Naturepedic Chorus is a firmness level that they call Cushion-Firm; which is not too hard and not too soft. It isn’t something that you should opt for if looking for a plush mattress. The Chorus is perfect for a wide spectrum of sleepers regardless if you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper. However, you might find it a bit too firm for the shoulders and the hips.

The Chorus is a good option for someone who is a bit heavy or someone who doesn’t like sinking into the mattress when they sleep.

We’d rate the firmness feel of the Chorus at a medium-firm 6 out of 10.


If you are one of those unsure first-time buyers, you can always enjoy the Serenade. The Serenade has two firmness options. You can choose between Firm and Cushion-Firm. Again, the cushion-firm would be a 6 out of 10, and the firm would be a 7.5.

EOS Series

The EOS is known for having three different mattress models. It also means that there are different firmness ratings to choose from for each, making it the most flexible of the Naturepedic lineup. Additionally, each side of the mattress can be customized to have a different feel which is good for sharing partners.

  • EOS Trilux – The 10″ thick all-latex EOS Trilux is available in Extra-Firm, Firm, Cushion-Firm, and Plush.
  • EOS Classic – The 12″ EOS Classic can be built with or without latex. If built without latex, the latex will be substituted for a layer of microcoils instead. With latex, it offers Extra-Firm, Firm, Cushion-Firm, and Plush. If built without latex, you get the options of Firm, Cushion-Firm, and Plush.
  • EOS Pillow Top – The 15″ profile EOS Pillow Top also comes with or without latex. With latex, you can have in either Firm, Cushion-Firm, Plush or Ultra-Plush. Without latex, you can have it in Firm, Cushion-Firm, or Plush.


Just like the EOS series, Halcyon is known for its different mattresses within its lineup. Each has different firmness levels that cater to different sleepers and users. You can have it plush, or you can have something more supportive on your back. They are available as follows:

  • Halcyon Azure Organic – The Azure is customizable, meaning you choose which of the five comfort levels you want when ordering.
  • Halcyon Arcadia Organic Luxury Pillow Top – As above.
  • Halcyon Elysium Organic Luxury Pillow Top – The Elysium is available in Plush only.


The 10″ all-latex Naturepedic Vegan is also fully customizable. It can provide users with different sleeping experience considering that it has a replaceable organic latex topper, meaning you can have it either Extra-Firm, or Ultra-Plush, and anything in-between.

Cooling Properties

One of the things you might want to consider when buying a new mattress is the ability to keep the body cool. At times in hotter climates, you tend to get up in the middle of the night because you find yourself sweating and uncomfortable. To counter this, it’s common for luxury mattresses to have various types of cooling properties.

Unfortunately, unlike some of the best memory foam mattresses, neither of the reviewed Naturepedic mattresses have any type of special material (graphite, copper, gel) infused into the foam to enhance cooling ability. However, there are other properties of their mattresses that help keep the sleeper’s stay cool. For instance, you have organic wool, which is known for its moisture-wicking properties. You also have the micro-coil construction, which results in increased airflow through the coil chamber. And lastly, organic cotton is another material that is known for keeping sleepers cool while sleeping.

Motion Isolation and Transfer

Naturepedic EOS Pillowtop
Naturepedic EOS Pillowtop

All of the mattresses offered superior motion isolation compared to other mattresses in the market. The micro-coil layer is responsible for keeping the movement in one place, avoiding the person from the other side to notice that someone is tossing and turning at night. This is possible because the independently acting springs work to keep the pressure isolated from other areas, thus removing motion transfer as much as possible.

However, a memory foam top layer would have been the most effective at isolating movement. Latex is slightly more prone to springiness than foam, and therefore can cause movement to be felt across the bed. If you’re really after the best motion isolating Naturepedic mattress, any from the EOS range without latex is your best bet.

Edge Support

All the Naturepedic mattresses offer above-average edge support. That’s because spring and latex are both less prone to give-way, and combined in layer format they make for a sturdy surface. You get the support that you need that can help minimize the occurrence if you prefer to sleep at the edge of the bed. Also, with the micro-coils, it helps contribute to supporting the user’s weight even if you like sitting on the side of the bed.

Shipping, Warranty & Sleep Trial

Naturepedic Chorus delivered in a box

The warranty ranges from 10 – 20 years, depending on the option you choose, which is about the average length of time compared to other mattress brands. As for the sleep trial, there is no mention of an official sleep trial, but they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is pretty much the same thing, just worded differently. Most places provide a minimum of 100 nights, so 90 days is slightly less than the norm, but not by a huge amount.

Most mattress companies today tend to offer free shipping, even for mattresses which are much cheaper. By default, this isn’t the case with Naturepedic, who charges for delivery, adding yet further cost to an already expensive purchase. However, there is a slight catch to this. Occasionally they offer free shipping (time limited offers).

Naturepedic Prices

Naturepedic mattress prices are pretty steep. One thing that potential buyers may find comforting is that the company offers financing options. Let’s take a look at some of the prices across their range:


The Naturepedic Chorus twin size option will cost you $1,199 without any coupon, discount, or sale. For Cali King, which is the largest option for the Chorus, you can have it for $2,499. Add more if you’d like to opt for a bed frame or additional foundation, which are options at checkout. View all Chorus sizes and prices.


The Naturepedic Serenade twin mattress is sold at $1,499. However, it can go all the way up to $2,137 if you choose to buy it with additional foundation and bed frame. The Cal King version costs around $2,999 before discounts and promos. View all Serenade sizes and prices.


There are different types of Naturepedic EOS mattresses to choose from. The cheapest in the EOS Series is the Classic. It costs anything between $1,799 and $3,599 dependant on size. The EOS Trilux costs $2,099 to $4,199. And lastly, you have the Pillow Top that starts at $2,499 and is $4,799 for the largest size. View all EOS sizes and prices.


The Naturepedic Vegan EOS Trilux mattress costs $2,400 for a small Twin, $3,900 for a Queen, and can go all the way up to $4,700 for a Cali King.

Who Should Buy the Naturepedic Mattress?

Naturepedic Mattress Reviews
Naturepedic Serenade

People planning to invest a decent budget for their mattress

If you are planning to buy a Naturepedic mattress, be sure that you have a substantial budget. Unfortunately, none of the mattresses go below $1,000.

Customers who like a chemical-free option

Unlike other brands that only use “natural” and “organic” labels as a marketing ploy, Naturepedic takes it to the next level by even providing a vegan option for their customers. They also have the necessary certifications to prove that their mattresses are chemical-free.

People who love to sleep on the edge of the bed

If you are the type of sleeper who tends to occupy the edge of the bed, Naturepedic mattresses offer superior edge support due to their latex and spring composition. It means that you won’t have to worry about feeling like you’re about to fall from your bed.

Consumers who prefer a vegan option

The vegan movement is growing in popularity nowadays. It goes far beyond food. The Vegan Mattress by Naturepedic is something that can help vegan individuals to commit to their belief that we should have items that don’t exploit animals.

Individuals who sleep with their partners or pets

If you are sleeping in bed with your partner, it is common to wake up in the middle of the night because you feel the person moving around. The Naturepedic mattresses are known for their ability to isolate motion effectively. It means that you won’t be bothered by the other person tossing and turning throughout the night.

It is also perfect for pet owners who let the dogs stay in bed. Large dogs tend to disturb their owners if the mattress doesn’t isolate motion very well.

Additionally, each mattress can be split into two halves, meaning each side of the mattress can be customized to suit the sleeper’s desired comfort level. This is an excellent solution for a scenario when someone likes a hard mattress, while their partner prefers a soft mattress.

Our Naturepedic Ratings

The Verdict

Naturepedic mattresses are known for their environmentally-friendly and chemical-free construction. Their organic mattresses offer not only customizable comfort but also outstanding support at the same time. The only hesitation that you might encounter is the cost of these mattresses. Their cheapest option is around $1200 for a twin size, which is taking you into high-end pricing. If money is no issue, then the cost should not be a deal-breaker because the Naturepedic mattress range has a lot to offer.

When it comes to the performance of their mattresses, you can experience supreme comfort and support. There are versions that can allow you to pick and choose, or even change the firmness depending on your preference, which is not something that you can do with all brands out there.

Latex is a very good choice of material for mattresses due to the durable and supporting nature. Combined with micro coils (when you choose a hybrid option), you will get a good combination of lengthy mattress lifespan and perfect spinal alignment. All of this creates a premium feel and combined with the 90-day money-back guarantee and 10-20 year warranty, this makes for a worthwhile choice of toxin-free mattress.

  • Comfort – 10/10
  • Support – 10/10
  • Materials – 10/10
  • Cooling Ability – 8/10
  • Edge Support – 9/10
  • Motion Isolation – 9.5/10
  • Sleep Trial – 8/10
  • Warranty – 8/10
  • Value For Money – 8.5/10