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The Modway Aveline: Our Updated Lowdown

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Modway isn’t just another name in the sleep industry. It is a wholesale branch of Lexmod (a furniture company) that sells its products at an affordable price. The low price doesn’t mean they are of low quality. It is an effort to ensure that everyone gets a good deal when searching for a quality product.

Apart from furniture, Modway also manufactures mattresses. One such product in their lineup is the Aveline. Although one of many models available from the company, the Modway Aveline mattress is one of their most popular and could also be the one for you, as it has been for thousands of others. However, you should know how it performs first and compare it to your sleeping needs before making a decision, which we’ll cover in this review.

The company assures users of the Aveline a cool sleep, courtesy of its gel-infused memory foam. Further, it can conform quickly to your body weight, thus ensuring good body contouring and support. That is not all; the Modway Aveline promises the perfect firmness that fits all kinds of sleepers –back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers.

The Aveline Mattress Is Suitable For:

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The Modway Aveline Mattress

"High-quality memory foam mattress with support at a price you can afford."

Firmness and Feel

The mattress has a firm feel, which we’d place at 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Even though it’s quite firm, the first thing you will notice when using this bed is that you’ll blissfully sink into the memory foam top layer, followed by a warm hugging sensation from this material. As a result, you get some pleasant relief at the lumbar region and shoulders.

Mattress firmness scale: 7.5 / 10

When pressing deeper, you continue sinking further into the mattress structure and come in contact with the high-density base. While this may be the norm for memory foam, sleepers with different weights, body shapes, and sizes will feel differently. Heavy people will find it firmer, while lighter people will experience and softer feel.

The memory foams in the Aveline mattress suppress bounce and also reduce motion transfer. However, the base layer provides a firmer surface, which helps sleepers push off and reposition easily.

Sleep Position and Pressure Relief

It is crucial to understand where pressure points build up when you sleep. Remember, some parts of your body are simply tension spots that might lead to aches and pain when you wake up.

Different sleeping positions have different pressure points. But common ones are the lower back, hips, and shoulder. You should also note that spinal alignment is an essential thing while sleeping. Let’s look at different kinds of sleepers and how they performed on this mattress.

Back sleepers

When you lie on your back, the Aveline mattress fills the space at your lower back/lumbar region. This results in a satisfying level of pressure relief. Most chiropractors and healthcare professionals would recommend a firm mattress for back pain, and we found the Modway Aveline to be just right for back sleeping.

Side sleepers

When you lie on your side, you get much-needed pressure relief. Did you know that strict side sleepers prefer softer mattresses? Yes, the Aveline mattress has a plush upper layer that allows these kinds of sleepers to sink for pressure relief at their shoulder and hips. However, it is still firm enough so that these areas compress a substantial amount of weight over a small surface area resulting in contouring support for the body’s curvatures.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a relatively firmer surface that should keep their hips aligned with the rest of the body. So, when you lie on your stomach, you don’t tend to sink much at all. As a result, you won’t feel tension along the spine because the hips coming out of alignment with the shoulders. Therefore the bed is quite good for this category of sleepers.

Aveline For Heavy People

In our opinion, this particular Modway mattress is good for people who weigh around 250 lbs and lower. As much as the manufacturer claims that the bed can support individuals up to 330 pounds, such sleepers tend to sink deeper into the mattress. In turn, this affects the durability of the mattress, and if they are stomach sleepers, they will have issues with their spine.

The Feel Of Sinkage

Do you prefer mattresses that give you a feeling of sleeping ‘in’ the bed or ‘on top’ of the mattress?

Now, sinkage depends on your weight, body shape, and the type of mattress material. Nonetheless, the Modway Aveline is an all-foam bed, and foam beds have some degree of sinkage. And because the mattress has only two layers, there is nothing to cushion against the contouring of memory foam—the result – a feeling of sleeping ‘in’ the bed.

Motion Transfer

Modway Aveline On a platform bed

The Modway Aveline mattress does a great job when it comes to reducing motion transfer. Such a feature is admirable in couples or people who regularly share a bed. On the top layer, the foam material actively absorbs and dampens and movements across the mattress’s structure. That implies there are fewer chances of being disturbed when sleeping.

Edge Support

When you sit on the edge, you will sink through the layers, but this depends on your weight. Nonetheless, the support is adequate. By contrast, when you roll to the edge while sleeping, there is some compression. But you still feel reasonably stable thanks to the foundation poly foam that does a decent job supporting you. Generally, the Aveline mattress has an average rating when it comes to edge support, but it isn’t class-leading.

Temperature Regulation

The Modway mattress has a dense gel-infused foam layer, which dissipates the body heat while sleeping, thus keeping you cool. While sleeping on the mattress, you won’t wake up sweating, overheating, or uncomfortable. The mattress does not retain heat for the average sleeper. However, if you have hyperhidrosis or any other issue that causes excessive night sweats, its effectiveness shouldn’t be relied upon.

Modway Aveline FAQ's

Is the mattress safe to use?

The Modway Aveline is an eco-friendly mattress. The company uses only CertiPUR-US certified materials to create a bed. That implies the mattress is harmless to both you and the environment.

Is it good for back pain relief?

Yes, the firm mattress feel offers decent pressure relief; thus, reducing pain and aches at pressure points such as the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

How will the mattress be shipped?

This is a mattress-in-a-box solution. Therefore it will arrive compressed, rolled, and sealed into a box. The box looks pretty nice with the mattress’s name in large letters on the out packaging. This is a nice touch because similar budget mattresses come with plain boxes.

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The Verdict

The Aveline mattress is a demonstration of Modway maintaining an utmost dedication to keeping up with industry standards. While the mattress may not pass out as the most luxurious or durable bed, it indeed offers unmatched levels of pressure relief and comfortable sleeping. What’s more, it is a very affordable choice, making it appealing for people after a budget-friendly mattress.

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