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Plank Mattress: Ultra-Firm Or Not Worth The Hype?

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The sleep industry is getting furthermore innovative each day. The main aim of most mattress companies is to meet the needs of all types of sleepers. However, there comes a time when it’s handy to offer something a little more niche for a specific type of consumer.

One such niche mattress is known as the Plank, made by Brooklyn Bedding. The Plank mattress feel is aimed at those who want a very firm sleep experience, more firm than the standard firm mattresses that you’ll find on the market. While being harder than the average, they still offer a supportive platform as well as promote an excellent spinal alignment.

This sounds like an exciting mattress because, yes, there are many spring or hybrid mattresses that claim to be extra firm, but a proprietary foam mattress offering an ultra firm experience? Well, let’s take an in-depth look in our latest Plank mattress review and see what Brooklyn Bedding has to offer.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

Who Won't Love This Mattress?

The Plank Mattress

"A firm and extra firm feel bundled into one 2-sided mattress."

Plank Mattress Construction

The total profile of the two-sided Plank mattress is 11.5 inches high. Though most people consider this mattress a medium profile, it’s a little thicker than an average foam bed, which is usually around 10 inches in thickness.

Essentially, the Plank mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is encased in a blend of cotton and polyester cover on both sides. Both sides have a high-density polyfoam core support, which is 7-inches thick. However, the firm side features a comfort layer made of 1.5-inch quilted polyfoam, which is followed by a 2-inch layer of trademarked TitanFlex polyfoam. In contrast, the extra firm side has 0.75 inches of quilted polyfoam.

Support and Feel

Flippable two-sided mattress

If you prefer a firm and supportive sleeping surface, then the Plank mattress is right for you. The bed offers a floating feeling, i.e., you sleep on the surface of the mattress rather than a sinking effect like you’ll find in softer memory foam mattresses. Despite being hard, the Plank mattress still provides enough comfort with a gentle cradle to your body. As much as it has a soft layer that will cradle your joints when you lie on it, it may not be ideal for people who need a medium or even medium-firm surface.

As it’s a  double sided mattress, it makes use of dual-firmness, meaning you can flip it over to find your ideal comfort level. The top of the flippable mattress is standard firm while the bottom is ultra-firm, which offers a customizable sleep.

Firm Side
Mattress Firmness Scale: 8 / 10
Extra Firm Side
Mattress Firmness Scale: 10 / 10

On a mattress firmness scale of 1 to 10, (1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest), in our opinion, the Firm side has a rating of 8. Flip the mattress over, and we’d rate the Extra Firm side as a rating of 10. This is an exceptional feel and possibly the firmest mattress we have come across.

However, when you lie on this bed on the Firm side, you’ll quickly notice how the thick quilted cover conforms to your curves. But the support foam will hold your weight in a perfectly straight alignment.

By contrast, the very firm flip side has minimal cradling feel because of the thin (0.75-inch) foam and the high density foam it sits upon.

Plank offers some bounce, but very little in comparison to other foam mattresses.

Plank Mattress and Sleeping Positions

Here are some more specific details based upon the most common sleeping positions:

  • Back sleepers: People who sleep on their back will appreciate how both sides conform to the lumbar and hold the body in a well-supported cradle. Back sleepers will most likely choose which fits them best by switching between the two.
  • Side sleepers: If your body is very curvaceous, the very firm side of this mattress may not be ideal for you because it may not offer the extra pressure relief and contouring that you need. Remember, weight is concentrated in a narrow expanse. So the softer (Firm side) would be a better option for such people.
  • Stomach sleepers: The mattress will keep the hips at the same level as the other parts of the body, thanks to the supporting core. The spine will remain aligned. People having extra body weight in the mid-section might find the Ultra-Firm even better.
  • Combo sleepers: If you sleep in various positions throughout the night, you shouldn’t find this mattress a problem while alternating positions. The foams will quickly respond to the pressure it receives. In our opinion, the Firm side performs best for combo sleepers. It has the right qualities for all the sleeping positions without being too firm for side and stomach sleepers. However, the beauty of this double sided mattress is that Ultra-Firm is also there as an option if you’d like to experiment with the feel.

Plank Mattress and Body Weight

Simply put, the design of the Plank mattress suits heavyweight sleepers to a tee, thanks to its durable nature and firm profiles. The general feel of the mattress is exceptionally firm, even for heavyweight sleepers.

Lightweight sleepers may find there isn’t enough contouring to provide the sink that most foam mattresses are loved for (perhaps only on the firmest side). However, the firm side should be fine, even for people weighing under 130 lbs.

Back Pain Relief

It’s often the case that doctors and chiropractors recommend firm mattresses for relief from back pain. That’s because generally, the spine stays in a more neutral position when using firmer mattresses. A hard sleeping surface is excellent at offering enhanced support, which is very appealing for those suffering from lower back pain in particular.

The engineering of this mattress is geared towards reducing pressure on parts of the body and the circulatory system, i.e., providing better blood flow. Additionally, it offers better lower back support allowing easy breathing in and out while keeping the spine in the optimal position to avoid aches and pains developing.

Motion Transfer

Plank isolates most of the motions at their source and prevents the disturbance from moving across the bed. So, if you share a bed with your partner, and he/she tosses too much, Plank tends to neutralize that effect, and you may only feel very little motion. Similarly, when someone gets onto or leaves the bed, you’ll only feel slight movements.

While foam mattresses are best when it comes to isolating movement, Plank provides an excellent performance.

Edge Support

plank mattress edge support
Above-average edge support

The edge support of Brooklyn Bedding’s Plank mattress is acceptable. When you sit on the edge, there is some slight compression. However, when you lie on the side, you’ll have a reasonable feel, i.e., you won’t feel like you want to roll off regardless of nearing the edge. That means you will feel adequately supported.

Compared to all-foam mattresses, Plank has an overall better rating, thanks to the high-density foam construction. This provides excellent support without sagging excessively.

Off-Gassing Smell

When you take Plank out of the box, it will emit some odor. But this is common in most memory foam and proprietary foam mattresses; they usually release something known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are byproducts of synthetic foams and the adhesives used to secure the layers together. But, they are harmless, especially if the product has been CertiPUR US certified.

At first, the odor from the Plank mattress is strong when opened from its plastic wrapping. Within 24 hours, it becomes mild, and at 48 hours, there is no odor. Within 2 days of unboxing, you shouldn’t notice any smell, especially if the windows are kept open for some of the duration.

Mattress Durability

Brooklyn Bedding launched the Plank mattress in 2018. Being quite new in the market, the durability of this mattress can be assessed based on the material used, user experience, and workmanship. Nonetheless, in our opinion, the mattress is expected to last between 8 and 10 years. However, the recommendation is that you rotate the mattress head to toe regularly to extend its lifespan.

The mattress is built of high-quality materials. The foams are dense and won’t degrade quickly over their natural lifespan, despite the weight it comes in contact with. Consumers of these mattresses should, therefore, expect very little sagging as well as indentations/impressions.

Temperature Neutrality

Plank mattress foam
Plank mattress foam layers

The firmness of Plank makes it relatively temperature neutral as it keeps sleepers closer to the surface of the mattress instead of sinking and creating heat traps. However, it holds some heat during the night, a feature of high-density foams, but not enough to cause discomfort. Additionally, it features breathable foams, which don’t trap much heat against your body; thus, reducing the likelihood of having a hot, sweaty night.

Remember, both the Ultra-Firm and Firm side comes with an optional cooling panel. The panel moderates temperature to deliver exceptional cooling upon contact. If you want better temperature regulation, we’d recommend you buy the optional cooling panel.

Delivery and Setup

Brooklyn Bedding ships the mattress free of charge for customers in the United States. Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada can also get shipments but for an additional fee.

When you buy the Plank mattress, it arrives somewhat ready to use. It will be vacuum rolled, sealed, and packaged inside a box. The box is easy to carry but can be very heavy for one person to handle. Once it’s in the room of choice and on the bed, you can unroll and remove the packaging, lay it flat, and watch it expand to height.

In terms of recommended bed or platform, it fits on a variety of surfaces, such as slats and box springs. Also, the mattress is ideal for adjustable bases, if you have such a bed.

Warranty, Sleep Trial and Returns

The company offers a 120 days in-home trial period with this mattress. If you find the Plank mattress not to be suitable within the 120 nights, you can contact contact customer services, who will arrange a free return.

The warranty is 10-years. Most foam mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, so, this is the average and expected length for this type of mattress.

Who Should Buy The Plank Mattress?

Heavy individuals

The Plank mattress is perfect for those individuals who weigh up to 230 pounds. They can get the support that they need, especially with the ultra firm side.

Those who prefer different sleeping experience

Why settle for just one mattress firmness level? You can get two firmness levels that allow you to switch whenever you like.

Those who want to sleep cool in an all-foam mattress

The good thing about the Plank mattress is that you can opt to buy the cooling top panel that can keep the mattress temperature at neutral. The downside is that you will have to pay an additional cost to get the temperature of this all-foam mattress down if you’re a hot sleeper.

People with spinal issues

If you are someone who has back issues, this is a good option. It offers the right amount of support on your spine, keeping it in a neutral position.

Those who are particular about their health and the environment

Are you the type of consumer who cares about the environment or your health? All foams used on the Plank mattress are CertiPUR US certified. It means that there are no harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury.

People who are unsure about the mattress

The mattress offers a 120-day sleep trial and coupled with a 10-year warranty. It means that by then, you will be able to figure out if you like sleeping in this mattress. Additionally, you get to flip between the two firmnesses to see which suites your needs better.

Plank Mattress FAQ's

Does the company offer the Plank on finance?

Yes, Brooklyn Bedding offers the Plank mattress for sale with financing options through Klarna.

Can I get a discount on my Plank mattress?

Yes, Brooklyn Bedding offers huge savings for the following personnel/industries: Military, First Responders, Teachers, College Students, and Medical Professionals. Generally, they have sales available for the everyday consumer too.

Does Brooklyn Bedding make other mattresses?

Yes, Brooklyn Bedding has a wide array of mattresses in their range which cater for different needs and budgets. 

How much weight can the Plank mattress hold?

The total Plank can hold about 900 lbs combined.

Where is the mattress made?

The Plank mattress is made in the USA.

Plank Mattress Pros and Cons



Our Plank Mattress Ratings

The Verdict

The Plank mattress is an excellent option if you are looking for something firm. Indeed, Plank is versatile as it is customizable. You can use both sides, which have a different degree of firmness. That means you can customize your sleep.

If you need to regulate temperature, get yourself an optional cooling panel. Of course, you have to pay an additional amount for this. Generally speaking, Plank is a worthy investment. It not only has quality construction; it is affordable and offers firm support exceptionally.

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