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Is The Saatva Mattress Topper Worth The Price?

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There are many mattress topper manufacturers in the market today, but there are only a few that offer a genuinely comfortable sleep. Saatva is one of those manufacturers – they make a wide range of products from mattresses to bedding.

This article will discuss what makes their mattress toppers stand out from others and why they may be worth your time and money. It will then discuss some of the details of this product’s construction to give you a better idea of how it performs. Many different aspects must be considered when making a purchase for a mattress topper in order for you to get one that actually works well with your body and sleeping positions.

So why buy a mattress topper? Saatva’s website says that “A mattress topper can be helpful in various ways. For example, some people like the feel of memory foam when it comes in contact with their skin.” At the same time, others might like the increased comfort and buoyancy of latex. And some sleepers may prefer the contouring pressure relief provided by high-density foam. That’s why Saatva’s mattress toppers are available in three different types of material. In reality, they are three different mattress toppers altogether. In our Saatva mattress topper reviews, we’ll discuss each one.

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Saatva Mattress Toppers

"Choose from three different materials for the perfect sleep solution."

The Materials & Construction

Saatva uses three various materials for its topper. They are graphite, latex, and high-density foam. Each of these materials gives the Saatva topper a comfortable feel while still providing enough support to ensure the proper amount of support for your body.

Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper

The Saatva Graphite Topper

The 3″ thick Saatva Graphite mattress topper is made with graphite infused memory foam and a 100% certified organic cotton cover. It has secure elastic anchor bands that keep the mattress topper from moving around.

The material used in the construction of this mattress is designed to keep you cool at night, and resist motion transfer, thus keeping someone from waking up when their partner moves. It also offers good pressure relief, which is what many people who have back pain will benefit from.

Saatva Latex Mattress Topper

Saatva latex mattress topper
The Saatva Latex Topper

The more expensive Saatva Latex mattress topper is thinner than the cheaper Graphite, coming in at 1.5 inches thick. It is more breathable and durable than the Graphite version.

The natural all-latex foam means it will not emit any odor when exposed to sweat, and a very minimal amount when unwrapped from new (unlike memory foam mattress toppers). In addition, the latex layer has ventilation holes, which allow for unrestricted airflow and prevent heat traps.

As with the Graphite version, the Saatva Latex topper uses cushioned corners that keep it from shifting when you move around on it throughout the night.

Saatva High-Density Foam Mattress Topper

Saatva foam mattress topper
The Saatva Foam Topper

Unlike the other two reviewed here, the 1.5″ thick Saatva High-Density Foam mattress topper is a more affordable choice for those who do not want any latex (perhaps due to allergy or budget), or additional cooling (found with the Graphite).

The Saatva High-Density Foam topper has a 1.5″ thick comfort layer which works well for most sleepers. It comes with solid elastic anchor bands that keep it in place on the bed. The main core contains memory foam, which can keep you cool at night, but not as cool as the Graphite or Latex versions.

It has a cover of 100% certified organic cotton, which is hypo-allergenic and durable. The best part about this topper is how well its support layer works for most sleepers and sleeping positions.

The Sizes

The good thing about Saatva toppers is that they are available in different sizes depending on your bed size. So, whether you buy a Saatva Latex, Graphite, and High-Density topper, you’ll find it in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King.


For most people, the perfect firmness is medium-firm, meaning that it’s still soft enough to feel like you’re sleeping on top of the mattress (as opposed to sinking in), but also firm enough to support your entire body. However, everyone has their preference, and firmness is also impacted by a persons weight and curves.

Below we rate the mattress toppers on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest feel and 10 being too hard to sleep on.

The Saatva Graphite mattress topper has a good contouring ability. It follows the lines of your body and has excellent pressure point relief. We’d say it is medium-firm.

Mattress firmness scale: 6 / 10

The Saatva Latex mattress topper provides buoyant support and push-back sensation which is typical of this type of material. In our opinion, the Latex topper is medium firmness.

Mattress firmness scale: 5 / 10

And lastly, the High-Density foam topper soaks up pressure points for heavier and curvy individuals while also limiting motion transfer at the same time. We’d consider this option to be a firm feel.

Mattress firmness scale: 7 / 10

Edge Support

The Saatva mattress toppers have somewhat mediocre edge support. You cannot expect much from 1.5-3 inches of a mattress topper to provide good edge support. Ultimately, the mattress underneath will be the base, and the toppers may add some edge support, if at all.

However, of the three, the Saatva Latex mattress topper has the best edge support, with the High-Density version second and the Graphite with the least support.

Body Heat Reduction

Although it may not be a miracle cure for the heat generated by sweaty sleepers, the Saatva mattress toppers do an exceptionally good job of keeping body temperature from getting too hot throughout the night. It effectively wicks moisture away from people who get hot while sleeping.

In terms of effectiveness, the Graphite version is best for cooling, with the Latex coming in at second place, while the High-Density is least effective.

Motion Transfer Reduction

The ability of a mattress topper to reduce motion transfer is very important in ensuring that one’s partner can get a good night’s sleep.

While the High-Density foam version has the best ability at reducing motion transfer, the Graphite version comes in second place, and finally, Latex comes in last.

Comfort Level

In terms of comfort, the Saatva toppers do an excellent job at providing a balanced feel throughout the spectrum. Each provides decent cushioning and support due to premium materials. However, comfort level is subjective and down to the idivualds preference, weight, and sleeping positions.

Of the three, the Saatva Graphite version is overall the most comfortable since it has good contouring and cooling abilities. Memory foam as a whole is excellent for creating that “sleeping on a cloud” feeling, which this topper does easily.

The Saatva Latex is great, it has plenty of thick latex that cradles even the heaviest of people. Howver, it’s slightly less comfortable due to the lesser conforming properties of memory foam, yet it still has a springy, cozy and hugging feel.

And lastly, the High-Density foam topper provides good yet slightly firmer cushioning due to its dense foam. If you want a firm mattress topper, this is your best bet.

Value For Money

The Saatva mattress toppers overall are good value for the price. Although there are cheaper options, these have a premium build quality and come with a 180-night in-home trial and 1-year warranty.

The High-Density foam has the lowest price point but is also the no-frills option here.

The Graphite version has a slightly higher price but provides a better cooling and contouring experience than the former. They are also the same 1.5-inch thickness.

The Latex topper is a bit pricier, but it’s made with premium all-natural materials and has an excellent level of support and cushioning.

So if you’re looking for something that feels comfortable, naturally cooling and relieves pressure points while keeping the budget low, you should consider the Saatva Graphite mattress topper as your first choice.

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The Verdict

In summary, the lineup of Saatva mattress toppers are a great choice for those who want a range of sleeping surfaces with exceptional support, comfort and contouring, and no chemical or odor issues. They are good for people with sensitive backs, as all three versions of the mattress topper have been designed with this in mind. In addition, they offer good breathability as well as temperature control. Finally, they also provide excellent motion transfer reduction.

So, are the Saatva toppers worth a try? We believe at least one of the three should suffice most people’s needs and budget. And with the 180-night trial, it’s safe to say these come highly recommended.

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