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Sleep Innovations Marley: Our Lowdown and Findings

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Sleep Innovations is earning its spot in the mattress industry because the manufacturer understands the right recipe for a good night’s sleep. Sleeping patterns and positions vary from one individual to another. But how you sleep has a significant impact on your health. Therefore, having a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to improve your health.

The Sleep Innovations Marley is a 12-inch memory foam mattress offering a perfect sleeping surface for those who love a medium-firm bed.

While meeting the needs of different kinds of sleepers can be tricky, the Sleep Innovations Marley mattress covers several factors that can improve your slumber. So if you are looking for coolness, pressure relief, temperature regulation, etc., this mattress offers them all. What’s impressive is that the Marley mattress features a premium construction that ensures durability and makes it an enjoyable sleeping experience.

Let’s take a closer look in our Sleep Innovations Marley review, and see whether the mattress is worth buying or if it’s one to avoid.

Who Would Love This Mattress?

Who Would Not Love This Mattress?

The Sleep Innovations Marley

"Cooling gel memory foam mattress in a box - Made in the USA."

Mattress Construction

The Sleep Innovations Marley comes in 3 thicknesses (8,10, and 12 inches). Most people should find any such thickness to be very comfortable, but we’ll be reviewing the 12-inch option.

It is a Certi-PUR certified all-foam mattress that has a fairly basic triple-layer design. Each layer is uniquely made to ensure that sleepers have the best comfort and cooling during their sleep. Let’s look at each one of them.

sleep innovations mattress

Top layer

This is a 2-inch segment built of cooling gel memory foam. The layer responds slowly to pressure, which means you’ll sink a bit into this layer. Unlike ordinary foam, the gel infusion confers cooling properties to this area – it will dissipate all the heat from your body to the environment. As a result, you will sleep cooler.

Middle layer

The middle section is still a 3-inch foam layer. But it has a unique construction, i.e., it features bigger air channels than normal foam. Such an open cell structure ensures that airflow within the mattress is constant. So heat from your body will flow through the open-air structure and out of the mattress.

Another unique feature of this layer is that it is firmer than the top but less firm than the lower layer. Thus, it transitions the upper layer seamlessly into the lower base. Again, since it has a quicker response than the upper layer, it contributes to the general firmness of the structure.

Base layer

The base stands at 7-inches tall. Considering it is the supporting foundation, this part features premium quality foam. Such features make the mattress durable, and it also gives shape and stability to the whole structure.

The base is the layer that takes all the weight, and its design allows for even weight distribution. The high-density supportive foam is firm enough to eliminate depressions or sagging that is common in a foam mattress. So even if you sleep in a single position for long periods, your mattress remains intact.


The cover is a washable premium soft knit. Apart from being stain resistant, it is also fire retardant. Even with spills, you can simply wipe the mattress with clean, warm water, and you will get back its pristine being.

Remember, the soft knit covers are grippy. A grippy surface is vital for your sheets – they will not move around or slide off the bed when you switch position.

Firmness and Feel

The mattress’s initial feel is firm. When you lay on the bed at first, you will have a floating feeling. However, after your body interacts with the memory foam material on the top layer, i.e., absorbs heat, you will sink a little.

When you push with your hand, you begin interacting with the firmer middle layer after an initial soft feel. And then finally, it stabilizes. You will experience a little push back.

The manufacturer rates the firmness at 6. Nevertheless, we’d rate it a slightly firmer 7, on our mattress firmness scale of 1 to 10, which is still medium-firm.

Mattress firmness scale: 7 / 10

It’s worth noting; however, different people will have a different feel. For instance, lightweight sleepers will float on the mattress more than heavy sleepers.

Sleeping Position and Pressure Relief

Some sleeping positions usually tend to exert more pressure than others to certain body parts. Typically, the shoulder, hips, and lower back are areas with high weight concentration, thus high pressures. The right mattress should be able to distribute pressure evenly, eliminating pressure points.

The Sleep Innovations Marley mattress does its job in ensuring that sleepers of different kinds have a great rest. But then again, your weight and body shape are a significant determinant here.

  • Side sleepers: Side sleepers normally develop pressure points at the shoulders and hips. This leads to aches and pain. Such a category of sleeping positions needs something soft. While the top layer of the Marley mattress is soft, it only conforms to the body a little. That implies that petite side sleepers will float on the bed. Thus the experience won’t be as good compared to their heavier counterparts.
  • Back sleepers: When you lie on your back, first, you have a firm feel. Then the upper foam layer begins to feel the space in your lumbar region as you sink slightly into the mattress before interacting with a firmer layer. This should give decent pressure relief. In this sleeping position, average weight individuals get the best comfort.
  • Stomach sleeper: If you are a strict stomach sleeper, then a firmer surface will do better. When you lie on the Marley mattress, you will experience some sinkage. For heavy and average weight customers, the hip region will sink out of alignment with the shoulders. As a result, they experience some strain. On the other hand, lightweight sleepers remain straight on the surface, which is the ideal position.
  • Combination sleepers: When switching positions more often, they should relieve pressure effectively. What’s more, the mattress doesn’t have that feeling of being stuck; so it should be easy to adjust it.

Motion Transfer

Foam is good at isolating motion – no doubt about that. Since the Sleep Innovations Marley is an all-foam construction made of thick layers of pure memory foam, you should feel little disturbances if your partner tosses around or gets in and out of bed. As a whole, the Sleep Innovations Marley 12-inch memory foam mattress can isolate motion decently, better than other similar mattresses.

Edge Support

sleep innovations marley

The edge support on this mattress is more than sufficient, especially when you sleep. Indeed, there is some compression, but not so much to give you an insecure feeling of rolling off the bed. That means couples can enjoy the entire surface of the body without worries of toppling off.

On the other hand, when you sit at the edge, the compression is more because there is a lot of weight at one point. However, you won’t compress beyond the top layer – the high-density base holds up your weight decently.

Temperature Regulation and Heat Retention

The Sleep Innovations Marley memory foam mattress has features that ensure you don’t heat up all night long. For instance, the top foam layer has an infusion of gel, which dissipates body heat, while the middle foam layers have an open-cell structure, enhancing breathability. Hot sleepers should find this an appealing and effective solution.

Sleep Innovations Marley FAQ's

Is there a trial period with this mattress?

Unlike some of the more expensive mattresses available online, the Marley mattress doesn’t come with an in-home trial.

Is there any off-gassing odor when new?

Yes, as with all memory foam mattresses, there will be a slight odor release, known as off-gassing, when you unseal the plastic wrapping. This is normal and should dissipate with 72 hours if the room is well ventilated.

Is this mattress a bed-in-a-box solution?

Yes, the mattress will arrive rolled and vacuum-sealed, packed into a box.

What other mattresses do Sleep Innovations make?

Aside from the Marley, Sleep Innovations also has the Shiloh, Shea, Alden, Sage, and Taylor. 

What sizes are available?

You can buy the Marley in a Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cali King. There is no Twin XL, Split King, or Split Queen.

Where is the mattress made?

The foam is made in the USA and CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is safe for your health and environment.

Our Marley Mattress Ratings

The Verdict

Sleep Innovations has done a good enough job in creating this low-cost mattress. The mattress packs the traditional memory foam feel with high motion isolation and the right amount of body contouring. It didn’t quite make it to our top 10 best memory foam mattresses, but nonetheless, it typically features a premium material and top-notch construction. Such techniques result in a durable and comfortable mattress for sleepers of different kinds, all at a very appealing price.

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