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The Sweetnight Mattress: Buy, Or Avoid?

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Sleep is a physiologic need that most people ignore especially given their busy schedules. With more people who simply indulge in coffee to stay awake, this practice is quite dangerous in the long run since this can negatively impact your body’s immune system. Unfortunately, a lot of people get the wrong bed keeping them awake at night.

Sweetnight is a brand that has become quite a popular option for people who want to experience a good night’s sleep. Among their top choices is the Sweetnight Twilight hybrid memory foam and spring pillowtop mattress, which has provided excellent support and comfort to its users. With technologies to help support the person’s back and a superior ability to isolate movement, it’s one of those luxury mattresses that can give you a different sleeping experience. But before you buy one, what can you expect from this product? Is it one to buy or one to avoid? Let’s find out more in our latest Sweetnight mattress review.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

Who Won't Love This Mattress?

The Sweetnight Twilight

"The best sleep experience, only available in much more expensive luxury mattresses."

Mattress Composition

Let’s take a closer look at the overall design and layers of the Sweetnight Twilight. For starters, the available thickness for this mattress comes in 10 and 12-inch options. Both versions offer multi-layer support. You can only buy a Full, King, and Queen size version of the Sweetnight mattress, and you can get them both in 10 and 12-inch options. Sadly there is no Twin, Twin XL, Cali King, or Split King options available.

When it comes to its layers, first is a knitted fabric cover for increased airflow. Next is a gel-infused memory foam layer, following another airflow density foam, before getting to the individually wrapped pocketed steel coils at the bottom.

You will notice that the top layer of this mattress has an egg-crate style foam designed specifically to promote airflow. This is the same concept as the one being used in hospital bed mattresses to prevent bedsores. You will notice that it gives you a plush feeling without being too unstable, given the amount of foam designed to support the user’s entire weight.

So, what thickness should you be getting? Should you choose the 10 or 12-inch version? It depends on your needs. If you feel that you need more support on your spine, then you want the 12-inch version. If you want a soft feel, then you should stick to the 10-inch version.


One of the main concerns among customers is if it contains harmful substances that they could potentially inhale. This isn’t the case with the Sweetnight mattress. For starters, it features the use of CertiPUR-US certified foam. It means the materials used on this mattress don’t contain harmful substances that can affect your health or harm the environment. It doesn’t have substances such as formaldehyde, mercury, and other types of heavy metals.

Comfort Levels & Firmness

Though it has a plush feel due to the pillowtop design and high-quality cover, it offers a medium feel enough to promote support on your back. Upon using the Sweetnight mattress, you will feel sinking slightly though it is thick enough to support your weight. It slowly adjusts according to your body’s contour as you move from one position to the next. On our firmness scale of 1-10 (1 being the softest and 10 being too hard to use), we place it on a 5.

Mattress firmness scale: 5 / 10

As the layers and construction suggest, the Sweetnight is a hybrid mattress combining spring and memory foam. It has a proprietary 3-zone independent pocketed spring design, which can help absorb your weight from head to toe.

This makes it a perfect option whether you are a side sleeper or someone who loves to sleep on your stomach. For a side sleeper, it does offer a plush softness to make you feel comfortable. On the other hand, stomach sleepers won’t have a feeling of sinking due to the medium level of support under the soft pillowtop.

The Sweetnight mattress was initially designed for back sleepers and people suffering from back problems. Since it is made of memory foam, it helps in the alignment of the back, helping alleviate pain.

Heat Reduction & Cooling

Hybrid mattresses can differ tremendously when it comes to cooling capacity. In our opinion, this mattress is one of the better ones and sleeps surprisingly cool.

The Sweetnight mattress construction is approximately 50% memory foam material. This means it doesn’t exactly perform well in terms of reducing heat. However, Sweetnight made it possible to promote comfort by tweaking the design of their mattress. Unlike other cooling memory foam mattresses, it has an egg crate design, which increases the ventilation when you sleep.

Next, you also have the cool gel-infused foam in this mattress, which means that it helps reduce the amount of trapped body heat. In addition to this, you also have the top knitted fabric layer that is made of cotton, which doesn’t feel hot.

Lastly, the other 50% of the mattress is made of springs, which allow for good airflow and do not trap heat.

Edge Support

Do you often sleep at the edge of the bed? Memory foam doesn’t offer the best edge support. However, the spring base offers some much-needed assistance to the foam. Therefore, the good news is that you won’t feel as if you are falling from bed. When sat on the bed edge, you may experience a slight dip to begin with as you encounter the plush pillowtop and memory foam, but then the coil base offers solace. Overall, the edge support is much better than an all-foam bed, but about the same as any other hybrid mattress that we have recently reviewed.

Motion Transfer & Isolation

Are you often interrupted at night because you sleep with a partner who tends to move around? Whether you have a large pet or a spouse sleeping next to you, the Sweetnight mattress can give you uninterrupted sleep. You’ll be able to sleep undisturbed on the other side.

The 775 individually acting coils help stop other parts of the bed from moving up and down. This provides optimal sleep, especially for those light sleepers. The gel memory foam is also responsible for keeping the bounce to a minimum. The foam tends to absorb the movement offering a slow response to pressure.

Preferred Bed/Support For The Mattress

Though the mattress is composed mainly of memory foam, the bottom layer of the mattress is has a large number of pocketed coils. Because of this design, you can’t use an adjustable bed for the Sweetnight mattress.

When it comes to the ideal support, you need to make sure that the bed/surface is flat. This way, it won’t destroy the coils at the bottom of the mattress. The best option would be to use some type of boxspring, platform, or slatted bed. The floor can be used too, provided the surface is dry.

Price Comparison

Hybrid mattresses tend to cost more than the everyday standard foam mattresses. However, compared with the other hybrid mattresses, this model from Sweetnight is much cheaper than others we have come across. The only cheaper option that we’ve reviewed is the Linenspa hybrid mattress, placing this mattress on a medium end of the low budget scale.

Sweetnight Mattress Dimensions and Weight

Below is a list of all the Sweetnight Twilight sizes, their dimensions and approximate weight:

SizeDimensions (W L H)Weight (lbs)
Full54” x 74” x 10”66.22 lbs.
Full54” x 74” x 12”70.4 lbs.
Queen60” x 80” x 10”85.8 lbs.
Queen60” x 80” x 12”88.22 lbs.
King76” x 80” x 10”108.24 lbs.
King76” x 80” x 12”114.84 lbs.

Who Should Buy The Sweetnight Mattress?

sweet night

People sleeping with a partner or a large pet

If you are sleeping with a large pet or sharing the bed with a partner, the mattress does a good job of isolating motion because of two things. First, you have the memory foam. Memory foam is known for effectively isolating motion. It is also infused with gel to allow the mattress to adjust to your body’s contour quicker. Next, you also have the 775 independent coils that keep the other part of the mattress still.

Those who like to have sufficient back support

If you are particular about having superb back support, the Sweetnight mattress provides sufficient support on critical areas that can keep the spine aligned. The memory foam does a good job of supporting the hips and the shoulders, preventing the user from having backaches because of bad posture when sleeping. Back pain relief far exceeds expectations on this mattress, given the low-price tag.

Those who like to adjust their sleeping position now and then

Are you the type of person who tends to sleep in different positions throughout the night? The Sweetnight mattress offers a great experience mainly because the gel molds to your body’s contour. And because of the gel’s nature to slowly follow your body’s form, you also won’t have any problem disturbing the other person beside you. This experience is enhanced by the springs that move along following the user’s body.

Those who sleep on their stomach

If you tend to sleep on your stomach, it is highly suggested that you take the 12-inch version of the Sweetnight mattress. You’ll be able to get enough support even if you sink the most when you are sleeping in a prone position.

Customers looking to stay in the US

If you are located anywhere in the continental United States, you can enjoy free shipping from the company. The mattress is going to be shipped inside a box, vacuum-sealed.

Those who want free of hazardous chemicals

Safety and environmental concerns are among the most important considerations for many individuals buying mattresses today. The foams used on the Sweetnight mattress are all CertiPUR-US certified, which means that it is free from harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde and mercury. You can also guarantee that it has less carbon footprint once it reaches the landfill when it is time to replace the mattress.

Those who like plush but medium firmness

Do you like something both comfortable but offers sufficient support at the same time? Sweetnight provides the best of both worlds. The plush pillow top surface is knitted cotton, while the bottom layers provide the support that can keep your spine aligned. This is also beneficial for those who sleep on their side, which requires more of a plush feel.

Customers with a small budget

A lot of people with small budgets pick the Sweetnight mattress. It is common to encounter a hybrid luxury mattress to reach more than $1,000 (eg, DreamCloud, or Happsy). With the Sweetnight mattress, you get to enjoy the luxury feel for around half the price of the previously mentioned models.

Issues With The Sweetnight Mattress

You can’t use an adjustable bed

Do you suffer from a medical condition that requires you to raise the head or leg part of your bed? If so, this isn’t a good option for you. Bending the mattress can destroy the coil found inside the last layer.

Only ships in the US

If you are located outside the US, then you can’t get the Sweetnight mattress.

Sweetnight Alternatives


Type: Innerspring
Thickness: 11.5/14.5"
Warranty: 15 Years
Sleep Trial: 120 Night
Price Range: $849 - $2099

Simba Hybrid Pro

Type: Foam & Spring
Thickness: 11"
Warranty: 10 Years
Sleep Trial: 200 Night
Price Range: £899 - £1379

Sweetnight Mattress FAQ's

How much does the shipping cost?

The Sweetnight mattress is compressed, rolled, and vacuum-sealed to fit inside a box. It is shipped anywhere for free within the US. However, if you are located outside the US, Sweetnight doesn’t offer shipping outside the US.

What are the thickness options?

You can get either the 10 or the 12-inch option.

Is it safe for my health?

It is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that you can expect no harmful chemicals used in this mattress.

How long is the warranty?

You’ll get a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How long is the trial period?

The Sweetnight mattress comes with a 100 day sleep trial.

How long should I wait before using the mattress?

Once you receive your mattress and take it out of the plastic wrapping, you should wait at least 72 hours for it to fully expand and take shape. Using it within this time period may restrict it from getting to full size, and hinder comfort.

Our Sweetnight Ratings

The Verdict

The Sweetnight mattress is a luxury mattress that combines coils and gel memory foam. It gives you the body-contouring properties of memory foam plus the additional support by coils. Sweetnight mattress gives couples a chance to also sleep without interruption even if their partner or pet keeps moving.

However, one issue that you have to understand is that the mattress is only sold in the US. The company doesn’t ship outside the US.

Overall, this is a great mattress that offers good comfort levels and tremendous value for money and should last much longer than other mattresses found online around the same price.

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