Choosing The Best Twin Size Mattress In 2024

Of the 6 standard sizes in the industry, the Twin dimensions are the smallest, making it ideal for adults and children who sleep alone. As it’s quite narrow, this bed isn’t for sharing; the Twin mattress size in inches measures at 38″ wide and 75″ long (although this can vary slightly with the brand).

Although it is a small mattress in comparison to the others, many of the Twin mattresses on the market offer good value for your money. The cheap prices make them popular choices for places like kid’s rooms, guest rooms, dorms, and hostels. However, to find the best Twin mattress for your needs can be daunting due to the abundance of models you can find online and in stores.

To take the hardship of narrowing down from dozens of mattresses, we’ve done the research for you.

In its comparison article, we discuss brands, models, construction, price, and the general feel of some of the best rated Twin mattress selections in 2024.

Twin Mattress Buying Guide

Twin mattress buying guide

So if you need a functional Twin size mattress, consider the factors below:


Common mattress materials include memory foam, latex, innerspring, and proprietary foam variants. The Twin hybrid mattress is becoming a popular option in recent times too. Each element has its pros and cons. For instance, if you need a bed that contours to your body’s shape, choose a Twin foam mattress. On the other hand, gel-infused mattresses dissipate heat, allowing you to sleep cool. Hybrids and innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, have a coil system, which makes them responsive to people who like to move around a lot at night.

Quality Of Materials

Some mattress materials perform better than others. Such materials offer more reliable performance and durability. For longevity, choose latex. Of course, you’ll have to pay a premium; but the performance and durability are worth it. Better performing materials include high-density memory foam, organic latex, and thick steel coils.


Thickness affects comfort and durability. Thicker mattresses last longer and are more comfortable than their thinner counterparts. Generally, most decent Queen and King mattresses average around 10 inches in thickness. Although most of the best Twin mattresses are available in the same depths as their bigger sized Queen and King counterparts, some of the budget brands sometimes offer a 6 inch Twin mattress (which is quite thin) to cut costs furthermore.

Firmness Level

Twin mattresses aren’t any different when it comes to firmness level in comparison to their bigger sized counterparts. Generally, you can choose a mattress firmness of Soft, Medium, Firm, or Extra Firm. At BetterSlumber, we measure this firmness on a scale of 1 and 10. A range of 1 to 3 means a soft mattress, while 7-10 indicates a firm mattress. Soft mattresses conform to the body more closely than firmer options, which are more supportive. For most people, a medium firmness, i.e., 4-6, is ideal.

Sleep Position

Your preferred sleeping position dictates the type of mattress you should buy. Side sleepers prefer soft/plush mattresses, while stomach sleepers prefer a firmer sleeping surface. Most mattresses these days are available in multiple options, i.e., allowing you to select soft, medium, or firm at checkout. Choose accordingly for the comfort level that suits your sleeping position.

Edge Support

Most sleepers prefer a mattress whose perimeter doesn’t sink quickly. Typically, it should support the bodyweight when they lie close to the edge to prevent rolling and falling off. Due to the narrow dimensions, the best Twin mattress for adults and larger-bodied individuals is certainly one that has good edge support. Weak edge support can cause adults in a Twin bed to feel limited to sleeping in the center of an already small sleep surface. As for kids, their weight and size wouldn’t typically be affected by poor edge support, even on such a small mattress.


Multiple factors determine the price of a Twin size mattress. Most have a price range of $500 and $1,000, and some brands charge higher than others. Similarly, the type of mattress dictates the price. For instance, an all-foam mattress costs less than an all-latex option. A cheap Twin mattress can be found as low as $150 if you’re happy to sacrifice lengthy warranties and sleep trials.

Temperature Regulation

Some people get hot at night when asleep, and this can easily become a bigger issue when sleeping in a rather small Twin mattress. If you need a mattress that sleeps cool, then consider factors like ventilating foam, gel infusion, latex, and innerspring coil systems. Also, consider mattresses that come with a breathable cover, or covers designed from natural fibers because they promote airflow, dissipating body heat.

Our Favorite Twin Mattress

Finding The Best Twin Mattress

Online Deals Checked
Sources Researched
Hours Of Research
Twin Mattresses Evaluated

To find the best twin size mattress we checked out 24 different mattresses that were available in a twin and then rounded it down to just 10. We also checked 15 different data sources which totalled 37 hours of research. Below you’ll find some of the criteria we evaluated when choosing our top selections:

  • First had to ensure the brands featured a twin mattress
  • The type of mattress, i.e, memory foam, later, hybrid or innerspring
  • The firmness level or levels on offer
  • The comfort and level of support it provides
  • Other features such as warranty, sleep trial and delivery options
  • Whether or not the mattress offers value for money

Here’s our top 10 picks at a glance


Twin mattresses are a good option for growing children or adults who sleep alone as they may not offer enough sleeping surface for partners. When you choose to buy a Twin size mattress, always look for features geared towards comfort, durability, and safety.

So the best Twin size mattress is the one that ensures that every morning, you wake refreshed; but not tired or with aches.  The Twin size mattresses we have rounded up here are among the best you can find in the market.

Nonetheless, if your height exceeds 6 feet 2 inches, a Twin mattress will be short for you.

While shopping for a Twin size mattress, the most important thing is a comfortable sleeping surface. Besides, the best Twin mattress should be supportive and should fit perfectly on a small bed frame.

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