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Is The WinkBed Still Perfect For Back Pain Sufferers?

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The right mattress can make a positive impact on the way you sleep. There are mattresses out there that can make you feel comfortable by providing the right amount of support in your preferred sleeping position. But with so many on the market, which do you choose?

You may have heard of the company named WinkBed, possibly in the New York Times or the US News. If you are looking at the possibility of buying the WinkBed mattress, it might be a good idea to know what to expect. You don’t want to end up buying the mattress only to discover that it’s not what you are looking for. So, read on because you’ll want to check our expert-led WinkBed review for more information on this popular mattress before parting with your money.

Who Would Love The WinkBed?

Who Might Not Love The WinkBed?

The WinkBed

"The WinkBed's layered design blends contouring specialty foams with supportive innersprings."

WinkBed Construction

The WinkBed hybrid mattress is made of four important layers. The topmost layer is made of 2-inch support foam and is covered by Tencel fabric. Tencel is typically used in luxury sheets and is known for its soft, lightweight, and breathable feel. Another reason why it’s a good material is the fact that it is eco-friendly. It has moisture-wicking properties that can keep you cool in the middle of the night.

The Tencel covered foam is a Euro-Pillow top that is infused with gel foam. This gives users that supportive but relaxing feel. It tends to follow your body’s shape giving you the support that you need on different pressure areas.

Following the gel-infused Euro Pillow Top is a 2.5″ microcoil layer. Otherwise known as “SupportCell” foam, it is a polyfoam that neutralizes the feel of the pocketed coils underneath. This adds comfort while adding breathability as well.

Then, you have the support layer measuring around 7 inches, which is composed of individually enclosed coils. It is the one that gives you the feeling that you are not going to sink into the bed and allows enough support on your hips, shoulders, and other pressure points. And lastly, you have the 2″ support foam that serves as the foundation of the entire mattress.

Adding everything, you get a 13.5″ thick luxury mattress. And as far as durability it is concerned, it feels and it looks well-made.

Safety and Certifications

wink mattress

If you’re one of those consumers concerned about their health, the WinkBeds mattress is made of non-toxic textiles. It comes with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 certification to prove this.

Firmness Options

There are different firmness options for the WinkBed luxury hybrid mattress. You get the Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and the Plus version of the mattress.

For our WinkBed review purposes, we’ve tried the Luxury Firm model. It’s their most popular option and is considered a medium-firm version of the mattress.

The WinkBed Softer, as the name would suggest, as aimed at sleepers who fancy a plush and cloud-like sleeping experience. It may not be best for people who weigh a lot, or for people seeking relief from back pain. 

The WinkBed Firmer is harder than the Softer and Luxury Firm. It is perfect for combo sleepers and people in need of good spinal alignment. Additionally, anyone who weighs up to 250 lbs might find this a suitable option.

The WinkBed Plus is designed for overweight individuals and has also been voted our Best Mattress For Heavy People 2022 award. It also suits and those who love to sleep face down (stomach sleepers).

The firmness for each mattress is not the same for everyone. We’ve had heavier testers who find the WinkBed Luxury Firm to be a bit plush, while lighter testers find it firm. On average, we give it a medium-firm feel. However, the top is something that should be mentioned. It is a soft and comfy part of the mattress that allows anyone to feel great about sleeping. However, since you get coils in the middle, you don’t need to worry about sagging into your mattress.

As for the firmness ratings for each, below is a guide on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being extremely soft, and 10 being extremely firm:

Mattress firmness scale: 4.5 / 10
Luxury Firm
Mattress firmness scale: 6.5 / 10
Mattress firmness scale: 7.5 / 10
Mattress firmness scale: 8 / 10

Heat Reducing Capability

The WinkBed is perfect for those who tend to sleep hot and seek a cooling mattress. It has several features that can help you stay comfortable even if you are the type of sleeper who doesn’t move on your spot. The coils allow air to go in and out of the mattress. This is primarily responsible for keeping the temperature neutral. Next, the one that comes in contact with the user’s skin is made of a Tencel cover that is breathable and light which also aids in cooling the sleepers body temperature.

Motion Transfer and Isolation

If you are sleeping with a partner in bed, the WinkBed mattress does a good job of keeping one side undisturbed. If you are a light sleeper who needs to deal with someone who tosses and turns at night, the WinkBed comes in as a great pick in giving you a good night’s sleep.

Between an innerspring mattress and the WinkBed mattress, the latter does a solid job at keeping the disturbance to a minimum thanks to the coils and the top gel infused foam layer. However, we’ve seen other mattresses perform better in this department. Nonetheless, this is a good choice if you don’t want disturbance by someone moving in the middle of the night.

Edge Support

Some people prefer to sleep right at the edge of the bed. One of the biggest problems of memory foam mattresses is that they tend to give you the feeling of falling off the bed. The WinkBed provides extra support on the edge for side sleepers. It made use of its Extra-Edge support system that allows you to sleep right at the edge without the feeling of falling off.

Though it’s not the best edge support that we’ve seen in the market, it does reasonably well in this area. It doesn’t give you a sinking feeling even if we’ve made heavier testers sleep on their side right off the edge of the mattress.

WinkBed Dimensions and Weight

Below is a list of all the WinkBed mattress sizes, their dimensions and approximate weight:

SizeDimensions (W L H)Shipping Weight
Twin38” x 75” x 13.5”75 lbs.
Twin XL38” x 80” x 13.5”85 lbs.
Full54” x 75” x 13.5”120 lbs.
Queen60” x 80” x 13.5”135 lbs.
King76” x 80” x 13.5”145 lbs.
Cali King72” x 84” x 13.5”145 lbs.

Who Should Buy The WinkBeds Mattress?

Those who sleep with partners

If you sleep with a partner who moves a lot, this is a good choice. You will feel undisturbed on your side of the bed even if the other person keeps on tossing and turning at night.

People who love to sleep on their stomach

If you are a stomach sleeper, it is common to feel as if you are sinking on your typical mattress. With this particular brand, you can choose the WinkBed Plus version to give you sufficient support.

Individuals who tend to sleep hot

Many people who stay in one place when they sleep tend to get interrupted in the middle of the night if they are dealing with a mattress that tends to absorb heat. With the WinkBed mattress, you get the coils that promote airflow. On top of that, you also have a breathable top layer.

Those who want a combination of comfort and support

Ever bothered by options online where you have to sacrifice either comfort or support? If you are the type who wants to enjoy both, it might be a good idea to go for the WinkBed Luxury Firm, as you can enjoy the best of both.

Individuals who have back problems

Many people with back pain tend to shun away from mattresses that are a bit too soft. The WinkBed Luxury Firm version and up can provide enough support on your spine to offer effective back pain relief.

People who enjoy an active sex life

All variants of the wink mattress offer a decent amount of bounce. That means anyone having sex will enjoy and appreciate the level of feedback and movement provided by the mattress surface.

WinkBed Complaints

The only issue we could find with the WinkBed mattress is its price. It is not exactly an affordable option for budget-strapped consumers. The good news is that you can consider it as a long-term investment that can last for years. Plus, watch out for the discount codes that can give you as much as $200 off on your purchase.

WinkBed Mattress Alternatives

Linenspa Hybrid

Type: Memory Foam & Spring
Thickness: 8/10/12"
Warranty: 10 Years
Sleep Trial: N/A
Price Range: $99 - $320


Type: Memory Foam & Spring
Thickness: 10/12"
Warranty: 10 Years
Sleep Trial: 100 Night
Price Range: $378 - $648

WinkBed Mattress FAQ's

Is it eco friendly?

There’s no foul smell that you will find once you’ve opened the WinkBed mattress. The top layer is also made of organic material, ensuring that you don’t get to inhale or come in contact with chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

Do they allow a sleep trial?

You get a 120-night trial to test the mattress. Here, you will have enough time to decide whether or not it is something that fits your needs. It means that you can have it returned for free and receive a full refund.

What is their replacement policy?

WinkBeds is confident with the products that they offer in the market. They provide a lifetime 50% off comfort replacement option which means that you can get a new WinkBeds mattress at 50% off if you need to replace the mattress.

What is the preferred support for the mattress?

There are different bed options that you can use for the WinkBed. You can stick with a slatted frame, an adjustable frame, or a traditional frame. However, it is ideal to use a platform bed to allow the right amount of support on the mattress.

What is their shipping policy?

You can get the mattress delivered for free anywhere in the continental US. If you’re unhappy, you can also contact the WinkBed customer service and have it returned for free. You can also add $99 for a white glove delivery.

If you are located internationally, unfortunately, you can’t buy the WinkBed hybrid mattress.

How long is the WinkBed warranty?

All WinkBeds mattresses (including the GravityLux and EcoCloud) come with a lifetime warranty.

Is it a good option for people who sleep at the edge of the bed?

It offers great edge support that can keep you from falling off the mattress.

Our WinkBed Ratings

The Verdict

Our WinkBed mattress reviews found that this model is a good pick for people looking to have an uninterrupted sleep. It is great for couples and those who want to get both comfort and support at the same time.

This mattress is a long-term investment that can give you comfortable sleep for a very long time. Though it isn’t exactly cheap, you can often get a discount from their website.

With the 120 night trial and excellent customer service, the WinkBed mattress is definitely worth a try.

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