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Is The Yogabed As Good As It Makes Out?

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Most people are looking for a mattress that can offer enough comfort and support but also which is responsive enough for when the user is switching sleeping positions. Although that’s what makes hybrid mattresses so popular, how does this weigh up when dealing with memory foam options?

One of the most popular mattress types is the memory foam variant, but what makes it one of the finest choices around? To answer this question over the years, we have helped in many searches to assist our readers to decide which is the best type and brand.

Today we’ll be looking at the Yogabed Mattress by Yogasleep, which is one of the most popular options in the market at the moment in 2022. So we decided to give it a try and see what it can offer.

Who Would Love This Mattress?

Who Might Not Love This Mattress?

The Yogabed Mattress

"An advanced layering system that optimally supports your body by dispersing weight evenly."

Mattress Construction

The Yogabed Mattress has four layers of foam. The top layer is a 1″ Instant Response Yoga Foam that gives you a true memory foam experience. If you’ve had the chance to sleep on a memory foam mattress, you’ll be pleased to know that it performs better than many of the memory foam mattresses we’ve tried since this top layer conforms with your body easily.

The next layer is a 2″ YogaGel Memory Foam followed by a dense 6″ support foam. And lastly, you get another 1″ thick support foam that is the foundation of the Yogabed Mattress.

In total, it’s 10″ thick. But what makes it different is that it is a well-thought construction. It’s not just some mattress filled with multiple random foams. And it is distinct in a way that it doesn’t give you that sinking feeling which is associated with cheap foams. The cover is also easy to clean. You can remove it using this step-by-step process and have it machine washed. This will help eliminate odors, stains, and dirt that may eventually find their way into your mattress.

Health and Certifications

Yogabed mattress couple

If you’re an environmentally-conscious buyer, the Yogabed memory foam mattress comes with different foams that are CetriPUR-US certified. It has no formaldehyde, ozone depleters, heavy metals, even flame retardants. And if you are the type who tends to get an allergic reaction to certain materials, the Yogabed Mattress cover is a hypoallergenic cotton-poly blend.

Yogabed Firmness

When it comes to firmness, the Yogabed Mattress sits in the middle of plush and firm. So on our scale of 1-10, with 1 being too soft and 10 being too hard, we’d rate the Yogabed a feeling of 5. That is also part of why we found by studying other online Yogabed reviews that many sleepers tend to love this mattress because most people prefer a medium firmness mattress.

Mattress firmness scale: 5 / 10

We found that it adapts well to the person’s body. For example, if you toss and turn from side to side, you will see the quick responding foam spring back to its neutral place.

In terms of support, it gives enough comfort and body contouring even for someone who weighs upwards of 280 pounds. Considering that it’s only a 10″ thick mattress, you’ll not notice much “give” and the Yogabed still demonstrates a good level of rigidity.

Cooling and Temperature Regulation

Do you tend to sleep in one spot? Or maybe, you are worried that the mattress will feel a bit too hot during the summer? We were surprised to find the temperature of the mattress to be neutral. Though innerspring and hybrid mattresses sleep way cooler than this memory foam mattress, it still does a good job at keeping the temperature from rising too much while asleep. In addition, it doesn’t trap the heat as much as other foam mattresses we’ve reviewed, and therefore you don’t have to worry about sweating in the middle of the night.

Motion Isolation Capability

For people who sleep with a partner, memory foam makes perfect sense. Compared to other mattress materials, it allows the users to sleep soundly on their side of the bed even if you have someone who tosses and turns (even if it’s a little) or a partner who goes out of bed to find snacks or use the toilet in the middle of the night.

When it comes to motion isolation, the Yogabed Mattress is one of the best we have come across. There is virtually no motion transfer from edge to edge, especially when sleeping on larger mattresses like the Queen and King size.

Edge Support

Although memory foam mattresses are great for motion isolation, they are notorious for having poor edge support. Sitting on the bed edge would typically create a massive temporary dip when you’re sat down. Sleeping right on the edge can be iffy too, especially if you’re overweight.

On the other hand, the 10″ memory foam mattress has surprisingly decent edge support. So you won’t feel like rolling off your bed even if you’re around 200 lbs and tend to sleep on the side of the bed. However, if you’re a much heavier individual, you may feel that you are about to roll off. But testing the mattress on a 220-pound individual, it seems that it does fairly well at least for a memory foam mattress.

But, there is a substantial dip for adults and individuals over 100 lbs when it comes to sitting on the bed edge. This is expected from a medium memory foam mattress.

Yogabed Mattress Dimensions and Weight

Below is a list of all the Yogabed sizes and their dimensions:

SizeDimensions (W L H)
Twin38″ x 75″ x10″
Twin XL38” x 80” x 10”
Full53” x 75” x 10”
Queen60” x 80” x 10”
King76” x 80” x 10”
Cali King72” x 84” x 10”

Who Should Buy The Yogabed Mattress?

Sleepers who are looking for good back support

Though the mattress is classed as a medium feel, it still offers a good level of support. Spinal alignment is good, and you’ll notice it conforms to your body shape no matter what sleeping position you’re in. There is a plush feel, minus the feeling of sinking into your mattress.

People with back pain

The contouring ability of this mattress is impressive. Pressure points and general body pain are usually exacerbated by a bad mattress. However, the Yogabed does well at providing back pain relief and by reducing the amount of pressure on joints.

Individuals sleeping with partners

If you sleep with a partner who tends to move around in the middle of the night, your side will be undisturbed. The Yogabed foam is known for isolating motion on one side of the mattress, which is great news for couples and light sleepers.

Those who get hot at night

Generally, the Yogabed is a cool temperature-neutral mattress when it compares to other memory foam mattresses. Many sleepers we came across in other Yogabed reviews claim that the temperature is well-regulated. However, in reality, it is still a bit hot compared to hybrid or latex mattresses.

Environmentally-conscious individuals

All the foams used are environmentally friendly. So you don’t have to worry about inhaling anything that can be harmful to your health. This is also perfect for parents who are going to let their kids sleep in their bed, or of course, if you buy the Yogabed for your child.

Users with allergic reactions

The materials used on the Yogabed Mattress are hypoallergenic, so it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any allergic reaction when using this mattress.

Yogabed Alternatives

Amerisleep AS3

Type: Memory Foam
Thickness: 12"
Warranty: 20 Years
Sleep Trial: 100 Night
Price Range: $1149 - $2398

Live and Sleep Classic

Type: Memory Foam
Thickness: 10"
Warranty: 20 Years
Sleep Trial: 30 Night
Price Range: $399 - $649

Yogabed Mattress FAQ's

Is there free shipping?

Like most companies that we’ve featured, Yogasleep offers its product with free shipping within the continental US.

Do they offer a free trial?

You get a free 101-day trial. This gives anyone enough nights to decide whether or not they like the mattress. If you plan on returning the Yogabed, you will have to try it for at least 30 days first before initiating a return.

What is the preferred bed for the mattress?

As a memory foam mattress, you can use an adjustable base, slatted beds, box spring or platform beds. This means that it is easy to find the right bed frame for this type of mattress.

How long is the warranty?

Yogasleep is offering a 10-year limited warranty with this mattress.

Is it suitable for heavy individuals?

If you weigh more than 220 pounds, there is a chance that it won’t feel medium; it might feel a bit softer. Nonetheless, those weighing more than 220 pounds will still experience a good level of support.

Our Yogabed Mattress Ratings

The Verdict

All-foam mattresses have their share of pros and cons. The Yogabed 10″ memory foam mattress is a stand-out compared to other all-foam mattresses because of the cooling, support, and comfort it gives most users. It fits most budgets and sleepers considering its 10″ thick construction and medium feel. On top of that, it is easy to clean and perfect even for those who are allergic to certain materials.

Overall, we’d say it’s a good value purchase for those looking for an all-foam experience from an established company.

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