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Meet The Budget-Friendly Zinus Green Tea Mattress

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Sleeping soundly at night is a dream for many. Unfortunately, there’s no generic solution for all sleepers. Some sleepers prefer to have a plush mattress, while others prefer a firm alternative that can support their spine and hips. Some like memory foam, while others prefer innerspring. All of these variables have to be achieved within budget too.

One such mattress that is proving to be a good all-rounder for different sleeping styles and budgets is the Zinus Green Tea mattress. Made primarily of plant-infused memory foam, what makes the Zinus mattress special is the fact that it offers superior back pain relief. Plus, considering it comes in various thicknesses, it provides the flexibility to choose the right thickness of your desired mattress. Additionally, as the name would suggest, it has organic components infused into its foam for added health benefits and product freshness.

So, without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look in our latest Zinus Green Tea mattress review and see what all the hype is about.

The Green Tea Mattress

"A plant-infused memory foam mattress offering excellent comfort and support on a budget."

Mattress Layers & Construction

To give you an idea of what to expect from the Zinus Green Tea mattress range, you have to understand that you get to choose from four different thickness options, each of which has different compositions, price, and firmness (we’ll discuss more on this below).

All of the Zinus mattresses below have the same cover, which provides moisture-wicking properties to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable. The cover material is made of knitted Jacquard that is both stretchy and stable at the same time. Sadly it is not removable, but can be spot cleaned.

The memory foam used across the range is infused with green tea extract and castor natural seed oil. Additionally, it also made use of something called activCharcoal, which is known for absorbing moisture, thus improving the lifespan of the mattress.

The mattresses are available in 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″. Here is how they’re made up:

  • 6-Inch Option – The 6-inch Zinus Green Tea mattress is composed of a 1-inch memory foam layer plus a 5-inch high-density base support foam.
  • 8-Inch Option – For those interested in the Zinus memory foam 8 inch Green Tea mattress, you can expect a 2-inch memory foam layer followed by another 2-inches of pressure relief high-density foam. Beneath this is a 4-inch high-density base support foam at the bottom.
  • 10-Inch Option – The 10-inch version offers a 2.5-inch memory foam on the topmost layer followed by a 2-inch pressure relief high-density foam. As for the base, you’ll find a 5.5-inch high-density support foam.
  • 12-Inch Option – The Zinus memory foam 12 inch Green Tea mattress is the thickest version in the range. It is composed of a generous 3-inch memory foam layer, followed by a 2-inch comfort layer, and lastly, a 7-inch high-density foam base support at the bottom.

Why Use Green Tea?

Traditional memory foam is made of different materials, such as various oils and chemicals. Some of these components can be swapped out for more healthy and organic materials, which in this case, is green tea extract and castor oil. Zinus believe green tea is a safe and trustworthy anti-oxidant that helps in neutralizing any odors, keeping the sleeper fresh throughout the night. This should also maintain product freshness, and along with their activCharcoal, should help the mattress last longer than a standard foam mattress.

Comfort and Firmness

The thickness of the Zinus mattress will dictate the firmness and overall feel. The company provided a firmness scale that serves as a guide to accurately depict the comfort and feel of each mattress in the range. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the firmest and 10 being the softest, the feel is as follows:

6" - (Firm)
Firmness Scale: 5.9 / 10
8" - (Medium-Firm)
Firmness Scale: 6.1 / 10
10" - (Medium)
Firmness Scale: 6.4 / 10
12" - (Plush)
Firmness Scale: 6.6 / 10

In all the options, you won’t have a sinking feeling. Instead, the memory foam is designed to hold and give the body a deep hug. It offers the right support on your hips and on your shoulders. The supportive layers following the memory foam keep your spine aligned the entire time, giving you the ability to wake up without feeling aches on your back.

Health & Safety Measures

The foams used on the Green Tea memory foam mattress range are all CertiPur-US certified. This means the foams have passed stringent testing and are declared safe for the environment, home, and user. Additionally, the mattresses have been tested and meet the requirements of the Cigarette Smoldering Text (16 CFR Part 1632) and the Open Flame Test (1633-Federal flammability).

However, plant-infused foam aside, you have to also keep in mind that it isn’t an all-organic mattress. The all-organic mattresses on the market are much more expensive than the Green Tea mattress.

Sleeping Positions

For back sleepers, the hips and the shoulders are well supported, giving you an exceptional level of comfort the entire time. The same can be said for side sleepers as it addresses all the painful pressure points throughout the body. However, if you are a stomach sleeper, you might want a medium-firm option. Choose between the 8″ or the 10″ model since there is moderate sinkage for those who exclusively sleep on their stomach.

Motion Transfer

Green Tea memory foam mattress
The extra thick Zinus memory foam 12 inch Green Tea mattress

Since the core material is memory foam, the Zinus Green Tea mattress does a good job when it comes to absorbing movement. This can be said for each of the four thicknesses. However, we find the 12″ to have the best motion isolating properties due to its thick layers and plush surface. Regardless of the user’s weight, you will feel minimal to no disturbance on the other side of the mattress. It’s a good option for those light sleepers who tend to share a bed with their siblings or partners. 

Cooling Ability

Memory foam is not the best when it comes to sleeping cool, and is known for trapping body heat while you sleep. Though this is a common expectation with regular memory foam, Zinus came up with a technology that helps counter the memory foam’s tendency to retain heat. It has a convoluted structure promoting airflow, which is much more effective than expected. But compared to gel foam or innerspring mattresses, the convoluted design is still considered a little hot, but not exactly dealbreaker-level. 

Edge Support

Apart from cooling, another problem that you might encounter with the Zinus memory foam mattress is the lack of edge support. However, this is something expected from an all-foam mattress. You’ll notice that there is sinkage when lying down at the edge of the mattress or when sat on the side of the bed. If you’re after the comfort of foam but want the perfect edge support, a hybrid mattress like the Saatva might be a better option (at twice the price). 

Who Should Buy The Zinus Memory Foam Mattress?

Zinus mattress review
The Zinus mattress sealed and rolled in a box for easy delivery

Those who like support without giving up comfort

It’s a common scenario when mattress shopping wherein you either give up comfort or you give up support. With these Zinus mattresses, you get to enjoy both. You get enough pressure point relief and still get to enjoy a plush feel. You can also select from 4 different thicknesses to make sure you get exactly the feel that you want in your mattress.

Those who don’t like their mattress having a foul odor

The infusions of green tea, castor oil, and activCharcoal are all known to help minimize the buildup of odor in the mattress. It’s common for mattresses to eventually retain body odor scent, especially if you have used the mattress for a couple of years. With the adopted plant-based memory foam composition, this occurrence can be minimized or even eliminated.

Consumers who like pain relief

The Zinus does a good job when it comes to contouring the sleepers body and offering support that can keep the spine in a neutral position. This will, in turn, minimize aches and pains in the back and hips.

Consumers looking for an eco-friendly mattress

The foams used on the Zinus are all CertiPUR-US certified. It means that it doesn’t contain harmful levels of chemicals that can harm both your health or the environment. Additionally, no heavy metals and no formaldehyde can be found in the foams.

Sleepers below 250 pounds

If you weigh below 250 pounds, you won’t have any problem with the mattress. In fact, you will feel both comfort and support. If you weigh more than 250 lbs, consider the Titan mattress by Brooklyn Bedding.

Users who sleep with partners or large pets

If you sleep with a partner who tends to move around in the middle of the night, you might like the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress since it does an exceptional job in isolating motion. This is also the reason why it is suggested among pet owners that have large dogs who tend to sleep with them.

Some Zinus FAQ's

What is the preferred bed type for the Zinus memory foam mattress?

The preferred support is any bed frame that allows the mattress to stay flat. If you’re using slated bed frames, you want to make sure that each slat is only 3 inches apart from each other.

Can I use the Zinus mattress with an adjustable base?

Yes, you can use an adjustable bed (8″ or 10″ is best). However, you shouldn’t expect the bed to elevate the head more than 45 degrees considering the thick construction of this mattress.

Is it good for heavy people?

Yes. It’s not unknown to handle weight in excess of 250 lbs per side.

Is it an organic mattress?

Although the mattress is infused with tea and castor oil, it is not considered an organic mattress.

Does the mattress arrive in a box?

Yes. Zinus offer a shipping solution that allows the mattress to be compressed and rolled, so it can be shipped to your door in a box. There is no white glove delivery service available.

Do they offer a warranty?

Yes. You get a 10-year limited warranty.

Does the mattress smell?

All memory foam mattresses when they’re new will smell a little. This is normal. Letting it air out in a well ventilated space can speed up the process, but can easily take up to 72 hours for the smell to disappear. 

How does it perform pressure relief?

The mattress relieves pressure points in the body and keeps the spine straight using the thick base and transitional foams at the bottom of the mattress core.

Which thickness should I choose?

If you prefer a soft mattress, you might want to consider either the 10″ or the 12″ option. On the other hand, if you are looking for more support on your back or you prefer a firm mattress, then stick to either the 6″ or the 8″ mattress.

If you weigh between 200-250 pounds, you might want to choose between the 6″ and the 8″ options since these will provide better comfort.

Our Zinus Mattress Ratings

The Verdict

While the Zinus Green Tea may lack edge support and special cooling features, at this price you really can’t complain. It’s an excellent memory foam mattress that can help give you the support and the comfort that you need. It offers a variety of thicknesses to its consumers, which makes it a catch-all option. Though it might look a bit overwhelming at first, you can take advantage of this opportunity to get the right feel, support, and comfort, no matter your sleeping style. Also, with the 10-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase is safe for the foreseeable future. Overall, this offers amazing quality on a low budget, reigning high in its class.

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