Pillow top mattress

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow top mattresses are designed to provide an extra layer of cushioning above the level of the person sleeping on it. They use a layer of foam or other soft material that is secured to the surface of the mattress above the comfort layer with stitching or glue. These mattresses are often used by people …

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jumping on the bed

Mattress Firmness Scale and What It Means

Most shoppers who go mattress shopping want something that fits them well and does not cause any discomfort during or after use. However, there are many different mattress firmness levels to choose from. Each type is designed for different comfort needs and will likely be a perfect fit for some people but not others. Knowing …

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twin xl vs full

Comparing The Twin XL vs Full Mattress Sizes

There are multiple factors to consider while shopping for a mattress. One of the major factors is mattress size. If you have a small space, you’ll definitely opt for a small bed. That squarely puts you in the hands of either a Twin XL or Full size bed and mattress combination. That’s because both of …

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How to fix a sagging mattress

How To Fix A Sagging Mattress

Sleeping on a supportive mattress can help promote a good night’s sleep. A mattress should support your back and keep you comfortable throughout the night. One of the things that can disrupt your sleep is a sagging mattress. Unfortunately, buying a new one can cost a lot of money, especially considering that some can cost …

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What Is Celliant Fabric In Mattresses?

Mattress models have improved over the years. Brands develop proprietary materials that can help give their users a good night’s sleep. If you’ve been doing your research or reading mattress reviews recently, you may have encountered information about Celliant technology in the fabric used in covers and other areas of a mattress. So, what makes …

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When is the best time to buy a mattress?

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress?

There is no better feeling than to sleep in a comfortable mattress that’s right for you. But just like anything, you will eventually have to replace your ageing mattress. Every seven to ten years, you will feel your mattress changing. It will no longer give you the support that it once provided.  To optimize your …

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how much should you spend on a mattress

How Much Does Good A Mattress Cost?

When it comes to choosing a new mattress, there are a number of different variables one must consider. Many people place a priority on various things from one another. For example, for some, the material of the mattress is the deciding factor, while for others, the most important consideration is the price. One question we …

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How to dispose of a mattress

How To Dispose Of A Mattress

Mattresses, especially high-quality ones can serve you for a good number of years. In some instances, you may have used your mattress for at least ten years. This isn’t a bad deal at all. However, there are many reasons why people tend to switch to a new mattress. It could be because they are getting …

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how to return a mattress

How To Return A Mattress

There are instances when customers aren’t happy with their mattresses. It can be because of a factory defect or perhaps it didn’t meet your expectations. Nowadays, returning the mattress doesn’t have to be overly complicated. When you buy a mattress for around $1,000, brands know that you have high expectations from their product. Unfortunately, there …

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List Of 20 Different Types Of Bed

People have different sleep requirements. Given this reality, it is important to have the right bed for your needs. If you don’t have any idea what type of bed you should be getting, here are 20 different types of beds that you should know. Beds According To Their Size First, let’s take a closer look …

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