How To Pick The Best Folding Mattress For Your Needs

Call them a folding or foldable mattress; it generally refers to the same thing. A folding mattress is usually placed on the floor and is a space-friendly alternative to conventional mattresses. You can fold them into a compact size, which makes it easier to store or transport.

Folding mattresses are ideal for people with small apartments, travelers, or camping hobbyists. Still, the mattresses are great for lounging around or for guest rooms.

In most cases, folding mattresses are made from foam, and they have between two and four folds. That should give it a compact profile when you fold away.

Like any product, you need value for money when it comes to buying. That means looking for a highly functional foldable mattress that can last the test of time. With multiple brands in the market, that can be a little bit confusing. But no fear, we give you direction, advice, and recommendations below in our latest article.

Tips For Buying a Folding Mattress

Reading book on a folding mattress

Common Uses

Where you plan to use your foldable mattress is up to you, but some of the most common places and uses are:

  • Sleepovers/Temporary usage
  • Reading/Fold up into chair mode
  • TV/Video games
  • Yoga/Exercise mat
  • Tent/Camping/Other outdoor usages
  • Ideal for dorms/Students on a budget
  • Guest rooms
  • Convenient for small apartments
  • Small rooms
  • Playrooms/Napping/Playing


The final size after folding your mattress determines portability and storage size. When you fold these mattresses, they usually become triple or even quadruple the hight, but much shorter.

The best folding mattress manufacturers offer their models in the standard sizes i.e., Twin, Queen, King, etc. However, this isn’t common. Others will simply list the dimensions as Small, Medium, or Large with their own made-up measurements. As a general rule, the sizes below are a good guideline to work with:

  • Twin usually measures 75 x 39 inches and is ideal for children.
  • A Full size folding mattress is typically classed as a medium and measures 75 x 54 inches, making it suitable for adults who sleep alone.
  • A folding Queen mattress measures at 80 x 60 inches, making it suitable for couples.


Foldable mattresses are typically designed from memory foam or polyester fill. A folding memory foam mattress is a much better choice over polyester, considering memory foam lasts longer than their polyester counterparts. Also, they are more comfortable but more expensive.

If your budget is tight, try the polyester mattress (which can also be used on a futon if the size is right). But you have to bear with the low quality and reduced lifespan of some of these mattresses.

You’ll rarely ever find a foldable latex or innerspring mattress due to the rigid nature of the material.

Weight and portability

Folding mattresses should be lightweight. However, due to differences in sizes, thickness, and type of material, their weight may vary. For those who travel a lot, picking a small-sized and lightweight mattress is a good idea.

Keep in mind; not all foldable mattresses are highly portable. Besides weight, it is vital to consider the folding technique. The best folding mattress should allow for quick and efficient folds.

The majority of modern foldable mattresses are tri fold, meaning they break at two places, giving three panels. These options are more portable than those that fold only at one point.


Folding mattresses come in different thicknesses. The choice you make depends on the amount of comfort you need. Note that the standard thicknesses for foldable mattresses are four, six, or eight inches.

Of course, a thicker fold up mattress has high amounts of foam for more comfort and superior support. But your needs should dictate your choices. For travelers and campers, a four-inch-thick bed should ideal.

If you go with thicker (8-inch) versions, it means you’ll pay more than other versions, and it will take up more space when packed away. But, you get superior comfort, support, and durability.


Like with traditional beds, folding mattresses tend to have different firmnesses from model to model and brand to brand. Most people already know what type of comfort level they want, based on the experience with their permanent bed. However, be sure to check the firmness on the listing, as it can differ tremendously. For example, a 4″ option may be listed as firm, while the same model in a 6″ version may be listed as soft.

Ultimately, your sleeping position, the intended use of the mattress, and the amount of support you need should dictate the right firmness.

The cover

Some foldable mattresses have a removable cover while others have a sewn-on non-removable cover. In both cases, as these mattresses are almost always placed on the floor, the cover works well to protect your mattress from getting dirt, dust, and mites. Thus, they reduce the rate of wearing out and increase its lifespan.

If you are an avid camper, for instance, your mattress might get dirty more often. In this case, choose one with a removable cover. That way, it’s easy to clean.

Our Favorite Folding Mattress

Finding The Best Folding Mattress

Online Deals Checked
Sources Researched
Hours Of Research
Folding Mattresses Evaluated

To find the best folding mattress, we evaluated 27 products and narrowed it down to 10. As for research, we cross-checked 17 different sources which totalled 35 hours. Below are some of the criteria we evaluated when selecting our top picks:

  • How many folds are required
  • How thick and tall the mattress is
  • How much it weighs and how portable it is
  • Whether it’s for the floor or futons
  • Whether or not it can be used as seating
  • The level of support it can provide

Here’s our top 10 picks at a glance


Foldable mattresses are handy in case of many activities such as camping, traveling, or if you have minimal space in your home. They allow you to rest while watching movies or playing video games; they can be used as seating and will benefit any living room or bedroom. The versatility of these small mattresses is just immense.

All of the above have been handpicked by in-house experts and offer tremendous value for money. So, whatever your need, if it comes to buying any from our top 10 selections, you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

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