Mattress Care and Maintenance Advice

Updated on February 11, 2023

Where do we spend a large portion of our lives? For some the answer may be work, while I wouldn’t fault you for your answer, I do disagree. Others might say the pub, to that I tip my hat, but again I find myself forced to disagree. Experts discover that on average humans spend 227,468 hours in bed, a larger chunk of time than we spend at work or in the pub, well the majority of us. Therefore, making sure you’re sleeping on something clean and hygienic is paramount. In this post, we discuss ways to increase the life of your mattress, tackle any issues you may encounter throughout its life, and address things to avoid.

Mattress Care: Do’s

Cleaning a mattress

Caring for your mattress is just smart especially if you have ever been to buy one previously then you know that nowadays it is akin to buying a car. There are several price points and the higher you go the more comfort and longevity you expect. Taking a few simple steps can ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Invest In A Cover

A cover consists of a layer that surrounds the entire surface and will protect it from several things. The layer protects against dirt and other staining materials. It can also offer protection against dust mites that can ruin mattresses and be harmful to your health if left unchecked. Another harmful substance that can shorten the lifespan of even the most expensive mattress is mold and fungi, but the protective layer shields against them both.

Keep It Clean

There are several reasons to clean a mattress at regularly scheduled intervals. Maintaining comfort should be paramount. Limiting the amount of exposure from toxic, acidic, and other harmful substances can help even the cheapest models live a longer life. By cleaning a mattress you can help to maintain a fresh look and feel to it. You can search the internet and discover several fabric cleaners that you can use such as Resolve.

Some experts recommend pulling out the vacuum and running it over it to help pick up any dirt or dead skin cells that may be attached. Make sure to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda before vacuuming for the added benefit of odor elimination. Amazon even sells a vacuum created solely for mattresses called the Dyson v6 handheld, which is a great choice for anyone interested in hygiene.

Mold And Fungus Removal

If you skipped step one and didn’t get a cover, you may discover you have mold growing on at some point. Your first response might be to just toss it out and head down to the store but stop, there is a way to kill that mold. Grab the vinegar and create a solution (1/4 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water), spraying an even layer onto the mattress before scrubbing any spots of mold you see. Then let it dry and like magic, the mold is now gone.

Tip For Removing Blood

If you somehow get bloodstains, the best cleaning method is to use hydrogen peroxide by applying it to a rag and then lightly pressing down into the stain. Scrubbing the spot is not advised because you do not want it spread but rather you should just dab the spot. Let the surface air before putting the sheets on again.

Cleaning Urine

If you have ever wondered how to remove urine from mattress it can be slightly tricky to get it right without negatively impacting your outcome. The key is to act fast before it stains, but more importantly ensure you use dry cloths or towels in a dabbing manner as opposed to wet or damp in a wiping manner. Once the urine is dry, use a washing liquid or stain remover to target the affected area, and then leave to air dry.

The Natural Method

A natural form of care is when you use the sun’s rays to kill any bacteria lurking on its surface. First, you have to move it outside and let it bask in the sun for at least 10 minutes. While it is outside beat on the surface with a broom handle, a stick, or even a bat to make sure you get anything that might be attached off of it.

Change Your Sheets

Be sure to change your sheets every three months as a max. This can help protect health by preventing dust mites from getting comfortable in that layer between the sheets and your mattress. Additionally, any bad odors that would normally embed into the sheets can filter down into the core.

Flip It

For the utmost comfort, and to keep your purchase in good form for as long as possible, depending on which type of mattress you have you should perform something called mattress flipping at least every six months. It’s a very simple procedure but the effects are tremendous. Grab the bottom corner at the foot end of the bed, then flip it over so the bottom corner is now the top corner at the head of the bed. What this does is ensure even wear of the surface, because upper body weight is greater than lower body weight, so through time, the wear becomes level throughout. Mattress flipping isn’t as easy as it sounds however because of the weight involved. One person alone probably shouldn’t attempt this whether it’s a Twin size or Full.

Also, there is a slight catch. Be sure to check the instructions to see whether you’re permitted to do this on your particular model. For example, because a memory foam mattress is typically built of multiple layers of varying density foam, flipping one of these over will not only have a detrimental effect but also void your warranty.

Rotate It

Similar to flipping, in order to make sure you still have a comfortable experience from all sides it is important to rotate it at least every six months. To perform this task you should grab the top right corner at the head of the bed and then spin it until the corner is now the bottom left corner at the foot of the bed. For a Queen size and above it will most likely require at least two people to perform this, but is worth the hassle. Unlike flipping, this can be done on any, whether it’s a latex mattress, memory foam, or innerspring.

Mattress Care: Dont’s

Woman jumping on the bed

There are things that you should not do if you want yours to last a long time. By preventing these things from happening, you are ensuring that your investment will last a very long time.

Don’t Remove That

You should never remove any of the manufacturer’s tags because these tags offer warranty information and you may need that later down the road. I know you really want to tear that annoying tag off but restraining yourself can save you thousands of dollars later on.

Don’t Get It Wet

Never get it wet, but if you do, try to let it dry before covering it up. If you don’t, then you are creating the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to grow. When cleaning a mattress it is best to adhere to the rule that a little goes a long way.

Avoid Harmful Substances

Bleaching or using over abrasive solutions to clean a mattress can lead to a breakdown of the material and can lead to tears in the fabric. Not to mention using these substances can change the color and even affect the smell. Also, coming in such close contact with these chemicals throughout a night’s sleep is not very desirable.

Stop The Jumping

No more monkeys jumping on the bed; much like the old nursing rhyme, not jumping on it will help prevent any extra stress from affecting the structural integrity. Additionally, if you have an air mattress, jumping on it whilst inflated may cause it to burst. Thus, by maintaining simple care protocols overall you are ensuring that it will maintain its shape and plushy comfort level for many years to come.