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Top 10 Best Latex Mattress Reviews: New Roundup For 2022

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We spend more time in bed than in any other location. The average person spends over 300 months sleeping throughout their life according to a simple formula based on a person averaging eight hours of sleep per night. Now, what this means is that as sleepers, we spend one-third of our lives in bed. Considering we spend so much time laying down asleep, it’s important that we do it on the right surface i.e the best mattress for the money you’re willing to part with; there are several types available for purchase, and whether you have the best air mattress, innerspring, or memory foam, nothing quite compares to the quality of a latex mattress. In this section, we’ll be looking at this type further in-depth, and discuss buying tips and general info, as well as covering the key aspects of interest for buyers in our top 10 latex mattress reviews.

When it comes to buying the perfect mattress it can be difficult to find one that is affordable. However, below you will find our roundup list of unbiased reviews of the top rated and best latex mattresses available on the market today which will unlikely hurt any wallet yet give 100% satisfaction.

Our Favorite Pick

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

"Helps to relieve aches and pains & promote deep sleep."
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Here’s our top rated picks at a glance

Latex Mattress Reviews

Plushbeds botanical bliss mattress

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

The US-made Botanical Bliss is one of three latex mattresses offered by PlushBeds, and in our opinion, it is their best. It is comprised of an organic cotton cover and numerous layers of organic Dunlop latex from Sri Lanka. All of which are calibrated to a perfect level of softness and support, at the same time helping your body maintain a well-regulated cool and comfortable temperature throughout the night. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this mattress has the comfort and support to get you through the night.

As with the Spindle mattress, the all-latex Botanical Bliss is also one where you can customize the firmness once you receive it. If you’re unhappy with the level of comfort you asked for when ordering, simply unzip the cover and rearrange the three layers. So a medium firmness mattress can be made into medium-firm, or just firm, within a matter of minutes. Additionally, the King and Cal King latex mattresses are built with split layers, which allow for customization on each side of your mattress, which is great for sleepers who share a bed.

With the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss, you’ll get free delivery, a 100-night sleep trial, and free pick up and returns if you’re not satisfied with the mattress. All of this at a great price; this option is hard to refuse.

Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom

If you are looking for a latex mattress that offers a maximum comfort level, then look no further than this 13-inch blend of superior materials. It comes with three layers the first being a 1.25-inch of Joma Wool™ and organic cotton combined in a plush top cover. Next is a 3-inch Talalay latex layer, and lastly 8 inches of up to 1,032 individually encased coils. The rolled mattress arrives on your doorstep vacuumed sealed in box. The 3 inches of Talalay latex was recently certified by Oeko-Tex in 2015.

It comes in 6 different sizes ranging from Twin to California King, but without the rarer options of Full XL and Short Queen making this rather less varied than others reviewed. The company offers this particular model in three stages of firmness being firm, medium, and soft so you can choose your desired sleeping experience. The soft and medium would suit lightweight sleepers (under 250 lbs), while the firm would offer better performance for heavy weight sleepers. 

In case the name of the brand  was not a giveaway, this mattress is produced in the United States. You can sleep safely knowing it has gone through rigorous testing and compliance levels before going on sale. This is certainly one for the best latex mattress shortlist, especially given the variety of firmness levels, plus the blend of both Talalay and individually wrapped pocket coils which is quite rare at this price. Lastly, you’ll be pleased to know the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom comes with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night trial.

awara mattress


This luxury mattress by Awara could possibly become the best and most comfortable mattress you have ever slept on. This 13-inch hybrid latex and spring mattress is composed of 3 layers. Firstly, there is a plush Euro Top cover made with soft New Zealand wool and organic cotton. Next is the 4-inches of natural Dunlop latex, and lastly 9-inches of individually wrapped pocket coils which form the contouring support core.

The support is created by combining the independently moving springs in the base and the natural latex to offer unsurpassed orthopedic support and pressure point relief. By using a combination of the two layers, Awara promises to offer relief from shoulder, back, and neck pain. Available in all the standard US mattress sizes i.e., Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King, covers almost all the options on the market. No Split King or RV options here. Awara offers its own unparalleled Lifetime Warranty and by doing so shows that this company is willing to stand behind its product for the rest of your life.

Winkbeds ecocloud

WinkBeds EcoCloud

This medium firmness Talalay latex and pocket spring hybrid mattress from WinkBeds will cradle you as you count sheep drifting off to sleep. This particular model offers a zipper covered top for easy cleaning, and comes in the most common 6 US sizes. The hypoallergenic Talalay latex provides natural protection against pests and allergens that the substance is commonly known for. The organic New Zealand wool and GOTS Certified organic cotton makes it a healthy option for all members of the family, including children.

The EcoCloud boasts optimal orthopedic support that will naturally conform to your body’s contours, making it suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers alike. This is due to the 5-zone innerspring support and the two layers of premium latex which push back through the lumbar and lower back.

The mattress is made in the USA, sold with free shipping and returns, a 120-night in-home trial and Lifetime Warranty.

Naturepedic EOS layers

Naturepedic EOS Pillow Top

You will sleep like a baby on this ultra luxurious 15-inch latex hybrid mattress from Naturepedic. It features two customizable 3″ organic latex layers plus a customizable 8″ base consisting of a glueless encased coil support. All of this wrapped in an organic pillow top encasement. 

The company offers the EOS in five firmness options ranging from firm to an ultra-plush, and everything in between. Their innovative service allows for full customization of the mattress, not limited to the firmness, but also to the materials used. Simply contact the team for a special order and they will create a mattress according to your personal preferences. Additionally, if opting for Queen, King or Cali King, you can have custom firmness on either side, so anyone sharing a bed gets to choose their own comfort configuration.

The Naturepedic EOS Pillow Top comes with a 20-year limited warranty, a 90 day in-home trial, and is available in almost every size imaginable. Though a little pricey (financing available), the overall concept, customer service, and end product make this a hugely popular choice and possibly the best latex mattress to date.

Sleep On Latex Pure Green

Sleep On Latex Pure Green

Sleep On Latex have created a masterpiece in this Dunlop latex mattress that offers a full 9 inches of 100% natural latex, which contains no fillers, no synthetic and no blend. 

The construction is simplistic yet effective: 6-inches of 34 ILD (firm) latex base layer, with 2-inches of 20 ILD (soft) top layer, and 1-inch wool outer cover. Overall the feel is classed as medium firmness, and would be suitable for most types of sleeper, including those who sleep on the back and stomach.

This beauty comes with an attractive 10-year warranty attached to it and a 100 night sleep trial. Currently it is available in 6 of the most common US sizes ranging from Twin to Cali King. 

Like most, it too is shipped boxed, vacuum packed and rolled for ease. The hard to fault latex foam mattress offers relief from pressure points and prevents the need of tossing and turning as it conforms to your body’s contours. The soft 1″ organic wool top cover offers sleek and smooth silky feel upon touch, while also acting as a natural flame retardant. The Pure Green is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means the company voluntarily allowed their mattress to be tested and is of the highest and safest quality.

Of our latex mattress reviews this is one of the more budget options, but by no means inferior; overall, this would be a safe purchase for anyone in the market for an entry-level product who is after a taste of the finer things in life on a smaller budget.

lucid 10inch latex

LUCID 10 Inch

This luxury mattress offers a ventilated foam that is sure to keep you and your loved one cool even on the hottest of days. The 10-inch thick LUCID comes in the most common 6 sizes and is composed of 3 inches of natural latex above 7 inches of high-density foam to add some of the best support available. This CertiPUR and US certified foam offers a natural resistance to pest and has hypoallergenic properties. Those who have asthma and seasonal allergies are sure to appreciate this fact.

LUCID is an experienced and established manufacturer that has a proven track record with various products and thus has no qualms offering one of the best warranties in the business at 25 years. The hybrid rolled mattress comes shipped in a box and vacuum sealed with easy to follow and set up directions, and all at a very competitive price.

Latex Mattress

Sleep EZ Roma All Latex

This double sided flippable mattress offers a firm side for those that prefer an extra layer of support and a softer side for those that prefer a lighter feeling of drifting while they sleep. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full and Queen, it is composed of a 6-inch eco-friendly 100% natural Dunlop layer and 1.5 inches of CertiPUR foam. Again the natural latex layer offers both antibacterial and hypoallergenic protection.

Sleep EZ America has been manufacturing latex mattresses since 1976 and offers a 20-year warranty on the Roma. The company uses a material called Rayon which offers a naturally resistant fire barrier versus using chemicals to make the product flame retardant. The company promises that even after long term usage, the product will retain its durable and flexible support, making this a sound purchase.

GhostBed review


The GhostBed comes fully loaded with 11 inches of pure comfort. With 1.5 inches of premium Talalay latex that naturally springs back to conform to all the contours of your body, you will find yourself not wanting to get out of bed. The GhostBed offers an unmatched level of comfort and softness as you sleep. The 2-inch layer of 4 lb gel memory foam will minimize the pressure that your body experiences while you lay in bed. The last component is a 7.5-inch layer of high-density support core that works to create the perfect balance and offer a maximum level of comfort and support.

Astonishingly durable and supportive in nature, the GhostBed is rated for carrying 700 lbs total or up to 350 lbs on either side making it the best mattress for heavy people of our featured reviews and comparisons. As it’s manufactured in the US, rest assured it consists of top quality materials and the latest innovations in sleep technology. The vacuum packed mattress has a shipping weight of 85 lbs and comes in a sealed box. The easy to set up design and overall blend of quality materials make it a great option if you are considering buying a latex foam mattress in the near future.

Spindle mattress

Spindle Mattress

The all-latex Spindle mattress has been one of our favorites for some time now. The Dunlop processed 10″ thick natural latex mattress is among the few fully customizable mattresses which offer the ability to change the firmness level yourself, with ease. You’ll most probably prefer the medium, but if that’s too soft, then you can swap the combination of layers around and create something a little more firm.

The mattress itself is one of the most organic and eco-friendly in these reviews. The fabric cover is organic cotton (GOTS Certified). The batting is eco-wool (Okeo-Tex Certified), and the latex itself is 100% natural Dunlop latex (Okeo-Tex + Rainforest Alliance Certified). Additionally, there is no glue used in between any of these layers, making it overall one of the most non-toxic mattresses around.

The Spindle is designed and built in New England USA, comes with free shipping, a 10-year limited warranty, and a very generous 365-night sleep trial. Furthermore, their Comfort Life Program enables you to save 30% on replacement layers of latex should you need them.

Latex Mattress Buying Guide

How Is A Latex Mattress Made?

Before latex becomes tailored and manufactured into a luxury natural mattress, beautifully stitched and seamed, it begins as milky white-colored substance that around 10% of flowering plants from trees produce (also called angiosperms). The chemical make-up includes a complex emulsion of proteins, alkaloids, starches, sugars, oils, resins, and tannins. Once the milky substance is extracted from the flowering plant it thickens upon contact with air and takes on a gummy consistency. While most organic latex found in nature is a white color, it has also found to be yellow, orange, or even a reddish color. It has been synthetically created in labs by scientists, polymerizing a monomer like a styrene and emulsifying it with surfactants. This is all later blended using either a Dunlop or Talalay process to form the bulk of the end product you sleep on.

Why Buy A Latex Mattress?

How To Buy The Best Latex Mattress

Your first step on the path to owning a purchase worthy natural latex mattress is to determine your specific needs from the mattress. For example, do you need something specifically to target back pain? Do you need a mattress for your child? Do you share a bed with someone? Is your choice primarily dependent on budget? These are all questions that you should consider.

Once you have determined your needs, narrow down furthermore with information provided in this buying guide and review article. For example, see which mattress offers the best support, comfort and material composition that you like.

When it comes to latex, ask yourself if you want to pay a little more for natural, or pay less for blended and synthetic options. Also, know the difference between the Dunlop and Talalay processing methods.

When reading through some of the reviews on, you may see bullet point headings which say “Best For.” Take note of these, as they are based on our experience and user ratings. However, please note that our advice is impartial and unbiased. It serves us no purpose to say one mattress is better than the other when rating for a specific criteria.

Lastly, determine and evaluate the additional company benefits on offer by the company. For example, the length of warranty. The good companies that know their product is high-quality and legitimate will generally offer a minimum a ten-year warranty. Sleep trial is also important. The longer the better, as it can take some time to get used to your new mattress. Shipping is usually free, but some people may require white glove delivery (which often comes at an additional cost, but, is offered for free by a select few companies).

General Consumer Views

The general consensus and latex mattress reviews from consumers are significantly positive; many customers in today’s market actually prefer them over other types of material. They are known for their support, especially helpful for customers who suffer from back pain. A top rated latex foam mattress will be extremely durable and tend to have a longer life span than other types, such as a spring coil (innerspring). Also, they may be more expensive than other variants, however overall the overwhelming majority of customers rate these as the most comfortable mattress to get a good nights sleep on.

Are Latex Mattresses Good For Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the main triggers for people changing their mattress. It’s usually when people begin to wake up with bad backs that they consider buying a new mattress.

If you are suffering from any type of back issues, especially lower back pain, a latex mattress could be your savior. The comfortable yet firm, responsive, and supportive nature of a latex mattress is a perfect choice for prevention and pain relief.

Most chiropractors and orthopedic specialists with good knowledge of mattresses recommend latex options.

Latex Mattresses and Sharing Couples

Some people will be buying a mattress to share with a partner. There are at least three important things to consider when sleeping in the same bed as someone else.
The first is size. Most people are restricted to the size of their new mattresses because of either room size, or existing bed size. If these restrictions don’t apply to you, buy the biggest you can afford. You won’t regret the extra cost.

Secondly, latex mattresses have the added benefit of better motion isolation in comparison to some other kinds, which is important for people who share a bed. We say some because they’re not as good as memory foam, but better than spring. A good motion isolation mattress means the other person will not be disturbed while one tosses and turns.

Lastly, let’s talk about sex. Generally, sex is a very physical activity which can get very bouncy and involve a lot of moving around. Latex is perfect for this, because it provides a somewhat springy and bouncy ability. We’d say it’s not quite as bouncy as an innerspring mattress, and not as restrictive as memory foam, but somewhere in between, which makes it ideal for sex.

One popular reason why people buy an organic latex mattress is because they’re viewed as being the healthy and “green” choice. This is because the mattresses are made up of naturally occurring substances, such as ethically sourced latex (from the sap of a rubber tree), cotton, and wool.

The hypoallergenic material is also pest resistant and has anti-microbial properties. Recently companies have begun marketing the latex foam mattress as the perfect answer to customers who have asthma, certain allergies, or any combination of the two.

Additionally, latex is odorless and gives off no foul smell (or off-gassing), which has become common in most memory foam mattresses for sale in today’s market.

Some Certifications To Look Out For

Anything that has undergone rigorous testing and is certified is a bonus because this ensures that added compliance and safety measures have been met to warrant the prestigious seal of approval. A good latex mattress, because they are deemed organic and eco-friendly, will generally come with numerous certifications. In particular you should look out for the following:

  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS): Ensures the latex used is pure, offering healthy  and non-toxic sleep. 
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures the cotton is manufactured using the best practices in the environment and with social responsibility. 
  • GOTS Certified Organic Wool: Like with the cotton, it ensures that any wool used is manufactured using the best practices.
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified: Guarantees that your latex mattress isn’t emitting harmful chemicals into your home. 
  • Oeko-Tex® certification: Ensures that the textiles you’ll be sleeping on used in the mattress are the highest quality hypo allergenic materials available. 
  • eco-INSTITUT: The mattress is tested for volatile organic compounds, which ensures content analysis, emissions testing, odour testing, toxicological and ecological evaluations.

Latex Mattress Pros and Cons

The benefits of a latex mattress are hard to deny. However there are also some disadvantages. Here are some of them listed below:



Latex Mattress FAQ's

Will I get hot using a latex mattress?

In short, no. Latex mattresses are are very breathable, meaning air can flow easily through the mattress core. This eliminates the build up of trapped body heat, something that memory foam mattresses are notorious for. In particular, Talalay latex mattresses are the most beathable, meaning they sleep the coolest.

How much do latex mattresses cost?

The best latex mattresses are ones which are all-latex and natural. These can cost in the region of $1200 all the way up to $2500+ for a luxury option (Queen size). A cheap latex mattress would be a synthetic or blended type, which you can buy online for around $700-$850.

What is ILD?

Impression load deflection (or ILD), is the rating that measures the softness or firmness of a mattress. More specifically it refers to how much pressure is required to indent the mattress by 25%. As a guide, below are the common ratings you’ll see for ILD in latex mattresses and how they translate to firmness levels: 

  • Very Soft: 16 and below
  • Soft: 19-21
  • Medium: 24-26
  • Medium-Firm: 29-31
  • Firm: 34-36
  • Very Firm: 39 and above

Are latex mattresses good for kids?

Latex mattresses are among the best for kids. This is because many of the high-end luxury latex mattresses come with so many eco-friendly certifications, which ultimately ensure your child is sleeping on the safest surface possible.

How long can a latex mattress last?

An all-latex mattress, or even a hybrid latex and spring option can easily last over 10 years.

Natural latex is one of the most durable materials used in the mattress industry. The micro-organisms that can inhabit other types of materials cannot live and thrive on this kind. It is resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew, meaning the material will degrade at a much lower rate than memory foam. 

Can you flip a latex mattress?

Like all mattresses, some latex mattresses are made 2-sided and can be flipped, while others are made 1-sided and cannot be flipped. Usually the manufacturer will advertise it heavily if theirs is flippable.

Do latex mattresses sag?

Latex is naturally very resilient, which makes it less prone to sag. Eventually, after many years of usage it will sag, but not sooner than memory foam or innerspring.


Buying an all latex mattress might seem like an expensive choice when compared to the likes of memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring. However, latex mattresses are the cream of the crop, and they are for a number of reasons as you’ve seen in this review and buying guide above.

When it comes to choosing the best latex mattress, it’s hard to recommend a single pick from our reviews, because we like all of them. The option you want will depend on things like price, trial length, and of course the firmness levels. Hopefully, shortlisting a few of the top picks, to begin with, will help further narrow down to the number one choice.