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The Best Luxury Mattress (2022): Our Top 7 Selections

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Some people are happy with a mediocre comfort level that comes at a budget price. But, if you are looking for a high-end mattress for your ultimate gratification, something that will satisfy your urges for absolute luxury, then we have you covered. We have researched and looked at dozens of the best products to bring you the most luxurious mattress reviews of those available in the USA. We have rounded up these selections and have come up with this list of the top seven. Allow yourself to indulge in luxury and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Our Favorite Pick

Naturepedic Serenade

The Naturepedic Serenade

Comfortable organic healthy sleep at its best
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Best Luxury Mattress (Top 7 Roundup)

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Luxury Mattresses Evaluated

To present the best and most luxurious mattress, we first evaluated 20 luxury mattresses and then narrowed it down to just 7. We then checked 13 different sources for data validation which totalled 36 hours of research. Below you’ll find some of the criteria we evaluated when finalizing our top picks:

  • How luxurious in terms of premium materials were used
  • How soft or plush the mattress is
  • The type of mattress, i.e, latex, hybrid or memory foam
  • Properties such as cooling, motion isolation and edge support

Here’s our top picks at a glance

Luxury Mattress Reviews

naturepedic serenade

Naturepedic Serenade

The Naturepedic Serenade is a high-end mattress that mixes a combination of organic materials to produce a superior, handcrafted, and chemical-free product. The name Naturepedic Serenade is apt because the product is manufactured using a bunch of organic material including natural latex, cotton fabric, cotton fill, wool batting, and non-GMO sugarcane-based PLA.

Organic wool is an excellent fire-resistant material; it dissipates the chances of fire by using natural materials. It is also great for eliminating moisture, something that comes in handy because when you are sleeping, sweat can often seep in beyond the sheets. PLA is an organic material that also has a host of utilities. In the context of mattresses, it does not contain any harmful gasses; your bedroom is free of contamination.

Latex is one of the best materials you can find in a mattress and using it alongside wool and cotton make this a highly desirable product. Additionally, latex offers excellent relief for the main pressure points in the body. Naturepedic uses a 2-inch organic latex comfort layer that provides plenty of support to all body shapes and weights when you are sleeping. Along with that, the Serenade also comes with a durable encased coil support system. This is an 8-inch layer that offers that soft yet contouring support for your body. This layer also contributes towards excellent edge support. This is an important thing because it increases the longevity of this high-quality mattress by preventing premature sagging of the edges.

Without any discount or promo, this may be the most expensive mattress in our roundup, but if you’re after pure luxury, you don’t need to look much further.

Brooklyn Sedona

Brooklyn Sedona

The Brooklyn Sedona by Brooklyn Bedding is a feature-packed hand-crafted luxurious mattress. The Sedona utilizes mainly two things – premium quality foams and a proprietary high-end coil system. We understand that the quality of the coil system used inside the luxury hybrid mattress has a significant bearing on the quality of support that a mattress provides. This is one of the major parameters we have also mentioned in the buying guide below.

The Brooklyn Sedona has several plus points. For a start, the top four layers are important because these are responsible for giving excellent support to you when you are sleeping. These layers are also responsible for keeping you cool when you are asleep. Primarily, cooling is the job of the topmost layer. This layer is a knitted design using advanced cooling yarns. The purpose of this yarn is to extract heat out of your body when you are sleeping and dissipate it throughout the mattress.

Underneath this top section is a secondary layer that is composed of gel-infused memory foam. Not only is gel memory foam great for cooling, but also provides excellent support for sleepers of all size and shape.

But the real luxury is felt through the combination of the above-mentioned foams and the underlying 8-inch thick layer that constitutes 1032 individually encased Ascension X ® coils. These are designed to act as pressure relief points for all body types and sleep styles, while also promoting good spinal alignment and excellent motion isolation.

The WinkBed


If you’re after a luxury hotel mattress, you’ll love the Winkbed. The major USP of the Winkbed by WinkBeds is the underlying materials that are used by the company to manufacture it. For example, the luxurious euro pillow top oozes comfort, and the cover of this premium mattress is designed out of Tencel. This is a copyrighted performance fabric that is derived from eucalyptus.

A lot of the regular mattresses in the market offer uneven support across the surface, which is highly uncomfortable and bad for your health. Yes, pressure points should vary according to the location, but it still has to go by the requirements of the person sleeping. The foam needs to adjust to the needs of the pressure points. Most regular mattresses don’t offer that. However, the Winkbeds luxury hybrid mattress comes with multiple support zones that provide targeted support to different parts of your body. The coils provide greater push in areas that require a higher amount of support and go easy on areas that need less support.

We love that they offer a 120-night trial offer and back it up with a lifetime warranty for a full replacement. If for nothing else, one can try out Winkbed for these amazing offers.

Saatva Solaire

Saatva Solaire

The first name that comes to mind when we think of luxury mattress brands is from one of the most reputable companies in the industry known as Saatva. This particular mattress is the Saatva Solaire. The company markets it as the “most precise bed ever made.” Does it hold water? Let’s find out.

How will you react if we were to tell you that you can change the firmness of your mattress at the touch of a button? What if we said that you could choose from not two or three but 50 different firmness options? It is like having a tailor-made bed for each member of the family and the extended family. What makes this possible? The firmness level in the Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress can be set using mm/Hg adjustments, which happens to be the most scientifically precise measurement for pressure. This is why it is possible to set 50 different firmness levels for the mattress. That’s a lot!

Inside the mattress, a hidden pump operates silently to fill in the air inside the chambers. Additionally, the moisture barrier ensures that the mattress remains unaffected by any moisture from the air.

The basic structure features gel-infused foam. But on top of that, Saatva’s signature luxury materials are used in the Solaire Adjustable Mattress, including organic cotton and Talalay latex. These are used to increase the comfort level to that unseen at this price point, making it one of our picks as the best luxury mattress for 2022.

loom and leaf on a box spring

Loom and Leaf

Like the Solaire, the Loom and Leaf mattress is also a Saatva brand. With an established high end mattres brand, you get the advantage of premium quality and excellent comfort. It comes in two firmness levels to choose from, which are Relaxed Firm (slightly soft) and Firm, (which is a tad harder). Both are comfortable enough for almost every type of sleeping position and body shape, but if you’re looking for best luxury mattress for side sleepers, we’d recommend the Relaxed Firm.

The Loom and Leaf is an ultra-premium 5-lb memory foam design with a high-density foam layer that assumes the shape of your body when you need good sleep and rejuvenation. The ultra-breathable design helps in lowering down the ambient temperature during slumber for an extended period throughout the night. This keeps the top layer cool and comfortable while sleeping.

Another wonderful addition to this luxury mattress is the cozy diamond-patterned quilted antimicrobial 100% organic cotton cover. It’s hypoallergenic, so perfect for people who are allergic to this stuff. Additionally, this hotel quality mattress is non-toxic and naturally fire-resistant.

The good thing is this product comes with 15 years of non-prorated warranty. Any issues and the company will replace the product. Plus, you also get a 180-night trial period to test out the mattress. If you don’t like it you can simply return it and your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Casper Original Hybrid

Casper Original Hybrid

There are many features of the Casper Original Hybrid that you would love. To start with, the product comes with a unique trade-marked feature known as Zoned Support. Very simply, the mattress is divided into three zones. These are identified based on the individual needs of each part of the spine, shoulders, and hips. Targeted support is provided to each zone to ensure perfect spinal alignment. Support is softer around the shoulder areas whereas around the hip areas support is firmer. This reduces stress on your back and eliminates the concern of developing back pains from your mattress. It also results in better sleep quality and, therefore, better rejuvenation.

Another trademarked feature of the Casper Original Hybrid mattress is AirScape. AirScape is a perforated breathable foam design that increases the airflow and ensures that the top layer never gets too hot. The heat from your body never accumulates. It is dissipated towards the inside so that you can have a comfortable night’s sleep. The edges of the mattress are helped by a resilient spring construction that also contributes to the airflow. The border is made up of firm material to ensure that they maintain the shape of the edges over many years.

The good motion isolation properties makes it great for couples, and furthermore, all this technology comes at a very affordable price. A trial run of 100 nights is provided for anyone buying the Casper Original to test out this 5-star mattress.

Leesa hybrid mattress

Leesa Hybrid

The Leesa Hybrid mattress combines two things to give you superb sleep quality and long life for the mattress. It combines premium foam layers with individually wrapped pocket springs that ensure superior edge-to-edge support, which means better overall comfort level and better sleep for many years. The edges are extremely durable and don’t sag over years of use, and you can sit on the end of the bed without much indentation.

As it’s a hybrid mattress, you’ll no doubt find the memory foam layers at the topmost part to ensure good contouring comfort. The CertiPUR-US certified foam is in this case, infused with Avena, a natural blend of plants and oats, used to promote antibacterial properties and aid with heat management.

The support that the mattress provides to you is optimum depending on the pressure that is applied to it. Like all memory foam, it adjusts to the amount of pressure it receives. Responding to the heavier areas by pushing back more, thereby relieving the joints and then absorbing the pressure where the pressure applied is lighter. This makes it great for all body types and suits different sleeping positions too.

The heat management features in the mattress are very good. Most people tend to generate body heat when they are sleeping. This accumulated temperature increase on the top surface of a mattress can make things very uncomfortable over some time. The best luxury mattresses, such as the Leesa Hybrid, come with an excellent heat management system. The heat is dissipated throughout the air pockets inside the mattress to keep you cool.

Proudly designed and made in the USA, the Leesa Hybrid mattress comes with 1000+ individually wrapped pocket springs for that optimum support. Plus, to test out the efficiency of the mattress you get a 100-night risk-free trial period.

Luxury Mattress Buying Guide

luxury mattress and bed

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we’d suggest you select your next luxury mattress.

Type Of Support

The first thing that you should look for is the proprietary support system that underlies the top cover. This is what your body will rest on for the foreseeable future. Therefore it makes sense to check if the technology is useful or just a blow-up of marketing words.

Type Of Material

Traditional memory foam has become cliched. People are looking for better technology, which is typically found in hybrid foam and innerspring mattresses. Gel-infused memory is also an excellent technology. You can also look at individually wrapped pocket springs. These fabric-encased individually wrapped springs, as we have seen in some of the above mattresses, provide optimum support for different parts of the body. They provide rigid support to the hips, stomach, and back. These are the heavier area, and the joints need a lot of pressure relief.

On the other hand, they provide softer support to the shoulder areas. These are the areas that don’t exert too much pressure. The springs tend to exert a smaller amount of pressure to ensure that shoulder, arms, and lighter areas of your body remain comfortable.

Firmness Level

Now the level of firmness is a subjective thing. Some people tend to feel more comfortable when the firmness is on the soft side. That gives them a cushioning feel which is exactly right for their sleep patterns. Others may want to have a slightly harder feel, so they need a firm mattress. Regardless of your preferences, we recommend that you try several mattresses to get an idea of the level of firmness before deciding on the one that you wish to go with. Some luxury mattress brands offer their models in different firmnesses. For example, the Loom and Leaf and Naturepedic Serenade are both available in different firmness levels, whereas others may only come with one universal feel.

Sleep Trial

Buying a mattress online definitely has its perks. One of the main perks is the lengthy sleep trial, which you most probably won’t get if you buy a mattress in a store. A 100-night or a 180-night trial is more than sufficient for you to get a good idea if the mattress suits your sleep patterns.

Value For Money

Luxury products come with a premium price tag. But that doesn’t mean sleepers should get stung with over-priced goods. Although some of the reviews here are of expensive mattresses, they still offer tremendous value based on the overall package. You could easily pay double the price for something similar in a brick-and-mortar shop.


Deciding on the best luxury mattress can seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through all of the rigmarole as we have done the hard work for you, and have shortlisted the seven we think are the absolute best in luxury and comfort. For starters, check every shortlisted mattress for the major parameters listed in the buying guide. Test them in the comfort of your home and decide which one to keep; nothing beats the convenience of a home trial.

We have discussed in detail the support system and the underlying technology within each of these luxury mattresses. But when it comes to selecting a mattress, the one parameter that has a huge impact on the final decision is the level of firmness. This can only be fully determined by using the product itself. So, go ahead and order any from this list and take advantage of the free home trial offer that most of them are willing to offer. If you like what you see, you can keep the mattress, or, in the alternative situation, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

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