When is the best time to buy a mattress?

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress?

Better Slumber

There is no better feeling than to sleep in a comfortable mattress that’s right for you. But just like anything, you will eventually have to replace your ageing mattress. Every seven to ten years, you will feel your mattress changing. It will no longer give you the support that it once provided.  To optimize your sleep experience, you need to find a new one. For most consumers, the only time they look for a new mattress is when they wake up with body aches.

Let’s admit that a mattress is considered a big-ticket item.  For this reason, a lot of people will hesitate to buy a new mattress on a whim. But should you be compromising your sleep because of this? What if you can buy mattresses for less than the expected price? But to get the best deal on your mattress, you want to have the right timing. So, when is the best time to buy a mattress? Let’s discuss all the options below.

Holidays & Sales To Remember

Undoubtedly, the best time to buy a new mattress for a fraction of the original price is during the annual shopping holidays. Here, you’ll be surprised by the number of companies that cut at least 20%-50% off the original price of their mattresses. Here are some notable holidays for your diary if you’re looking to buy a mattress.

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day is a great time to buy a new mattress or bed in the US. It’s not a holiday celebrated anywhere else, like the UK, for example. You can get some great deals as early as the Friday before Labor Day. Offers can range from free bedding to free white glove delivery, and of course, huge percentage discounts on the price of the mattress.

Veterans Day Sale

Another perfect time of year to buy a mattress is during the Veterans Day sales. Like Labor Day, this is a US holiday, so for the UK and European consumers, it won’t apply.

In honor of those who defended the country, Veterans Day gives you many great deals, including knockdown prices on bedding items, whole mattress ranges, and different types of beds. This gives you the chance to get a significant discount on your required bedroom items. And of course, mattresses being the highest price items usually translate to the biggest monetary savings. You might even get a few more perks if you’re part of the military.

Christmas Day/Boxing Day/New Years Sales

The Yuletide season is possibly the best time to buy a mattress (regardless of where you are in the world) because almost every company has a sale. During the Christmas period, you will most likely find the most number of items at a discount price. It’s a tradition worldwide to buy gifts for loved ones or yourself. And regardless if it’s on Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, you’ll be able to find different types of mattresses with great savings.

One pro money-saving tip, be sure to follow your favorite brands and have an eye on one or two mattresses a week or two before Christmas. Discounts that go with Yuletide season usually come as early as the first week of December and carry on for a couple of weeks into January.

Presidents Day Sale

Every third Monday of February, Presidents Day is celebrated as a federal holiday in America. This practice honors George Washington, the first President of the US. But also, it is an opportunity for consumers to enjoy rock bottom prices on selected goods. You will find an abundance of cheap mattresses on sale during this time for varying levels of discount.

Independence Day

Aside from barbeque and fireworks, the period leading up to the 4th of July and shortly after is another excellent opportunity to buy items at a considerable discount. A great number of American brand mattresses are on sale during this time of the year. Again, this applies to the US only.

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Other Notable Good Times To Buy

Looking for a mattress online

End Of Season Sales

Something that a lot of stores do to keep their customers interested is to rotate their supplies throughout the year. It means that at the end of every season, they let go of old stock to make room for new lines. And if you are a consumer looking for the chance to buy new a new mattress, you might as well do it every end of the season. Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter are times when you can take advantage of the End Of Season Sales and catch mattresses dirt cheap at rock bottom prices.

Beginning Of Summer

Different brands usually introduce their new mattress models during the summer. And most of the time, the old ones become cheaper as the new mattress models are released and pushed onto the limelight of a retailer’s homepage. In reality, some buyers prefer earlier models over the new ones, especially when it means an opportunity to save money.

Not only are the older models cheaper, but these earlier models are also thoroughly reviewed online by different review sites giving you an idea of what to expect. As for the new ones, it might be a hit or miss. It might be better than the older models, but it could also be something that won’t match your needs; something that hasn’t already been tried and tested by consumers like yourself.

Usually, you get to see new mattress models by the first week of July. Once you see new ones from your favorite brands, be sure to research and check their old models too.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday is the informal name for the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a bumper time of year in the US when you can buy most products online for a great price. So, imagine having the chance to buy a new mattress (which can often be thousands of dollars) at half its original price for the entire weekend? In our opinion, Thanksgiving is the best time of year to buy a mattress aside from Christmas and the End Of Season Sales.

The beautiful thing about Black Friday is that it’s not just the US that participates. Although Thanksgiving is typically only celebrated in the US, the Black Friday weekend sale in recent times has become a worldwide phenomenon online and with retailers in-store.

You’ll be able to save a lot of money during Black Friday through until the Monday after, which is known as Cyber Monday. But of course, you also have to remember that you’re not the only one watching out for the price drop during this weekend. You have to act fast because there are millions of people looking to fill their online cart with great deals on that weekend.

However, it isn’t just about timing. You also have to consider the element of luck. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale sometimes runs for an entire week. And you’d perhaps be lucky enough to grab an even better deal later in the week than buying on a Black Friday, though this is a gamble that doesn’t always pay off.

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Amazon Prime Day

It pays to be part of Amazon Prime on Amazon Prime Day. For 2022, Amazon hasn’t decided yet when Prime Day is going to take place. However, it has already hinted that it is looking into Q4 of the year.

You can pick up some great mattresses on Amazon, and when Prime Day hits, many of them are available to purchase at extremely competitive prices.

Bottom Line

Buying a new mattress is a serious decision for most consumers. Some mattresses cost $1,000 at their regular price. The good news is that the right timing can give you the most bang for your buck. However, there is no general rule on when discounted prices are going to appear. Some brands make it a point to discard old mattresses at discounted prices every 6 months while others do it every 3 months. But to be sure that you’ll catch these great deals, it’s a good idea to have an eye on your favorite brand’s website, especially during these times that we’ve mentioned.