Your Guide To All The Different Mattress Types

Updated on October 12, 2022

We all know that we need to take care of our bodies. After doing a hard day’s work, everyone deserves a good rest in the most comfortable bed. We can’t do physically and mentally demanding things when needed if we don’t take proper care of our body, and we all know that sleeping is one of the main sources of our energy. Each of us needs enough sleep every day for us to finish our heavy duties. A comfortable rest and fulfilling slumber are powerful; it can provide outstanding energy as soon as you wake up from a peaceful night’s sleep. However getting a good night’s rest can prove difficult for some, especially if you’re sleeping on an old or wrong type of mattress.

It isn’t exactly easy to find the best mattress for the money at the drop of a hat. It solely depends upon the person’s preferences and budget. There are many different types of mattresses, and all of them provide different levels of comfort that some may like and others may not. The following listed mattresses are the most commonly available on the market in 2022, which we elaborate on below:


Innerspring mattress

This is probably one of the most common types of mattresses available at this time on the market. These are comprised of coils that bend and then stretch as you lay down. While common it is important to remember that the different innerspring mattress types all have finite lifespans as the coils wear down, and so does the support they offer. The spring mattresses (also known as innerspring due to the interior coiled setup) typically come with three main options.

First, the open coil or open sprung has hundreds of single springs fixed together by a single wire. It is one of the most common, and longest-lasting designs, which tends to be priced around the mid-range mark.

Second is the continuous spring which is made from a single looped wire providing smaller coils which make it as a higher spring count and gives more responsive feeling compared to an open coil. And lastly, the pocket sprung which is where hundreds if not thousands of smaller springs are encased in fabric individually which makes it perfect for dealing with motion isolation and reduces the noises emitted from coil movement which is common in the latter years of its lifespan. Pocket sprung is the most recent of the three, and is usually the most expensive. Additionally, it is commonly mixed into a hybrid system with the likes of latex or memory foam, often serving as the bottom-most support layer.


Latex Mattress

The varying natural latex mattress types are the most expensive of them all. This is because of the hypoallergenic and truly natural nature of the material, and because they provide long-lasting support and are not prone to sag unlike memory foam and innerspring. Latex is derived from a naturally sourced material (tree sap) and processed into layers or blocks depending on which type of mattress you buy.

They are generally firm in nature and provide good support for all sleeping positions, but are perhaps too firm for those after a plush cozy sensation. Layers of latex foam are also used in hybrid mattresses to reap the benefits of latex but at a lower overall price. For example, some innerspring or memory foam mattresses may be a total of 10 inches thick, but consist of 2 inches of latex top layer which is closest to the sleeper, almost acting like a topper, and then 8 inches of support underneath. These prove to be a popular and extremely satisfactory combination of materials.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is one of the newest additions to the market and is steadily becoming the number one choice for consumers. It is a variant of foam that offers a great deal of support which means it’s particularly good for those who suffer from varying degrees of back pain. Memory form molds to the user and thus offers support that is specific to each individual and can offer a firm or soft finish depending on the requirements of the user. The memory foam version is made of what’s known as polyurethane foam, also known as viscoelastic, or commonly referred to as traditional foam.

Generally, they are made from different layers of thick and thin foam, which means different densities to provide various levels of comfort and support. There are however different variations of foam, being gel, and air cool. While gel is new to the market, it is fast becoming popular for its cooling thermo-regulating properties which address heat retention issues that viscoelastic foam has trouble with. Air cool foam is better still, promoting maximum breathability and dissipating heat throughout the night even in the hottest climates. Choosing a mattress in 2022 can be difficult if you’re unsure what to look out for, and even if you do, there are thousands of products to choose from. Check our memory foam mattress reviews for more help on this topic.


Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses are one of the most common designs you’ll find for sale in this day and age. Manufacturers are tending to combine different materials and technologies to achieve the best possible solution for sleepers.

In short, a hybrid mattress is one that is constructed of multiple layers of differing materials. For example, the top layer might be latex, while the bottom layer is memory foam. Alternatively, a common design (as pictured above) is memory foam as the top comfort layer, and pocket springs (coils) serving as a base.

This type of setup works very well, and a large majority of the high-end mattresses of recent are hybrid.


Air Mattress

An air mattress is slightly different from those mentioned above, as it’s not the conventional type of mattress that you would lay above of your bed or box spring. They go by many other names such as blow up mattress, inflatable bed, or air bed, which are all names well suited. They are literally rubber or PVC beds which can be inflated and deflated using mains operated or battery-operated pumps. Once it has reached full size it’s ready to sleep on.

In general, even the best air mattress doesn’t come close in price to something of similar comfort levels in the form of latex for example, which is why some people have air beds in their home for permanent use as a direct replacement to their original bed and mattress. However, the most popular choice for owning one of these is to use it as a guest bed for whenever visitors come over. Additionally, there a smaller, more lightweight, and compact versions which are great for taking on excursions such as camping. One of the downsides to these is the restriction in available mattress sizes, as they are usually only found in Full or Queen size.


Crib mattress

A crib mattress is literally a miniature type designed for the interior of a baby crib. There aren’t so many choices in size because the interior dimensions of a crib are regulated thus making most crib mattresses very similar in size. The main difference between them is the material they are made from including the internal and external properties. For example, for your baby, many people prefer natural filling (such as soya) but this can be quite expensive. Additionally, some parents prefer waterproof external covers for hygiene purposes whereas others don’t like the feel of this finishing.


Mattress topper

Mattress toppers are not exactly tall or thick in height as other types of mattresses, but more like a supplement to place on top of whatever you’re currently sleeping on. They are a great alternative for someone who doesn’t wish to spend hundreds of dollars on any of the aforementioned above, but still needs a better sleep surface rather than a whole replacement. What a topper can do is revitalize your current bed in the simplest and cheapest possible way.

In essence, a topper is actually the thin top layer of what you’d normally find in a traditional memory foam or latex full-size version. This latex or foam layer can be purchased and rolled out on top of your current old or sagging one and used for a number of years without noticing or feeling the detrimental effects of the perishing surface underneath. Toppers are perfect for those who need a satisfactory solution on a tighter budget.