List Of 20 Different Types Of Bed

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People have different sleep requirements. Given this reality, it is important to have the right bed for your needs. If you don’t have any idea what type of bed you should be getting, here are 20 different types of beds that you should know.

Beds According To Their Size

First, let’s take a closer look at different beds according to their sizes. There are eight standard sizes of beds for both the UK and US markets.


Single beds measure 36 x 75 inches and are mainly found in the UK. This is usually a good bed for small children, even for those who are in high school. Also, it makes a good option if you want to provide separate beds when they share their room. Though it can still fit adults, you don’t have a lot of space to toss and turn.


The twin bed is slightly larger than the single bed measuring 39 x 75 inches. Since there’s just a three-inch difference between the single and the twin-sized bed, it is never meant for couples. It is a perfect bed size for those larger users or for those who want some space so they can roll around.

Twin XL

Twin XL beds measure 38 x 80 inches. The only difference is that it is longer. It is perfect for tall individuals. Due to its length, it’s a good investment, especially if you have a growing child who is a bit tall. This is one of the reasons why it is a common bed found in dorms.


The double bed size is measured 54 x 74 inches and is mainly in the UK market. Apart from being a good choice for sleepers who tend to toss and turn at night, this can also be a good option for couples that have limited space in the master bedroom or their apartment. This is also a popular option for couples who have a small child to sleep with them.


Full beds have the same measurement as double beds. The only difference is that full beds are typically used in different regions. The UK and the US have a different preferred name for this measurement.


Queen sized bed measures 60 x 84 inches. It provides enough room not just for one but for two people. It is one of the most popular bed options given the fact that it can give users the comfort that they need. They don’t need to feel limited by the space of the bed, plus you can choose a variety of good mattresses that can help give you a good sleep at night.


A King size bed measures 76 x 80 inches and is typically used in hotel rooms. Perfect for those who are going to sleep with partners, it can provide the right amount of distance, especially if the other person moves a lot in bed.

California King

The California King size bed is the largest option in the market. This measures 72 x 84 inches. One of the reasons it is not as popular as other options is the fact that it was meant for large master bedrooms. It is perfect for couples and even for those that have a child with them.

Types Of Bed Based On Design

ottoman bed

Apart from beds based on their measurements, there are also different types of beds based on their design. Here are some of the most common types from around the world:

Book Bed

Book beds are perfect for small dorms. This design has become popular in places like Japan, where real estate is expensive. It can be used not only as a place where you can rest, but it can also be used for storing books or on some occasions, a place where you can do your homework.

Letto Zip

Letto Zip bed is a good option if you are the type who wants to fix his or her bed quickly after waking up. Letto Zip allows you to just unzip the bed when you are ready to sleep and zip it once you are done. It saves time, plus it always looks neat.

Canopy bed

Another good bed in our list is the canopy bed. In reality, there are different variations of this design. You have the Enigmum bed that was designed by Irish designer Joseph Walsh. The reason behind its design aside from aesthetics is to block the light out partially. However, the first canopy beds were designed to provide both warmth and privacy for noblemen since they have attendants staying in the same room.

Folding bed

Folding beds are usually used for camping. There are many variations of this bed. Some folding beds include a mattress while others simply have a cloth that supports your weight. This isn’t ideal for long term sleeping arrangements since it doesn’t offer enough support.

Concealed bed

A concealed bed is a good way to maximize your space at home. It is a bed that can be folded into the wall. Installation can be quite tricky considering how much the thick hinged doors should weigh to support the box. And also, given the moving parts, you have a much larger chance that you’ll encounter a problem with it.

Double-Deck Beds

Double-deck beds (or bunk beds) are popular in children’s rooms and also in the military. It can help save space for another bed since you have two beds on top of each other. The only hesitation among parents is that the child sleeping on top might fall. However, with modern designs, you get rails to protect the child from falling.

Beds with trundle

Another way to maximize the number of people who can sleep in one bed is by having a trundle. It can be towed away when it isn’t being used. This set-up is usually perfect for couples who are slowly trying to get their child to get used to his or her bed.


Another great way to maximize the space in your bedroom is by having a Divan bed. A Divan bed is typically known for its soft headboard and its additional storage space by the side. Here, you can keep things such as bed and pillow covers. You can also sit by the bed.

Hanging bed

Hanging beds look unique. However, you also have to take note that it isn’t an ideal option if you are going to plan on using it for years. And also, since it is suspended from the ceiling which means that you will have to check if your ceiling can support your weight plus the weight of the bed.

Pencil Poster

A design that was popularized in the 18th century, the Pencil Poster beds originated in New England. It has become popular for its aesthetics. It has four posts though the posts are thin. The main difference between a Pencil Poster and a Poster bed is that the former doesn’t have a sturdy appeal.

Ottoman Bed

If you have a small space, the Ottoman Bed is a good option for you. The mattress area can lift up using hydraulics to reveal an abundance of storage underneath. This is great for small apartments where storage is scarce.

Loft Bunk

Unlike bunk beds that have two beds, both top and bottom, the loft bunk is different. It has a bed on top while the bottom serves as a work station. This can be a good option for students or for those who bring their work from the office at home.

Not all sleepers have the same needs. The good news is that there are different types of beds to choose from. These are just some of the most popular options over the years.