How to dispose of a mattress

How To Dispose Of A Mattress

Better Slumber

Mattresses, especially high-quality ones can serve you for a good number of years. In some instances, you may have used your mattress for at least ten years. This isn’t a bad deal at all. However, there are many reasons why people tend to switch to a new mattress. It could be because they are getting a new bed or simply, their needs changed over the previous years. Now, if you are in this situation, you might be thinking about what to do with your old mattress?

What Can You Do With The Old Mattress?

Though it is exciting to buy a new mattress, you also have to ask yourself how are you going to get rid of your old mattress? What exactly are your options?

Sell it

Believe it or not, you can still sell used mattresses, depending on the law in your State (or country). You can still get around half its price depending on the condition of the mattress. And even if you only get a fraction of the amount, this is still the best case for an old mattress especially if you are no longer planning to use it.

One thing about used mattresses is that there are people who are willing to buy them. Students, people who are new in your city, or people who are simply looking to save some cash; these are some of the potential buyers that you might encounter.

Now, if you’ve taken good care of your mattress, or perhaps used a mattress protector throughout the years, then you may have protected the surface of the mattress despite the number of years that you’ve been using it. This will help you fetch a better price, or at least increase your chances of finding a buyer.

The only thing that can be frustrating about selling your mattress is that you might have some buyers who would want to inspect the mattress themselves before taking them. Letting strangers into your bedroom to inspect your mattress may not be the ideal scenario for everyone.

If you are buying a new mattress because you are switching bed frames, you might as well sell the old bed frame together with the mattress. This could increase the chances of it getting sold.

Use a junk removal service

There are companies like LoadUp which operate across the nation, picking up all types of junk, including mattresses. Whether you want it picked up from inside your home or from the curbside, simply schedule a pickup and they’ll come and collect. The benefit of using a company like this is that they will also take your old bed if required, whereas mattress companies that offer disposal services upon delivery of your new mattress may not take your old bed away.

Give it to a friend/family

Before you decide to throw it in the trash, you might as well ask around for friends and family who might be interested in a mattress that can still be used. You may have a relative who is about to go to college or maybe, planning to add an extra bed for guests? But of course, it depends on the condition of your mattress. If the mattress is several years old, then there is less chance that they will accept it due to wear and tear.

Ask the store where you bought your new mattress

Another good way to dispose of your mattress is to ask the store where you bought your new mattress to pick up the old mattress. A lot of companies are offering disposal services. In addition to this, there are also those companies that encourage their customers to provide them with old mattresses simply because they are donating them to different organizations. You may even get a discount on your new mattress when you trade the old one in. A good number of companies donate old mattresses to organizations that help the homeless.

Contact your recycling plant

Some mattresses can still be recycled for other purposes. You can contact your local recycling plant if they can accept the used mattress. This way, you can contribute towards efficiently lessening trash being dumped in the landfill.

Another reason why you want to head to your recycling plant is that they have protocols on what to do especially with foams that have been treated with chemicals. This allows them to dispose of the mattress properly without being harmful to the environment.

Donate the mattress to organizations

Another good way to dispose of your mattress is by taking it to the nearest organization that provides shelter for the homeless. These organizations typically need mattresses to be able to accommodate more people who don’t have any place to stay in for the night. If you think that the mattress has been worn out a bit, keep in mind that 70% of old mattresses are still being used despite it already being past the point where it is considered in good shape.

Consider having it as a spare mattress for guests

If all the above fails, you may have to consider keeping it after all. If you have a house that has multiple rooms and you accommodate guests regularly, you might as well consider having the old mattress as a spare. This way, you can have friends to sleep over in comfort as opposed to sleeping on the hard floor or small couch. You may even use the old bed frame for this if you have space. The good news is that guests can’t be choosy. It means that even if it looked old, guests will most likely still welcome the old mattress.

Bottom Line

If you care about the environment, or you want to help other people, it’s a good idea to be conscious of how you are going to dispose of the mattress once you buy a new one. It is highly suggested that you find a way for the old mattress to still be used by other individuals. This way, it doesn’t just pile up as trash. Plus, you also get to help others (often the homeless and the needy), and the environment.